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Thread: Escort Reports

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    What's the damage?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyDog1  [View Original Post]
    Sirens travels to NOVA / DC too. Are you looking for a DC escort service?
    No donation range listed on site. Thanks!

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    Looking for intel from a reputable source:

    Any vets?

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    I've seen her probably twice, she is 100% female and she does gets into it fairly well which was nice. I saw her when she was charging a lot less that what she is charging now and even before the increase it was barely worth it despite her enthusiasm, but at this point she's off my radar. Generally a lot of the providers in that immediate area charge a lot more than I'm willing to go for especially when compared to College Park / Hyattsville IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedCarpetdic  [View Original Post]
    The Latina (Maya I think) is she ts? Can't find anywhere confirming it or not.

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    Looking for info

    Greetings fellow mongers!! I am coming to the area this weekend and wanted to see if anyone could give me recommendations for a reliable provider. Love Latinos but will meet any race, like 20-40 year old range, like any body type except big girls, BBBJ, CFS. Feel free to PM.


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    It had been over a year since I had any dreams about Jenny. They were so vivid that they produced photo images.

    Since I don't pay for any illegal services I feel it's fair that I tell you about them. So she only goes to the regular spot a couple of times a month. Stays for the weekend when she does. Fantastic performer. Gained some weight but still attractive in person. Not a huge talker but very sweet girl. Real 10 second hugs.

    If she's not in Alexandria she doesn't answer anything, calls or texts, if she doesn't know you. Good news is she's in the office today. Text any dumb shit you're through.

    Vets that have messaged me privately in the past can message me for details.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedCarpetdic  [View Original Post]
    The Latina (Maya I think) is she ts? Can't find anywhere confirming it or not.
    I went by to visit and met her face to face. Besides the place smelling ODD ASF, everything about the situation spooked me, including "her" appearance. The jury is still out, but I ain't on it. Can't call this one, champ. But I am not going back.

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    13th Street

    The Latina (Maya I think) is she ts? Can't find anywhere confirming it or not.

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    Belle aka Reyanna Castillo

    At first, I thought that DMV was a sex worker wasteland. Then, I took a look at Tryst and discovered a bevy of beauties avl in and out starting at 500 and up. This has lead me to the conclusion that this board mostly caters to budget shoppers. Thus the relative lack of activity.

    I pulled a value pick for you guys. This fillie is racing under class at 300 in / 400 out plus Uber. Lots of social media. Her free only fans has some fresh pics and vid's that are creamy and dreamy. Basement apartment near naval research. As advertised. Everything covered. Belle is 22, thick and in shape. This graying stud was rearing to mount a dame standing at less than half my age. She's into BDSM too. Likes to sub. Will basically do whatever you want within reason. Worth the freight. Enjoy.

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    Ms. Carmella

    First time posting.

    Had some free time and needed to release some stress. I hit Carmella up for the Hour. Quoted me 200. She met me at the door with a bad ass little one piece. Put the donation for the dresser and she laid me down for one of those sloppy slow CBJ. Don't know if she does BBJ, I usually wait a little bit so I gauge how they handle hygiene before I start getting BBJ. Finished my jay and had her get on top. Good law she fucks slows and seductive. She rode my dick like she loved every inch. Wanted to hit in mish for a little bit so we flipped to the edge of the bed so I could stand. I didn't need to hold her legs back, she just streches them back so her pussy is in the air. Hit it till I head that squishy sound. After that I knew it wasn't long before I blew a fuse. I flipped her one more time for some doggy and everything got a little too much. Busted in the bag and she cleaned me up. For sure worth the bread.

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    Say away from this one. I wish I had.

    I was in town on business and wanted to blown off some steam. I saw this little thick cute. I shot her a text she and responded right away. We made arrangements to hook up in 2 hr. She sent me the address and I'm on the way. I like the fact that she says in an apartment. I arrived she buzz me in and I'm on the way up. I ring the bell and she opens the door in a sweet little nigty. I drop the donations and off to the bed room. She was cool but after effects is what got me. I get back to my hotel and body in tingling. We'll I though just hit the shower. We'll it would for about an hour and it starts up again. I thinking what the hell. By now I'm going insane. Turns out she has the little lobters boys. I had to shave the body and purchase the orment to get rid of the little boy. Stay safe out there and let's say I will not be seeing this one again.

    (510) 867-0484 Tomii Banks Washington DC, United States Female Escorts.

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    Maddie Eve

    Anyone here seen Maddie eve? Just wanted to know if she offers BBBJ? He.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max#01  [View Original Post]
    Did a whole-USASG search and came up empty. Does anyone have experiences with this agency: ? They have a VA Beach area code (757). On the surface, they look a lot like a smaller version of the old Miami Companions. Girls are deployed to multiple cities. They seemed to have overall decent reviews on the big review site. Most claimed the photos were accurate and the donations seemed quite reasonable by 2023 standards. I'm going on travel for a month and won't have the chance to try them out for about another month.
    Where can I read reviews? Feel free to DM me if you don't want to post details.

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    Something new?

    Quote Originally Posted by KingKane  [View Original Post]
    Visiting DC for a business trip. Are there any reputable services in DC like in RVA?
    Sirens travels to NOVA / DC too. Are you looking for a DC escort service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunStaySilent2  [View Original Post]
    Anyone has any intel on this Provider?
    600 and she'll do anything.

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