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    Any info on QueenDT aka Deepthroat

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleGhost  [View Original Post]
    I saw her last year and the deep was not deep. She told me she had a mouth ache she looked older than her pics. The freaky that she advertise was not there. Will not repeat
    Thanks for the intel. Starch her off the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHobbyist  [View Original Post]
    Sorry to hear that, but thank you for letting us know. 5 or 6 years and you have had several good experiences? Why didn't you tell us about them?
    Honestly, when I found something really good, I did not want to post too much about in case it would lead to a bust. Some of these people do a really good job of keeping a low profile and they stay around much longer.

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    Any good gumjobs in Atlanta?

    Looking for a connect.

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    Chanel Iris

    Does anyone have any recent review on Chanel iris? I'm interested in meeting her.

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    Any review on Chanel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ill187  [View Original Post]
    Fellas tune in. Check this shit out ok so I know I said I would see the lovely Chanel iris and drop a review son which I still will but I been going back and forth with her for a few days and her numbers haven't been making sense I mean 1000 $ 2 hr. Minimum date type shit like WTF? Who can afford that then got her down 200 for 10 minutes like just Retarded shit then today shit hit me up and says we can do 150 20 great minutes was her exact words hm started to consider it was the best option thus for.

    Now this was during the day I was negotiating these prices with her.

    So around 9 I finish work tired as shit thinkin no way when I get home shit and shower am I coming back out which pretty much was the case plus Chanel wasn't even respond back anymore I had already as for the address never got it so I start browsing the web fuck it not even with the Expectation of seeing any one and then BOOM I see Von katt in is Atlanta! Ok let me back up a second I seen this chick post for the first time about 3 months ago she had a 305 number she look Latina mix and her pics Were very explicit so I thought what most of us always think wen it looks to good FAKE! Well later on I find out he's very real actually not only the I bought the onlyfans for 6 dollars and was Impress this chick a freak! I mean butt plugs cum shots sloppy toppy she seemed really into ok so I'm sold! I got to see this chick! Well I was kinda take in my type with it just watching her freaky vids and Building up more and more of a desire to see her but I took too long she is from Miami and usually she just pops in and pops right back out I didn't know that because by the time I tried to set up a date she was sending me videos on a Greyhound give me some dude BJ back to Miami Dam smh to fuckin late. I Been watching her vid ever since she left talkin to her on only fans but she would never say wen she'd be back
    Checking in, do you have a review on Chanel Iris? Or anyone else? I'm interested in meeting here.

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    Heads up on Lex / Dr Monroe / Jessica Rabbitt

    This thing is all about whatever you're into but if you're turned off.

    1. she will not take top off (serious baby damage).

    2. Is not GFE in any possible way (even when she said she was).

    3. clock Watching.

    4. Loose pussy (and I have a big dick LOL).

    5. Fucked up late night texts ("want to fuck w my bills I fuck with urs".

    6. Weird ass "bring me" requests (read: conditioner NOT shampoo LOL).

    Not going to lay it on thicker but you get the idea.

    Saw her twice but only bc I talked down her outrageous QV to $80 and $60. YMMV and I'm guessing she was hard up at the time but so it goes.

    Don't recommend but interested in the experience of others.


    Quote Originally Posted by DigginHerOutt  [View Original Post]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roldes678  [View Original Post]
    I saw her a bunch of times. Head game on point, bfs / cip, not beautiful but cute enough, nice little spinner body. I miss her.
    Yea that's sad. I've see her several times over the past years since she debuted. My seeds are still float inside her. She was my favorite at her early career stage too but then I've observed her getting sucked into drug problem. Last time I saw her (about 4 years ago) she had to receive shipment from the dealer in middle of the session. So I decided to unfollow. Hope she's putting herself together again now?

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    That sucks man

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesGeorge  [View Original Post]
    Had a dream, make that a nightmare with Kati Babi.

    I have been viewing this site over the past 5-6 years for great info. Thank you to those who share. I want to share something to help many of you. This weekend, I had a chance to head out of town to Atlanta wanted to try my luck. Over the past few weeks before this trip, I read the reviews many of you posted. I tried to contact several of the ladies that had been recommended, but had trouble getting a return call or text. A few that did, wanted payment up front. I did not think that was very smart, so I passed.

