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    Autumn / Rose

    Quote Originally Posted by BeenHere  [View Original Post]
    Any luck or info on this one?
    She's been reviewed here, look for post 7086 and 7179.

    Interested myself.

    If you do see her, leave a review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoJackSugarman  [View Original Post]
    I came across this one. Looks legit. I was wondering if anyone had sampled yet. Her name sounds familiar, but I searched the thread and didn't find anything.
    Any luck or info on this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaKing  [View Original Post]
    Pull the trigger on these two? Someone would have to put a gun to my head first. After leaving those pigs I would go Waah Waah Waah all the way home.
    Ok so you responded to this twice with the same sentiment. Are you saying this is a police sting or are you saying these two broads are fat? I honestly can't tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColeGatz1  [View Original Post]
    Thinking of pulling the trigger but no reviews, only comments.
    Pull the trigger on these two? Someone would have to put a gun to my head first. After leaving those pigs I would go Waah Waah Waah all the way home.

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    Amber pt. 2

    I took Amber for a whirl for the 2nd time, a month ago. Well, I saw this chic before 5 weeks ago and really had no intentions of seeing her again. A hand job and go in really does nothing for me, but I went to see a chic the day before I saw this one and it was disappointing as hell. That chic was pure garbage and I needed to get a real nut off so I hit this chic up again. She was in the same scary looking apartment complex in Conyers.

    I told her that I wanted the quickie, via text, and she hit me back with $100. Oh boy. I don't do $100 qv's. I told her that she done went up on her price and she said that her price was always $100 qv, but she comprimised with me the last time. Ok. Well you better comprise with me again because I'm not giving you $100 for a qv. She must think I'm a "Niggranamedsilk" or something. LOL. Just kidding.

    Once she realized that I wasn't biting on the $100 qv, she said that she could do $80 qv again. You better. She's not even worth $80 qv to tell you the truth. She's a $60 qv chic at best. I'm the one that's compromising with her. Little does she know. Anyways, I drove on over to her archaic apartment complex one Saturday morning.

    Once I got there, I text her that I arrived and she text me back telling me to come on up. I came on up and was greeted by the same chic covered in a black robe just like the last time. She led me into her smoke-free kind of cluttered apartment. She had clothes and other items laying across her bed and black futon in the living room that you see in the 3rd pic. The black futon and bed is where she conducts her business.

    We conversed for a few minutes before I handed her the bones. It was 80 bones for 15 minutes. She took the scraps, looked it over, then placed it in a glass jar on a table next to the wall. She then took off her black robe to reveal nothing underneath. That's always nice to see. She's 5'2-5'3 112-117 pounds. Nice B cup youthful breastess'es and plump athletic slim ass.

    She looks to be in her mid 20's. After she shed her clothing, I did the same and sat down on her black futon with my underwear under me. The futon had some junk scattered about on it that she had to clear off first and I didn't want to sit down on it bare ass. Eekk. She sat down right next to me on my right side and asked me if I had the condom and if I was ready. WTF!!

    I told her that I wasn't nowhere near ready at all and asked her if she would do the bare hand job to get me up. Smh. The nerves of her. She bare hand jobbed me for no more than 20 seconds, then stopped to ask if I was ready. WTF again. Are you kidding me? Of course I'm not ready. What is this broad thinking?

    That's exactly why I like to keep it at $60 qv or less. These broads just ain't worth a penny more. Anyways, she continued with the inexperienced hand job while we conversed. All she does is yank up and down on your cock with no spit or enthusiasm or anything. While she was yanking, I asked her if I could massage her breastess'es.

    She said sure and I started to massage her left breastess'es and nipples with my calloused hand. While doing so, she told me that she was about to get a breastesss'es job. WTF!! She said she knows a guy that can do them for $1000 as she wanted some C cup breastesse's. Smh. I told her that she should just eat more, get a trainer, and go to the gym so that she can get that natural and firm breast growth.

