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    Quote Originally Posted by RandoMando  [View Original Post]
    I didn't see those in particular but I did visit the one ending in 2845. She was late 20's, early 30's. Beautiful. Hot body. Flexible. Took the D really well and had one of the best CBJs to boot. She wouldn't go any lower than 120 hh. I would see her again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrmdGentleman  [View Original Post]
    Over a month ago I saw Phoenix- she does a mean BBBJ.

    Been trying to get in touch with her but no luck.

    Anyone has any info?
    I've seen her a couple of times. No problems whatsoever. Good rates and good service. However, she's bigger than her pics. Very fat with a big gut that hangs out well below her thighs. Pics are from better days and her face is a little more jacked up now. But she's good if you are in a pinch and need to bust a nut. She's always answered my texts very quickly and promptly. Which is a lot more than I can say for some of these so-called providers on these various websites.

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    Friend around now

    I posted about a friend up in Cecil co a little bit ago.

    She's now available, but down in city, no car and can't host. Trying to save up some money to alleviate both of those situations.

    I can share her new digits with seniors and regular members with some history.

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    This one is a true bargain. Have seen her 2 x now. For 80, you can get all 3 holes. She told me if I did the hr, could get multiple pops. Face is decent, body is nice and she definitely has a stripper bod. Takes direction very well. Only downside is the location since it's a decent drive for me. With that being said, she's definitely in my regular rotation for the service and value.

    Happy hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyShooter  [View Original Post]
    I don't think her pics are inaccurate. Yes, she's got a little padding but IMHO so does the girl in the pics. I haven't seen her in about six months so perhaps she gained a little holiday lbs, I don't know.

    Shooter Out!
    I saw her 2-3 weeks ago. She definitely gained weight relative to her pics.

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    Sharing is caring

    I met this one on WYP. She's in Brandywine. Met her for $60 and did CFS and BBBJ / CIM. Pretty sure BBFS is available. She came to me 25 minutes away at no additional cost. Decent time for the price. She's been blowing up my phone since LOL. I have too many others to manage. She's mid 32,5'4" and curvy. Number is 240-623-7994.

    Have fun guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E2099  [View Original Post]
    I've seen her. Heavier than the pics but still solid service. I wouldn't hesitate to book.
    I don't think her pics are inaccurate. Yes, she's got a little padding but IMHO so does the girl in the pics. I haven't seen her in about six months so perhaps she gained a little holiday lbs, I don't know.

    Shooter Out!

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    Sorry you had a bad experience mate but yeah, the smoke smell is bad and def sticks to your clothes and even my shoes. With that being said, she still did the job for me and let me hit it for as long as I wanted to. Did the SS and stayed close to an hour. She does have 2 other associated who hang outside away from the room when she's busy. She's good people but prob will not go back due to the smoke. (tired of washing my clothes right after each visit). I could look past the skin acne since her attitude is good and the kitty was so wet.

    Happy hunting.

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyShooter  [View Original Post]
    I've got mixed feelings about this one actually.

    Pros- Sexy body, smelled nice, very nice girl and accommodating. Decent CBJ as far as they go and took the D nicely. Wet kitty.

    Cons- wasn't really into her look, may be your thing, just wasn't mine. She's cute enough, just not my cup of tea. Skin was full of acne all over her back or I guess it could've been Psoriasis or something like that. Not anything to be worried about just not attractive. Hairy pussy. Room was disgusting and smelled like smoke and whatever else was going on in there the night before. Her hair was Up in a dread hat because she had just gotten out the bath so she didn't really do anything to make herself pretty, all natural. Just my opinion, maybe it was just an off day for me / her.

    Shooter Out.

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    Laurel Columbians

    For those that like to dab in international flavors, the laurel Colombians are back in action and have been for a few weeks. Same location. Since they rotate weekly, you might be lucky enough to find one that will open all 3 doors for a small donation. Took one up on that offer a few weeks ago. Think they had been getting too much attention a few months back and waited to until things cooled off to jump back into it. Never a disappointment for the donation and quality of line up. Most of the women that come through are quite intelligent as well as attractive. Some have college degrees.

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    Green Eyes

    Glad you had a good time. I inquired about the other hole while was there but she said that I was too big for that which can understand since it's not the first time have been told that. Will check out the ad again once the site is back up. Looks like there's a denial on a number of sites to include listcrawler and skip the games. Might be the feds up to no good. Who knows. They need to spend their time working to address real issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyShooter  [View Original Post]
    Okay so if you saw her today, I must've been right behind you but she confided in me. The girl passed out was green eyes. The girl I saw was had a good time though. She's got elastic holes. Both front and back door. I don't think I've ever pounded someone in the back door so hard in my life. Even though she had loose skin in places, her face was nice and she gave a great performance.

    Shooter Out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikken12  [View Original Post]
    1st one, the usual bait and switch. I'd put money on 2nd one being the same. Tried out colum apt about month ago. Ad obv shows young hot thing, reality is late 30-mid 40. Wasn't so bad that you walk away, but by no means is it what's advertised. They do however go FS.
    I had an amazing time with one asian at an extended stay. Jess was her name. Very hot and to the point. Nice room too (there are two extended stays, this is the nicer one with only one building not the one with multiple buildings). I am always curious if these girls are here of their own free will, but Jess was a damn gem. FS, nuru, kissing, CBJ, and even got on her hands and knees to dress me at the end. I've only seen her, Emma, and two other Asian escorts, Jess was a goddess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jt1896  [View Original Post]
    I got it as well, I texted and they replied back not sure how to tell.
    The last email I received from them was approximately 4 weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleverName  [View Original Post]
    Sorry to hear this was your experience. I'm new to the hobby, but I had a great first visit with MacKenzie and my second visit was even better. Her ads list her name as younger than she actually is, but she has experience and is as pretty as her profile pictures. Just text her and be friendly!
    I am glad you had a good time with her. First impressions are a good way for me to gage if I want to see someone. It is a screening process for me. I Called her and said 'hello' and she hung the phone up on me. I am always polite to women. Would you want to see someone who treated you that way. I don't think so.

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    Anyone Seen Phoenix?

    Over a month ago I saw Phoenix- she does a mean BBBJ.

    Been trying to get in touch with her but no luck.

    Anyone has any info?

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    TG Email

    Quote Originally Posted by E2099  [View Original Post]
    Anyone get an email about Amanda from the now defunct touring girls?

    Is it legit? Number starts with 786.
    Also got an email. Given how they shut down seemingly overnight, I'm very hesitant to try to reach out.

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