    However, I did have one on Skip the Games that seemed to be the right choice. She looked good in the picture, answered the phone call and sounded great, good conversation and the price was right, $200 outcall for an hour. Arrangements were made and I was pretty excited.

    Now the rest of the story. I get a call about 30 minutes before her scheduled time, can you get me an Uber? My answer, NO. I don't want anything on my credit card that looked suspicious. I told her I would pay for her cost for a ride since she said she DOES NOT drive. I told her no more than $50 for transportation. She arrives and appears less clean cut than the photos in her Ad. We got undressed and her phone kept ringing. She only too her top off. Then she began giving a CBJ. She kept stopping to check the phone, very annoying. After approx. 5 min. Of Covered BJ, told her I was ready for more. She then said, you need to tip me. That killed the mood. I said I would give her more, she said give it first before she would do more. I offered $40 more and she said NO way. Having already given her $250 (counting the $50 for the ride) and now $40 not being enough, I was feeling I had made a mistake. Still wanting to finish, I went ahead and told her I would give her another $100. Now I am up to $350 from what should have been $200. I then had a hard time getting hard again because I was so aggravated. Once I was ready, I got in a for a few minutes Dog and then she sat cowgril and then mish and then back to Dog. All together for about 10 minutes when she got another call. This time, she said it is my ride. We need to finish quick. I just said to myself the heck with this. She left and I checked the clock. She was supposed to be there for 1 hour for $200. It turned out to be 35 minutes for $350.

    Sorry to hear that, but thanks for the warning.

    Also, I went to put my fingers on her pus and she said NO. I touch her ass hole and she can't do that. I have a foot fetish and rubbed her feet and she said I don't like my feet rubbed.

    In other words, I wasted $350. I have seen several ladies and usually have a great time. This was the worst. You have been warned. Her Ad is below.
    Sorry to hear that, but thank you for letting us know. 5 or 6 years and you have had several good experiences? Why didn't you tell us about them?

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    Escorts never get old!

    I have seen escorts from way back (like 15-20 years) advertising now using pics like they are 20 yrs old girls. I love to know what pills they use to maintain their supreme beauty. Beware of them.

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    She was my favorite for a minute

    Quote Originally Posted by Atlanta2010  [View Original Post]
    I dreamed about her 3 times in 2018-19. First time very girl next door, full GFE and the bbj was so good I just let go. Second time was about the same but I moved on to the main course covered in a two pop session. Third time was at the infamous place next to Dave and Busters I showed up, called and was texted a room number. When I got there she opened the door but told me her friend communicated with me and I'd need to come back in 20 min. She looked like death warmed over, crazy skinny, hair was a rats nest, sunken eyes, lots of facial acne. I said sure call when you're ready and as you may have guessed got the hell out of there. It's a shame as she was a good provider before her vices got her.
    I saw her a bunch of times. Head game on point, bfs / cip, not beautiful but cute enough, nice little spinner body. I miss her.

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    [Message to Admin deleted]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigginHerOutt  [View Original Post]
    I tried searching and couldn't find anything on this one. Has anyone had a dream with her recently?
    Forgot the link, my apologies.

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    Anybody have any insight?

    I tried searching and couldn't find anything on this one. Has anyone had a dream with her recently?

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    No Noises would stop me from going, can't do that with no noises.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carribbean88  [View Original Post]
    Had a dream with this blonde a couple weeks ago at the Rodeway Inn in Norcross. Although she looks like a platinum blonde in her pics, she's looks a bit like a dirty blonde on the verge of being a redhead who should have freckles but doesn't. Damage was 80 for qv. She's got a very very nice ass. Tits are mediocre. One of the few who doesn't use probably. Rubber for both. Performance was 6/10, no noises, kinda laid there but didn't rush. Looks 7/10. I may / may not repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySmith  [View Original Post]
    Is she gone from the business? Her contacts are no longer valid.
    She retired recently.

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