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    Quote Originally Posted by SmoothDriver  [View Original Post]
    I saw an ad on Eros for a lady coming to town 9/12 who is doing a milking table tour. Anna Simone. Anyone ever have the pleasure?
    At 600 a pop, the answer on this forum will be NO.

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    Milking Table

    I saw an ad on Eros for a lady coming to town 9/12 who is doing a milking table tour. Anna Simone. Anyone ever have the pleasure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ppgxxx  [View Original Post]
    Anyone know what happened to heartland hobby board?
    They are working on getting it back up.

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    Heartland hobby board

    Anyone know what happened to heartland hobby board?

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    Good advice

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadHead  [View Original Post]
    Might want to post in the massage section.
    Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmNotMe  [View Original Post]
    With all this face mask wearing lately, which AMP still provides a CBJ and who to ask for?
    Might want to post in the massage section.

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    Who the fuck would ever pay a low level hooker pre-payment?

    If you're going to fuck a porn star, and she's legit in the deal, OK, . . . But pre-paying random hookers from mega? STG?

    Who the fuck would do that!

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    Recommendations needed

    With all this face mask wearing lately, which AMP still provides a CBJ and who to ask for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BramStroker  [View Original Post]
    Can keep it non-specific if you are not comfortable to share. Thanks.
    Been laying low with the slim pickings and Corona. To answer your question, picked up a WSW off the ave many years ago, and was stopped by LEO and handcuffed, vehicle impounded and let me walk, literally walk away, with a court appearance ticket. I found out by another person that knows Deanna Jo, that was her black boyfriend / dope dealer that was in her room when I got set-up by her.

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    Did you fly her to Detroit from Vegas?

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPokerHole  [View Original Post]
    Looks: 7. Here, I'm specifically referring to her face. Maybe it's because she was completely not in makeup? And this is speaking from a guy who prefers the "natural look. Not sure, but she wasn't on her "looks" top of the game. Still, everything was in order.

    Body: 7. Nice body, with her ass and legs being her best assets. Her ass is quite delightful, and when she bends over it curves in the most delightful way. Just like a Valentine's day heart. Delicious. Completely bald pussy. In fact, I bet she waxes. It was baby skin smooth. Her breasts aren't her best suit. Mind you, I think they're fine, but they are smaller than what you'd think. Not a big deal for me, I'm not a breast man, but something you should keep in mind.

    Attitude: 9. She's laid back. Very laid back. Easy to talk to, and seems to want to have a good time. She's the type of cool chick you'd want to meet out at any bar and fuck the shit out of all night long.

    Performance: 9. 5. She loves to kiss, really loves it. I think we made out like hot teenagers for 15 to 20 minutes at least, and we were still in our clothes. I then took the initiative and removed all of my clothes. She immediately went down on me and started on an incredible BBBJ joyride. Holy shit, this woman can suck cock. Mika is devouring my cock as she lies on the bed looking up at me standing in front of her. I then grab her head and start fucking her mouth like a pussy. She's taking it all. This woman is a pro cock sucker. Still in her clothes, my cock is plowing in and out of her slobbering mouth. I slowly pull out and she starts whimpering. I shove it back in her hot wet mouth. Damn. Fucking damn.

    I then remove all of her clothes. We start kissing, exploring, and making out. Soon, I'm lying on the bed, and she goes right back to devouring my cock. This woman loves sucking cock. How do I know? It's that feeling that you get. Ok, maybe it's just Mika suck my hard cock. LOL. She's tackling everything: cock, balls, and inner thighs. I'm in total oral heaven. Does she do CIM? No idea. Not something I normally think about as I don't usually cum in that manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxam1  [View Original Post]
    100% accurate.
    If only friends were like mechanics, who you can pay afterwards for their service LOL. I usually pay upfront before. While, it may psychologically increase motivation for a lady friend, it also increases suspicion of cash and dash on the guy's appearance. Dine and dash, so to speak LOL. Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyBoner  [View Original Post]
    Here's my take. While we have been all discussing the dangers of paying up front, I try to avoid this practice due to motivation.

    My reason is psychological. I feel the service is better when you pay after a date than if you pay up front. The girls seem to loose their incentive for providing anything exceptional once the money is in their pocket. Even with established friends, I continue to pay after. I certainly tell them what they will get, and pay them what we agreed on at the end, but I keep the money until the deed is done. Over the years I have noticed better dates, longer dates, more effort and motivation using this method.

    I cringe whenever they ask for it up front, feeling it will likely be a subpar appointment, and I'm usually correct. I certainly have had exceptions. And I've had friends that I've REGULARLY paid up front (after years of service) that always went without a hitch, but those seem to the exception, not the rule. In the end, I feel it serves as somewhat of a 'carrot on a stick' so to speak, to do a job well.

    Just my thoughts.
    100% accurate.

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    I recently tried seeing a SP who is going to be in town soon. I went through her screening process and everything was good until her "assistant" got back with me and said a deposit of 300 is required. I responded, telling her that no mention of a deposit was ever on her website or her ad. I will not do any deposit, especially for a chick who travels. If I schedule something then I will keep my appointment. Unfortunately, there are many guys that will pay the deposit. Papa be.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    License plate worries

    Quote Originally Posted by McCauley734  [View Original Post]
    Hey all. Just looking for input on this. Couple nights ago I was getting serviced in my car. Quiet spot, then a lady comes out. Tell the girl to stop. Pull off. Pretty sure the woman snapped a shot of my license plate. New to the lifestyle and just wondering how concerned I should be. Any input would be a big help.
    I'm not a lawyer but I highly doubt that there is anything to really worry about. Thete is a burden of proof. How does the police know she was a hooker and not just a girl friend? Plus whatever the woman claims is hearsay all she has is a picture of your license plate and her version of the events.

    Worst case scenario is the police have a description of your vehicle and they know what to keep an eye on if you are spotted in the area.

    Moral of the story is don't do the horizontal monster mash in your car, if you can help it.

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