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    Betsy Supersoaker at DH:

    This past weekend, I visited the new dollhouse location in Jamaica. Got in like seven o cock to see a lineup of eight ladies as usual. They were Mixie, Jessica, Suzy, Besty, Soraya, Camila, Yaza and Mandy. I went with this thick wet girl Betsy who was so wet the entire time no lube was required. Starts a CBJ with straight throating which got me up in no time. I was just soaking my hands in between her legs. I started to chuckle and she noticed telling me yeah I'm always wet. With that comment, I knew I was in for a good time. As I informed her I was ready to feel her warm insides, she asked which position. I opted to start with cg, so Betsy hopped on top. That's when I noticed she didn't take her top off. I probably should've asked, but I'm not a titty guy so it wasn't a big deal for me. Once inside that tight gushness, I got the feeling I wasn't going to last too long with her. I gripped her waist and pounded from below until I got tired. Betsy had no issues with picking up where I left out as she bounced up and down, even throwing in some "hula-hoop" spins. We switched over mish where I put in all the work. Even kissed her neck a bit. As I did she gave a sort of blank stare. Now I been around this game a while and usually when a girl seems disinterested it's because they want to get fucked harder. So I quickly started to adapt to put my theory to the test. Then my little guy had to stop and yell "pineapples" because if I kept penetrating at this rate I would've definitely busted easily. I laid back down to rest for a few before doggy, however Betsy started talking dirty and sucking me real good again. Unfortunately, we never made it LOL. In between, it kinda seemed like she was rushing because she said to "cum for her", but it also seemed encouraging and she only said it once so I digress. This time she even gently massaged my balls and told me to let her know when I'm going to cum. As I did she turned to look at me as she went into hoover mode to vacuum every last drop out. Basically she mimicked a cum in mouth for lack of a better description. Then licked the tip and peehole like a fadget spinner for about twenty seconds. That was some new shit and fucked my head up crazy because it felt so good I might have screamed. Instead of cleaning me up right away she asked if the session was good. I couldn't help but think to myself this isn't a short stay we ain't done and ***** clean me up. But I've said it before and I'll say it again, if a girl asks about the quality of her service, she's earned my respect. Finally she started to clean me up and I asked her how long she's staying for. Betsy said she's in for the rest of the month and could be longer if she allowed too. I informed her I'll have to put in a good word for her LOL 💪. We got ready to go, hugged and I tipped her before departing. Overall a good session and worth a repeat, maybe will show a bit more emotion next time, but a worthy performer nonetheless. If you looking for a girl who's got the right amount of thickness to her and will ensure you get that nut, Besty is a safe bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarnalesAlex  [View Original Post]
    Saw her in 2017. Here's my review from then:


    Went to go see her. 1. OO for the half and one pop. Claims to be tight but, isn't all that tight. Everything covered, don't know if she offers uncovered. BJ, mish, cowgirl and finished doggy. Her booty was great for her body, skinny, tall and slender, boobs and booty were proportionate. I would go back. She was gagging and I was pushing her head. Pulled her hair, grabbed her tits and sucked them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BumbaCloth  [View Original Post]
    Same here I called it goes to voicemail & texted no response.
    I've never visited but check the roster from time to time. Has anyone noticed they changed their phone #?

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    Same here I called it goes to voicemail & texted no response.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShowNuff  [View Original Post]
    I have been trying to get in touch with the number at DH for over a month now. No matter what time I call I get a busy signal, when I text I no response. I have been to DH PLENTY OF TIMES, all the sudden I can not get through. This happen to anyone else??

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    Bro. I think I'm being blacklisted at DH

    I have been trying to get in touch with the number at DH for over a month now. No matter what time I call I get a busy signal, when I text I no response. I have been to DH PLENTY OF TIMES, all the sudden I can not get through. This happen to anyone else??

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    Mixie at DH (waste of time and money)

    Made my first trip to DH.

    I was impressed by the sheer number of attractive ladies.

    Unfortunately, I chose to spend my time and money Mixie (thick with T&A, south of the border fully body makeover that is well done).

    I got two cards for hh.

    She did not upsell or seem GFE friendly, I didn't ask.

    Aboit 10-15 minutes in (after a combined 3-4 minutes of doggy) she refuses doggy and begins whining).

    I ended the seasion and asked both her and management for at least a card back. The staff was nice but refuses to offer any compensation or compramise for the subpr service. I voiced my concerns calmy and left promptly without any issue.

    Management claims she couldn't do doggy because I was "packing". I'm barely 7 inches on a good day and was half hard due to lack enthusin on Mixie's part.

    Definitely don't see Mixie today as she may be in a mood and I would like to hear opinions from other senior members.

    As always, I am well mannered, clean, and gentle on the ladies of the night. *shrugs takes loss like a G and crossed DH off bucket list*.

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    Hungarians in Astoria

    Hey guys, can someone please pm me the info on the Hungarians on ditmars? Was a very reliable service but haven't been able to see any ads with numbers advertised since no got taken down. Will be much appreciated.

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    Karina at DH

    Today I went out to DH and try out the new girl Karina. It looks like they're going to be at Jamaica for a while as the text sends me there again. The house is pretty empty when I get in, with the whole lineup available. Karina looks exactly like her pics, sporting a pink mini dress. Her tits are gigantic, like Wendy sized except with a more natural hang; her ass pops out to make two round bubbles. She looks like a tan barbie doll with her skinny frame and huge assets. I hand her two cards and we head upstairs.

