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    Kathy at DH

    After reading about the whole raid thing, I was a bit concerned about whether DH would open or not. I have plenty of other spots to fall back on, however I have yet to find a spot that offers a large number of girls for such cheap rates. Anyways the website said they're open today, so I make my way there. I walk up and it looks like no raid even happened (minus the wooden door). The lineup's the same, with Soraya (who was at DH during the summer) making a return. I was feenin' to unleash on a girl, and so I get two cards and wait for Kathy.

    As soon as the door closes, Kathy goes straight into battle mode. In just a few seconds, she's completely naked, clothes flung to the floor and a condom ready in her mouth. This girl is a freak, with a seemingly bottomless craving for dick. She kissed and slid her mouth down my cock, deepthroating to cover everything with the condom. After that it was just straight throat fucking: Kathy slid her throat back and forth, bobbing her head and making herself choke on dick just for fun. As Kathy throat fucked herself she made a huge mess, like a hurricane of spit drenching my dick; all the meanwhile I'm kissing and biting on her fat ass cheeks. After a good while of this, Kathy hopped on for CG. She slides her pussy in slowly, teasing me and telling me that her pussy's wet and warm just for me. Kathy's insides feel like an oven; she glides over my dick as if she was all lubed up. She puts her hands on my chest and starts bouncing her fat cheeks up and down. The saliva should have dried up by now but Kathy's pussy still kept talking back. I pin her close and then slam into her, grabbing and slamming her cheeks while doing so. The sound of our fucking, her cheeks clapping and crashing down, was deafening-so much so that Kathy hopped off so we could switch to a more quiet position. We continue our fuck in mish, where I keep up relentlessly dicking her down. With me grinding in her drenched pussy & grabbing her cheeks from behind, we were fucking just as hard and loud as when we were in CG. Kathy's pussy was wearing out at this point, so I opt for doggy as the finisher. I give her nice and slow strokes to feel every inch of her and give her pussy a break. Her ass is like a cushion, fake but soft and jiggly. I grab her cheeks from the side and squeeze them close, making her ass look even bubblier. As I'm about to bust, I turn on the turbo mode and pump. Kathy keeps her pussy pinned against me until I let out every last drop. We chill until the knock comes.

    Kathy is a fuck monster. She's got a tight body: nice enhanced tits and a big fake bubble butt. By far her best feature is her sex energy: Kathy sucked and fucked like she was a bottomless pit-craving dick without stop. Her pussy kept running throughout our session and made it so that everyone in the lobby could hear our fucking. She's got plenty of dirty talk too: talking about how wet she is, how good I'm fucking her, all throughout the entire session. I recommend Kathy if you're looking to fuck a MILF with the energy and attitude of a freak+ nice thick enhanced body. She told me she's trying to stay for a month more.

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    Natalia RD 1:

