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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonazn  [View Original Post]
    Whatever you do avoid all the route 1 hotels. Those are to be avoided no matter how good the ad copy.

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    5505 total waste of time and money don't go

    Well at this place there is only one girl at any given time. So when the door bell rings it's always GTFO mode. Second chick there is 54 years old. Trust me I know I live a half a block away. Third place is dirty after blasting meat sauce on the table and dressing covers were pulled back up on table. I'm no fan of the meat sauce mattress. Fuck it that's cruddy ass shit. So if this sounds like the place you want to be at more power to Ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax23  [View Original Post]
    Any report on 5505 ?
    Total waste of time and money. 50 plus woman. Bell rings and tries to rush you out the door. Can go to the bingo hall and pick up better chicks. Not a hater but don't advocate for the place. Way better when lulu ran the place.

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    Anyone know if they got busted or shut down? See a notice of suspension of services when I google them.

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    5505 any reports?

    Any report on 5505 ?

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    Been a week

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltStrong  [View Original Post]
    Thanks for the info. She hasn't responded to any text or calls in over a week. Wonder if she is out of town or out of business.
    A good indicator of availability has been her ads on cityxguide. When she has been away, no ads. She hasn't posted in the last 2 weeks, but interestingly my last contact with her was one week ago, via text. At that time, she indicated that she was available. But no responses since then. Hope she didn't get pinched, and is just on vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonazn  [View Original Post]
    For the most part, these are all BS ads. Typically it's a Chinese girl, even though they say it's Korean. Hotel is usually sketchy as hell. Expect $160/ hr. When you send them a text, they'll have a huge menu, but girl won't do near what the menu states. Never the full hour. If you're looking for a quick release, go for the 30 minute. If you're looking for a full GFE like the kgirl agencies in NoVa, this is definitely not it. You'll get better service at VIP or RS.

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    Is she even still in business?

    Quote Originally Posted by LesTosterone  [View Original Post]
    Sometimes hard to reach, I assume because she occasionally travels to NYC, but she's honored all appointments I've made with a couple hours advance notice. I wouldn't suggest just dropping in.
    Thanks for the info. She hasn't responded to any text or calls in over a week. Wonder if she is out of town or out of business.

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    Laurel Spa

    New post on the city forum. Anyone tried it out yet?

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    AMP working from hotel in linthicum

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    E- Eldersburg- Still Open?

    Quote Originally Posted by TaeBoner  [View Original Post]
    Stopped by Saturday around 3:50 pm, only 1 blonde Asian beauty working with some rock hard man-made D's working. I wanted an hour but she said talked me into 30 minutes bc someone scheduled a 4:30 pm. Curtains for doors. I doubt there is even a table shower. Seems 100% legit from the set up. I talked to her in Chinese so YMMV. Membership has it's privileges.

    5 min into my massage someone walked (ding-dong), she stepped out & told him to come back later. Came back to resume my massage for 5 min before a 4:00 pm appointment walked in (ding-dong). I'm starting to wish I was better informed on when these appointment times are. She stepped out again to greet him & have him wait in an empty room. Sorry not sorry for making you wait bro.

    She came back & took a mouth full of boba tea but did not swallow. Walking in it the weather looked cloudy, I kicked myself for not bringing a raincoat. Hello Kitty was missing her whiskers. Menu seems wide open, but YMMV. If I lived closer I would look into carry-out. Everything taste better at home.

    I'm only wondering if things are better or worst when her colleagues are there? All-in-all I would still return for some more dim sum. Beautiful woman. Treat her well.
    Have been trying to get a hold of her. Talked with her one time and couldn't line up the schedule. Is she still open? Fine to PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visitor1980  [View Original Post]
    Prostitution is legal there.

    However, the one issue is, visiting Canada by yourself isn't easy even with a US passport. Their Customs / Border patrol is tougher than most countries and they're suspicious of unaccompanied men.
    Prostitution is both legal and illegal in Canada. The current laws are set so while it's illegal to buy and advertise sex, but it's legal to sell it. I know, it makes no sense. From my understanding though, prostitution is not really a high priority to LE there, especially in places like Montreal.

    As for difficulty of getting into Canada as a single male, I have had no issues getting into Canada both by air and land. When I lived on the West Coast, I went to Vancouver all the time and I have never had an issue. I also have a a few friends that live in Vancouver and Toronto and they visit no issues coming and going. Curious as to why you would say that.

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    Stopped by Ace. Very glad I did. Chanel is tight spinner - 30 ish. Nice B cups and real easy going. Shower was normal with light teasing. Put me in sauna for about 10 minutes. Almost like she forgot me but she thought I liked it. No idea if standard is just to come out. Most places get me after 3-5 minutes.

    Massage was so so but not why I was there. Light touch with teasing. Flip came and Jr was wide awake. She lost her clothes and I DATY for awhile. She sorta returned favor. Liking the boys while HJ. She finished with HJ while riding CG. I'm thinking FS might be option next trip.

    70 for house - 80 tip, she grimaced at it but I think it was fair tip. Some ladies get GPS. Chanel is cutie but did not warrant more in my book.

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    Anyone keep track of Holly from the old Towson spa? Is she still working? She gave the best BBBJ. PM me if you have any info. Thanks.

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    Rtown Road

    Quote Originally Posted by Spaco1  [View Original Post]
    Have not posted in a while as I have been out of the game for a bit. I was looking in the Reisterstown Rd corridor and all of my options seem to have dried up. UTR apartment moved to VA. Sunrise and LiLi shut down. Another one that operates without ads is not answering. Not a huge fan of the old Asian Shop. Any info in this area would be greatly appreciated. PM if warranted. Thank you.
    Sorry, not much there, at least not that I can find. I commute south of Bmore for good service these days. Glen Burnie / Laurel.

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