    Her response, "That doesn't work". Smdh. These damn millennials I tell ya. Always looking for a quick fix. After a good 4 minutes of the handy, my boner started to rise and I told her that I was ready for some prime time action. I placed the thin slab on my erect boner all by myself with no help from her at all. She asked me how I wanted her to serve it to me and I told her doggie as usual.

    She assumed the doggie position, vertically with her back straight up on the black futon, which was quite ackwards. I rather her get on the bed for better positioning, but whatever. I had to position her with her back down instead of up in the air (smh) before entering her in doggie. I entered her in doggie and gots' ta' stroking. She was a bit dry, just like the last time and I wasn't able to penetrate her all the way.

    I was halfway in there as she was throwing it back all unorthodox. This broad needs some lube. I knew she had none since she had no condoms either, so I never bother asked. She did say that she ordered some condoms in the mail though, so that may be good for the next guy (s) after me. I kept my stroke game going before pulling out some 3 minutes later to re-adjust.

    When I pulled out, I noticed the tip of the slab had a bit of white creamy residue on it. That's always good to see. She turned around and thought I blew my load too, but I told her I was just re-adjusting. I went back in again and kept stroking that dry punani until feeling that oh so familiar feeling coming over me some 5 minutes later. I blew a medium load in the slab, then pulled out some minute later once I was totally drained.

    I withdrew and told her that I was done with her and she walked into the bathroom to get me something to clean up with. She came back out with that good ole toilet paper and took the slab off for me and walked into the bathroom with it. Evidence gone, I think. This time she was smelling fresh and clean back there. I guess she learned from the last time when she was smelling a bit rank. Eekk.

    The service was ok though. Nothing to rant and rave about and definitely not worth the price point. She actually hit me up again 10 days ago trying to solicit her services, but I told her that I was wrapped up with alot of work at the time. LOL. She's a nice girl, but definitely not worth the $80 qv I gave her, nor the $100 qv she actually wants. Maybe one of you $100 qv guys can fulfill her wishes. Not I.

    She does incalls and outcalls too, but I don't know who in their right mind would invite her over to their crib for a handjob and go in. LOL. I'll give her a "7" in looks and a "5" in service. So long crooks.
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    $100 for a qv

    Quote Originally Posted by NikkaNamedSlik  [View Original Post]

    Finally went out to see little Red aka Mya, little shorty from New Orleans. I woke up late last night around 4 am horny af. Most of my regulars weren't available so I said what the hell. Mya posts all the time, but for some reason I never pulled the trigger because her pictures aren't really that enticing even though she has a cute face. I hit her up and she hit me right back and let me know she was in a red roof inn in Norcross. 100 for QV, 140 for hhr. I went with the QV. A little expensive but it is what it is. Only bad thing I can say about her is she needs a little dental work. Looks 7, Performance 8. Will repeat.
    In the Red Roof Inn in Norcross. Pfft. LOL. She got over on you big time, dude. That's the same cheap motel those $40 qv Jimmy Carter chic's work out of. The most anyone can ask for in that crap motel is $60 qv, if even that. And she gives all-covered service and sets a timer. Smdh. She's got some nerves. The drought is definitely real. LOL.

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    Be ware, rush, GPS.

    Read all the great reviews thought I'd hit her up after finished with a local girl. She quoted me 160 for hh, got her down to 140. Drove over, Got the room number and went up, she is very cute just like her pictures in her ad. I thought it was my lucky day, found a cute one with a nice body and seem to be nice. She said she's happy I could make it, first one of the night, blah, blah, blah. Set the donations on the table and got started. She started with BBBJ, but since I just finished not 15 min ago with the other girl, it still needed some time. She worked it maybe 2 minutes of I'd say 5/10 performance, then I said let me work on her to give me some time to reset junior, 2 minutes of DATY, then she straight up said "I'm done" told me to get dressed and to get out. She took the money and ran to the bathroom, then she started screaming for her pimp "Ben". I didn't want to be seen by the neighbors from the yelling or deal with her pimp since I didn't bring my piece so I ducked out of there, wasn't worth the trouble. So the 30 min turned to a 5 min service, was probably in the room for only 8 min. This girl definitely have the GPS and have been in the game for a while and just robbing people when she knows there isn't more to gain. She's going back to Tampa so it's probably her last night here, but you Tampa mongers out there, beware of this one. Might want to avoid if possible or maybe bring a piece, since she'll yell for her pimp at a drop of a hat. Be careful out there. I'm taking a break after this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColeGatz1  [View Original Post]
    Thinking of pulling the trigger but no reviews, only comments.
    You can have my share of those pigs.