    So for two weeks now I been checking out this pretty phat ass MILF, Natalia aka Naty on the main floor. I have noticed that she walks around with the up most confidence and also has the deluxe suite in the house. I have just been too busy with other girls such as Butterfly and Kathy to give her a chance. However late this past Sunday night my curiosity got the best of me. As I watched her parade around the house for hours in a black fishnet bodysuit, with her two fat ass cheeks jiggling and her pretty smile. I just let my "appetite for ass" kick in and told myself fuck it it's now or never, since I was unaware of how long she is staying for. I was hesitant due to hearing about others not so great experiences, plus my lack of fluent spanish. However I was determined to charm her and make that ass mine. I grabbed two cards and handed them to her. Naty looked real surprised since I never picked her before, but once in the room she was all smiles. We both undressed and she told me to lay down. Instead I sat on the edge of the bed and told her to come let me feel her body. I let her know I been staring at that ass for weeks and I just had to have it as I rested my head on her soft cheeks. Her smile got even brighter and wider as she shook it for me a bit. I complimented her on that as well telling her she got a pretty smile. She appeared highly appreciative to the flattery, even slightly blushing LOL. Now some of y'all might think I was running game, but I actually like fat ass milfs such as her. Finally I laid down for the CBJ, she wouldn't suck it all the way or keep it in her mouth for more than a few seconds, even looking like she kept checking to see why I wasn't fully hard yet. She definitely loses some points for that, however I wouldn't allow myself to be deterred. Once I was semi hard, she asked me what position I wanted and I opted straight for doggy. Naty gets on all fours and I just rubbed my dick on her ass for like a minute before even sticking it in. At this point she felt the sudden growth of me at full mass and even looked back to check it out. We both smiled and then I went in. My first thought was damn this shit tight. I knew I had to hit this one hard because with a pussy that tight and an ass that fat, I wouldn't be doing a monger's justice with anything less. So once I got a good rhythm going I pounded that ass like my life depended on it. It was evident she was feeling it due to her increasingly louder moans as I tapped her inner walls. Finally I felt a moist force hitting my penis, so I knew I put in that work and made her cum. I pulled out shortly after and she looked back at me like wow. I asked her how she stay so tight and she told me exercises LOL. I asked her to ride, but she told me she doesn't do that. So we go into mish, at first she's holding me back so I can't penetrate deeply. I started to softly kiss her neck and told her she doesn't have to do that, I'll go slow. So she allowed me to go all the way in with deep, but long soft strokes. I attempted to go in for some more kisses, but she weaved out of the way as I guess she isn't the GFE type. I kinda felt like I wasn't going to cum like this, so I picked up the pace and she started holding me back again. So I said fuck this and laid back down asking her to finish me with a HJ while I played with her ass. Normally I would ask to finish with a CBJ, however I knew she was lacking in that area. Naty obliged with no objections starting off soft and slow and then rapidly picking up the pace making me bust a huge load for the third and final time that night. In my head I thought to myself "wow her HJ was better than her BJ" lmao. I told her she was muy bueno and she smiled telling me I was too. We cleaned up and started to get dressed. I asked her how much longer she staying for and she confirmed two weeks, I told her I'll be seeing her again. I tipped her before we hugged and kissed our goodbyes. We actually kissed on the cheek, which felt weird and a bit out of my element. As I kiss my girls on the lips, but whatever guess I been too spoiled recently LOL. I got to say Naty is not with all the extra stuff that I enjoy such as bbj, GFE, dfk or cuddling, however she can take a good pounding in doggy. So in conclusion I will say although Naty may not be "Elite VIP", if you want a pretty thick fat ass MILF with a tight pussy she's your girl. She may take some buttering up, but I say give it a shot and I'm sure she will make it worth your while.

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    Butterfly RD 4:

    So after washing up, relaxing and recharging on the couch from my fabulous earlier session with Kathy. I decided it was time for the second half of my hour meaning round four with the gorgeous Brazilian known as Butterfly. I handed her two cards and we stepped inside her room. I sat down on the bed as she quickly stripped naked in front of me allowing me to feel her body. Then I laid down for the CBJ, thankfully she was very mindful of the amount of alcohol applied this time. So she started sucking my dick the only way she knows how, with her curls flying everywhere. Butterfly doesn't stop until I tell her I'm ready to fuck. Once I'm fully hard, she hops on top for cg and rides my dick like it's the last day on earth. This time she didn't have to tell me "don't move" as I knew not too. At this point I know how Butterfly operates; don't fuck me, I'll fuck you and she will ensure that you enjoy every second of it. Once I had enough of that, I was ready to switch positions. However she told me because she likes me and trusts me, we can try something new and different instead of just fucking. At first I'm thinking this is her way of saying she's tired and to get out of fucking. Now I'm an open-minded guy and we have good chemistry, so I tell her I'm game. She spits on my dick and starts sucking and deepthroating non-stop for what felt like three to five minutes straight. To be honest I was surprised I didn't cum from that, but I guess it was because Kathy took my first and best nut. When she came up for air, I told her blame Kathy she drained me. Butterfly then took off the condom, spit on my bare member, sucked just the head for a bit, swirling her tongue around the peehole before stopping to spit on it one final time. She then got on all fours in between my legs rotating between playing with herself and massaging my balls, telling me to jerk off and cum on her ass. That finally did the trick. We started to clean up and she's like"see wasn't that more fun". I told her yes it was, different for sure and I remembered what you told me day one "when you with Butterfly that nut is coming out no matter what". She got all happy and started laughing before getting on top of me to start making out. I asked her where was all those kisses during the sex, she was like "oh I'm sorry, did you not have a good time anyway" lmao. So we made up for it cuddling and kissing until the knock, I even massaged her head and hair which she enjoyed. She told me that she plans to take a little break and then will see me again upon her return if I still want to see her that is. I was like "baby girl, stop playing you know I do" LOL. She was like ok then be good and wait for mama in the meantime LOL. I tipped her, we hugged and kissed once more before making our departures. Wow what a memorable session we had, it's like it gets better and better every time. I can't wait for her to return and hope she does soon. For you guys who been slacking or living under a rock these past two weeks, when you hear Butterfly is making her long awaited return to DH. Don't walk, don't run, but spread your wings and fly, just like Butterfly.