    Once we're inside Karina starts going all over me, taking off her dress as she makes out with my neck. Her tits hang out beautifully, like huge fruit off a tree, and press against me. I start making out with her neck, trailing down to suck on her tits and then turning around to take a bite of her bubble butt. Karina's ass looks fake but yummy, her cheeks divided by a beige g-string. After a little more foreplay and some grinding, I lay down and enjoy the CBJ. Karina starts sucking me off nice and slow, deepthroating me sensually until she gags. She did not let off the foreplay, gliding her wet pussy back and forth as she continued sucking me off. Eventually we start fucking in CG. Karina grinds her pussy up and down my shaft before stuffing it in. She lays her body on top of mine, pressing her huge tits in front of my face. She kisses my neck while bouncing her pussy up and down, moving it so fast that my dick pops out a few times. We switch to mish and I pound the fuck out of her. I grind deep and fast, balls slamming into her as her legs are spread out like an eagle. She digs her nails into my back and then the back of my head, gripping hard as I destroy her. We do some cycles and then she taps out, laying on the bed as if she just ran a marathon. We rest for a bit to recover, then fucking while laying on our sides. Finally I put her in doggy and the view was absolutely amazing. Her tan skin + her toned skinny frame made her fat bubble cheeks look huge; her massive tits expanded as they were pressed against the bed. All of this combined with her crazy back arch made me pound relentlessly until I bust every single drop inside her. We spend the rest of our time just laying next to each other catching our breath.

    Karina is legit. She got a barbie doll type frame: skinny with huge fake assets. Her tits are delicious, and having them pressed against me as we ate each other like vampires was great. She takes dick well too, not even complaining that her breath got fucked out of her. The room we had upstairs was great too, spacious and private. If you like bimbos with big tits and ass, I recommend Karina: she's a smaller Wendy but with the same huge tits and a bubble butt.

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    DH Elmhurst

    Quote Originally Posted by AbeLincolnn  [View Original Post]
    Was this at the Elmhurst or the Jamaica location?
    It was Elmhurst. Camila wasn't in when it went down. They frisked me two weeks ago when I went into Elmhurst which they had never done before, so they must have sensed something. When I dialed up they texted me new location. When I got there, they told me to never use old number again. Bigger better location and the best part is, the first couple days I was the only customer there with a full 8-9 dolls. I was there for Camila every time. She says this is her last week. Hit that and treat it good. There's always one home run at that place and she's the home run of the month.

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    Betsy RD1 The Nice and Snug

    I decided to step into DH again after my petite run yesterday. I had no more to give but before I left yesterday Betsy caught my eye as she came out her room and told her I'm coming for her next time. She smiled and said I'll be waiting. Anyways I pull up buy 2 tickets. And wait for Betsy as I am a early worm guy.

    As Betsy finishes getting ready. She sees me sitting on the couch and tells me so you came back. I tell her yes I did. BTW she understands English for anyone who has language barriers when you're with these girls. Anyways I get up hand her my 2 cards and off we went. Door closes and Betsy starts of with a nice little lap dance and tells me she wants all my clothes off. She tells me wow you have a nice friend. She got me blushing and shit while naked. Anyways her CBJ was decent Dt action to where she gags definitely got my guy up. Still prefers Camila CBJ though.

    After a good 7 min of the CBJ I tell her I want her missionary she says that's good I want to see your dick while you're fucking me. We did mish and she gets into it moaning and wet. She was really enjoying it. To where she started biting my neck. I didn't go for any GFE but probably should have she has nice lips. Time was ticking so I flip her in doggie and a view I wanted to see she actually arched her back. Betsy was still super wet and she slide my guy right in and starts throwing it back. We both get into rhythm her pussy feels so snugged. I bust into the bag. We both laugh I tell her you're good no worries. I'm willing to see you again. Tip her. Get dressed knock comes as I was about to open the door.

    Overall good session. Definitely a safe pick for me at DH. Good CBJ nice and snug. Good atmosphere speaks English. Asks how do I want it. Will repeat 3 for 3 on my days back. OC over and out. LMFAOOOO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPlayZ  [View Original Post]
    I was there. It wasn't a raid tho. Few undercover cops came in and just told everyone to leave, workers left too. Overheard them even tell the madam that she has to move.
    Sounds a little funny style on the cops part. Did they have a warrant? They just can't come in without a warrant and tell everyone to leave. They probably did that illegally. They just can't bust down DH based on allegations. They need to have probable cause, and the only way they will get that is by sending an undercover. That's why the spot in sunset and bedstuy was legit because shorty searched you and made you show her your privates down there to make sure you weren't a cop. And a cop can't show her his privates while he's on official business.

    Be safe fellas. Think with the Big head, not the little head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPlayZ  [View Original Post]
    I was there. It wasn't a raid tho. Few undercover cops came in and just told everyone to leave, workers left too. Overheard them even tell the madam that she has to move.
    Was this at the Elmhurst or the Jamaica location?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkDiggler  [View Original Post]
    Did the rates at Dollhouse go up?
    Ya 40/80/160 now. Guess they'll have to rename their website.

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    Dollhouse Rates

    Did the rates at Dollhouse go up?

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