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    Mya aka little Red

    Finally went out to see little Red aka Mya, little shorty from New Orleans. I woke up late last night around 4 am horny af. Most of my regulars weren't available so I said what the hell. Mya posts all the time, but for some reason I never pulled the trigger because her pictures aren't really that enticing even though she has a cute face. I hit her up and she hit me right back and let me know she was in a red roof inn in Norcross. 100 for QV, 140 for hhr. I went with the QV. A little expensive but it is what it is.

    I showed up to the hotel and was greeted by the girl in the pics. Pics were accurate but in my opinion they do not do her justice at all. She is a bit curvier in person and she has a nice little bubble. I expected a stick figure. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. I cash app'd her the funds and we got down to business.

    I took off my clothes and she did hers. Revealed were a nice perky set of pierced tits and a super nice bubble. She spit on the jimmy and started with a bare hand job. Then she covered me up and started with the CBJ. The CBJ was NICE. She was necking me up proper and humming along with the music LOL. After doing that for about 4-5 minutes she hopped on the bed in all fours. That bubble was PERFECT. She reminds me of Roxxy. Pretty much the same body with perkier tits, just in a smaller package being that she's like 5 foot. Anyway, since she's so small I started off easy. But she started throwing that ass back. Pussy was wet as fuck and had grip. Little mama wanted a pounding and I was obliged to give it to her. She was moaning while keeping that arch in her back and pounding that ass back ferociously. I was in heaven drilling her. Don't be fooled, this little woman can take a pounding and likes it. We did it doggy, then I put her on her stomach and continued.

    The 15 minutes were up (she set an alarm) but she did not stop me, eventually I released in the bag and that was that. She had a bunch of clean towels and let me use the restroom to clean up. We chatted for a bit, we hugged and I dipped.

    All in all I'm glad I finally went to see her. Like I said she reminds me of Roxxy when Roxxy is in the mood to give a good performance. Only bad thing I can say about her is she needs a little dental work. Looks 7, Performance 8. Will repeat.

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    Any info on this one?

    Thinking of pulling the trigger but no reviews, only comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddtw03  [View Original Post]
    Used to do GFE massages.
    She moved back home to Arkansas, pregnant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkaNamedSlik  [View Original Post]

    I'm not really sure what this girl's name is. She switches it up on her ad all the time. I've seen her 3 times. She hosts all over the A. Sometimes south, sometimes in Marietta, sometimes in Smyrna, sometimes Norcross, sometimes outcall. She also changes up her number on almost every ad. She's well reviewed though so no worries, she's real. I setup everything via text, and she always answers promptly. I've always done hhr with her which is always 100. I think she's 60 or 70 for qv but YMMV. She's from Buffalo or somewhere up north. Always a cool friendly attitude. She looks exactly like her pics, probably better in person actually. About 5'6-5'7, fairly petite but curvy, and light skinned. I'm not sure what she's mixed with, I've always assumed she was Mulatto but she could be anything tbh LOL. She's definitely a cute girl though. Wears wigs in her ads but not in person. She has short "sisterlocks". She's also tatted the hell up like a rock star. Before I saw her, I was never attracted girls with so many Tatts, but she turned me out LOL. Everything covered. She answers the door naked every time. No stretchmarks, perky youthful breast, great skin, and a decent ass.