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    DH back in action

    Decided to head to DH this afternoon and see Cindy. Atmosphere felt the same, was pretty busy and all. Asked the doormen what happened and they confirmed the raid. I asked about the clients and fortunately all the clients were let go free. Nothing to worry about.

    Straight to my review. Decided to go and see Cindy after having a good first session with her. Gave her two cards and followed her thick body inside the room. Damn I find this girl real attractive for some reason. Tipped her upfront 20 so I could suck on those huge titties she got. We fully undressed and started our session with a mediocre CBJ. It didn't last long like last time but it was actually really good this time. She deep throated my cock and even spat on it. I was fully surprised. She stuck her tongue out and licked my cock like a lollipop. I just started as I suck drips of saliva run down my penis and down towards my balls. She lightly licked my sack and worked her way back up. We locked eyes as she kept sucking me off. Kinda weird, felt like I had some connection with her. We then started with missionary. Opened up her legs and slid in. Started to pump into her wet tight box and just looked at her tits jiggle around with each pump I gave her. I pinched my body onto her and started to lightly kiss her neck. She started to lightly moan and let me continue to nibble on her neck. At points she would deeply inhale the scent of my cologne which even made her get a bit more excited. I then turned her around for some doggie. Backshot waves are amazing. Grabbed her ass cheeks and kept thrusting. I took it slow as I felt her pussy grasp on my penis. As I slowly worked my pace up, her moans grew. She lowered her heard towards the pillow and arched her back. That ass looked amazing. It got me crazy and I started to just quickly thrust and watch her backshot waves go crazy. Had to stop myself. Told her I wanted to finish on CG so she got on top and first started to grind on me. I pulled her down to me and started to suck on her huge nipples. I just kept sucking and pumping. It felt amazing OMG. Grabbed her by her fat ass cheeks and pounded them onto my penis until I finished. Tipped her and headed out. Was pretty bust after I left. Looks like DH is back in action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPlayZ  [View Original Post]
    You guys got to let that fear go. The cops don't care about clients. All they care is about are the workers. A few years before joining the forums I was caught in a raid. All they did was take the girls and the workers. They just I'd you and let you go. I was shooked af. I was like 18 back than. I don't even care now. Just go in and bust a nut. Omw to go see who's there. Looks like they back open. I hope by boo Cindy is there. I'll keep ya updated.
    You could not be more wrong. The last 5 years the focus has been the Johns and Pimps. They are focused on the Men.

    You got lucky.

    There is virtually no alibi or excuse to be in a fast house. No way your lawyer can explain being in a group with 10 other Men waiting around for Women. To do what else? Dance Merengue?

    This is why I only do AMP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPlayZ  [View Original Post]
    You guys got to let that fear go. The cops don't care about clients. All they care is about are the workers. A few years before joining the forums I was caught in a raid. All they did was take the girls and the workers. They just I'd you and let you go. I was shooked af. I was like 18 back than. I don't even care now. Just go in and bust a nut. Omw to go see who's there. Looks like they back open. I hope by boo Cindy is there. I'll keep ya updated.
    I wouldn't say to let the fear go necessarily because anything is possible now in this Trump era. God damn though how many times can they get busted and open back up 24 hours later in the same spot? Valentina must be really ran through by the police department, she is the only madam that gets busted 10 times and comes right back.

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    I figure I chime in since its been a while since I retired from this. Just unfortunate to hear the news about the raid. DH almost went a full year without any problems. I wouldn't expect them to be raided again like that. At least not anytime soon. You guys know how it is at the start of the year. New polticians tryina show up with big initiatives to start off the year. Plus LE don't care about clients from what I've heard / read. They go for the workers. If this still holds true, then theres really no need for worry.

    What I do suggest tho for you guys is to not park in neighbors' driveways. Or the hydrants. Don't loiter outside the house either. Help avoid another situation like this.

    Even tho ull be good in the end, you don't want LE ruining your session. Imagine them barging in while you about to bust a huge nut inside your chica. Or in a girl's mouth ex Sabrina. That shits not cool.

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    Open again

    As per their site they seem to be open again. I'll try and report back.

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    You guys got to let that fear go. The cops don't care about clients. All they care is about are the workers. A few years before joining the forums I was caught in a raid. All they did was take the girls and the workers. They just I'd you and let you go. I was shooked af. I was like 18 back than. I don't even care now. Just go in and bust a nut. Omw to go see who's there. Looks like they back open. I hope by boo Cindy is there. I'll keep ya updated.

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    Lucky NY is a sanctuary state

    Since NY does not report this stuff to Customs or ICE, girls should be back in no time.

    Love the photos of Candy and would have liked to lick but only saw her listed for a couple days. Hope she will be back for the grand reopening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonsey55  [View Original Post]
    Any word on the door being busted / raid yesterday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hebrew2016  [View Original Post]
    Absolutely feel free to post all the ones you've tried.......
    When we did it would get drowned out when within one day we would get 8 Dollhouse reviews in a row.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justalking  [View Original Post]
    And I'm sure the balloons wasnt doing them any favors either.
    Almost gave it a "day care" kinda feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElViejo49  [View Original Post]
    And they need to find a NEW spot, just a suggestion, try to find a more DISCRETE place.

    If they were busted, I'm not surprised. The "spot" was in a QUIET, residential area, surrounded by IDENTICAL looking houses, with virtually NO foot traffic.

    I'm sure the "DH" house stood out with the AMOUNT of "visitors".
    Every time I would walk up the block all the neighbors and regular people on the street would always stare at you and know what you were doing when you would stand near that house or wait for them to reply. And then the walk home as well after you just left was also pretty noticeable every one there knew. With all the other mongers waiting on the block and in their cars it was as hot boy as you can get.

    I actually went to cdp house not to far from there yesterday and the host was telling me how Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most hot boy dates and that they doesn't answer to any new clients on those dates. Dam I guess she was right and its true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElViejo49  [View Original Post]
    Damn, "Hebe," that about as GOOD as it gets. Thanks for that long, but worthwhile, review.

    Let's just hope that those interested in trying this "chica" get a chance, if and when "DH" reopens.

    As for a chick "running game," I'd rather have her do that than give me some ATTITUDE. Ya hear that, Valery?
    Absolutely correct, as my girl Butterfly would say "you already selling pussy, why would you want to minimize your money by giving bad service and / or attitude". She's official tissue that Butterfly lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passports  [View Original Post]
    I was about to say the same damn thing. It sounds messed up to say but man the guys were annoying with the Dollhouse Dollhouse DOllhouse every second for the past year, all these posters came out of nowhere. Maybe things can get to normal and we can review the chicks that have been posting on sites like Listcrawler since the summer. Or the original lowkey CDPs with better looking Dominican chicks will make a return.
    Absolutely feel free to post all the ones you've tried.......

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