    Now, you will always get good service from her no matter what, but when she's drunk OH BOY. One time I saw her when she was polishing off a wine bottle and she gave me one of the best CBJ's I ever had, she was putting on a gotdamn show. I didn't understand what I did to deserve such a great performance LOL. She was forcefully making herself gag. Taking my soldier down to her throat until she can't take it any more over and over. It was mind blowing. She doesn't pay attention to the balls, but I never complain. We always start in doggy. Pussy is always nice and wet, still has some grip. She gets really into it, throwing that ass back and making all the right moves. The view is spectacular, and she can take a pounding. After that we usually switch to mish. Again, I usually don't like doing mish, but she provides a good view. She'll play with her pierced kitty in this position too. We usually finish in doggy, where I'll pound her until I release in the bag. She always laughs at me when I cum. I love this girl, she's always a lot of fun.

    Now, I have to mention this. Every time I've seen her there's always been another person in the bathroom taking a shower. She claims it is another girl. When asked about the girl, she always tells me that I don't want to bother. With a disgusting face, she says the other girl is ugly is does bare. I've seen her about 3 times I always get the same story, but I've never seen this other girl. I don't know if she's telling the truth and her and the girl share rooms or if she's lying and it's her pimp. I've never seen any sign of a man in the room, only girl stuff, so I don't know. It could be nobody in the bathroom and she just says that because she doesn't want me to think she's alone. So just a fair warning, but I've never had any problems.

    Just thought I'd share that info. But all in all, even though I don't have much experience out here, this is one of my fav providers in Atlanta so far. Looks 8, Performance 8, pretty consistent.

    If you're ever in the mood for a tatted up cute light skinned girl that's easy on the pockets, this is the one.
    If she's drink man you in for a hell of a wet ride. All holes soak wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikkaNamedSlik  [View Original Post]

    I've had my eye on this fine light skinned woman for a couple of weeks. Hit her up, she told me the rates: 80 qv 100 hhr. NICE. Sent me the address which was a red roof inn off of Buford hwy. Got there and was pleasantly surprised that she looked pretty much just as good as her pics. Young girl, black and Puerto Rican, No stretch marks, not a whole gang of ass but a nice bubble. Her tits were my favorite part. Nice full C cups or so. Very nice looking. Only thing bad about her was that she probably needs a little dental work.

    Anyway, small talked for a bit, Cash app'd her the donation and got down to business. Started with a CBJ that was pretty good. Then she started to ride me which was cool. She was riding me pretty good. Now I was ready for doggy and things went kinda south after this. She just couldn't take the dick all that well in doggy style. She wouldn't really let me get some good stroke in her. She kept moving around and fucking up my rhythm and the pussy kept drying up. We kept have to stop. She was a good sport about cause she would at least give me a CBJ in between, but every time we would start again you could tell she was having trouble taking the dick. I almost said fuck it and went to go see somebody else LOL. After another break and CBJ she made sure to use a lot of spit and we went back to work in mish. I usually don't like doing mish with these girls but this girl was so fine and her tittles were so pretty I was able to finally get off. She gave me a towel. We talked for a bit and I went on my way.

    I ended up spending more time than 15 minutes but she was cool about it and never rushed me. She's fine and the head and effort was there but she just really couldn't take the dick. Maybe someone else will have better luck. She's worth a try for the price.
    I had her, similar experience. She's very safe no licking kissing, and she holds the condom while sexing. She's cool, just have to get her to open up some more.

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    One More Try.

    Guess I'm going to TOFTT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sputnick  [View Original Post]
    So, I've seen this girl about three weeks ago. Gorgeous beautiful short thick girl. I got to full mast just seeing her but that was all the excitement. There are many reviews out there some good some bad but the one constant is that she is all business and mechanical. Stays in a house of Bolton in Bankhead and has lots of rules. For instance one position in a quickie session. No GFE at ALL and wants to direct the session.

    If you want to bang a sexy good looking girl and just get off, she is it. If you want to be a repeat customer with a chick that is personable and makes you feel welcome and not rush, she is not it.

    I can tell you this. If this girl was to become more approachable and personable and make you feel wanted even if she was acting she would be able to afford moving out of Bankhead and into a High-rise in Buckhead. None of us would be able to afford her!
    Thanks for this review, I was looking at this one for a while now. Just needed a solid review!

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