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    Heaven forbid the "L" word

    Quote Originally Posted by OTown  [View Original Post]
    Where do you guys suggest that I go for the massage I need, not the massage I want?
    The obvious answer to your question is go to another board where soccer moms discuss where to get massages. Man just read the post before and after yours it's all about where can I get pussy pussy and more pussy and you ask this question? OK enough busting your balls it's a fair question. My advice is if you want a decent massage stay away from the get them in, fuck them, get them out as quick as possible places, giving a quality massage is the last thing on their mind. Move it move it move it there's money to be made here swinging dicks. Believe it or not the Asian jack shacks most of the time offer a pretty decent massage and you get all the time you paid for. Which one? It's like most things it's a hit or miss but they all are generally the same. These girls and ladies that are not dropping their panties have a tendency to focus most of the time on the massage until the last 5 minutes. And they do so many massages they actually get pretty good at it. If you ever find a good back walker get her name and number so you know where she is. Then there's Massage Envy if Americans are your thing. Just my 2 cents and personal experience to a LEGIT question.

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    Gg & bo

    During the break I visited both fine establishments. Had done GG before, and this trip was pretty much the same. Good service. I think it's been discussed enough on here the details. But I definitely left happy.

    I liked the girl I had the first time better looks and personality wise. But the service was basically the same. I forget the names. I think the first girl was Linda but I can't be sure as it was months ago.

    My first time at BO was great. Mama was a little nervous about me at first but once she got comfortable, things were good. Star was very attentive and made sure I was happy. Same price for both places, but I think BO gets slightly higher marks in my book. Mama introduced another girl that I would like to try next time.

    Glad to have the site back. Even though I am not an avid poster, I am a long time reader. I will try to get better at posting.

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    Wow, went in and mamason tells me hh2 h240 and I will get this and that by an Asian girl and leave happy, I said all I have is buck seventy five she says OK but you be nice and quick, don't tell anyone, I figured I'd give it a try, long short. Good looking nice tits Blue, great service. Totally overpriced, I have better girls to see at reasonable rates.

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    East Spa-WP

    Honestly-I like to go get a nice relaxing massage and HE. I am not into the FS service joints. This place has gone down, down hill quickly. A few weeks ago I saw Linda (late 30's very plain). 15 minutes into the massage, she was demanding $160. She would not even say for want. I walked out after a poor 30 minutes. Another new girl, Linda, talk for an Asian. The massage was okay. 30 minutes into the massage she was saying go get me money, as she is pointing to my pants. I said no. So a lackluster massage. She teased a little, ended up self-service with a tad top only UTC roaming. I decided to give her $30, she was whining and trying to block me from leaving. She was saying you touched me, I want more.

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    If I remember correctly

    They asked me to send a photo with 2 fingers in the air. I told them to shove 2 fingers up there arse. Been around for a while. I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gentleman100  [View Original Post]
    They seem to be similar to Luxsa. I have not seen any reviews. Does anyone have any intel about this place?

    Be safe.

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    Anybody try Massage Melody?

    Noticed a new place called Massage Melody in Orange City the other day. It's kind of down a side road so easy to miss. Anybody try it?

    Industrial Dr ste 104, Orange City, FL 32763.

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    Orlando Body Works: Any Intel?

    They seem to be similar to Luxsa. I have not seen any reviews. Does anyone have any intel about this place?

    Be safe.

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    Tiffany at BO

    I've never visited an AMP before but I had to try for myself since BO and GG have had such great reviews. Upon arrival, no cars in the parking lot. Entered and rang the bell, mamasan arrives at the window and offers $$ for HH and $$. 4 for H. I asked if could pick my girl and Mama said "of course". I agreed and Mama led me to a room and said she would send girls one by one for my picking. After seeing 3 girls I decided on Tiffany. Sexy mid 20's girl from Thailand, seemed really down to earth. Offered a table shower and I accepted. While bathing me, she would tease junior and the boys. After the shower she lead me back to the room. Started with what was a good body rub for about 20 minutes. On the flip, BBBJ and gave her an orgasm in 69. She was twitching so either the orgasm was real or she's a great actress. Slipped on a cover and enjoyed some CG, I was about to blow and asked her to go backed to 69 for a CIM. She was a pleaser and took direction really well. Upon departure, Mamasan took the time to ask me if everything was good, will repeat. I been a lurker on this site for a little while, but hope to contribute to this site in the future. I just got back from Germany which sparked this new hobby. I was spoiled with great providers at great prices in Germany!

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    We are back! Quick GG visit

    Glad to be back! When the site went down I went to visit good ole golden gate for a hh, pulled a girl named ana. I've never seen her before but she had an amazing rack, she got on top for some BBBJ while I fingered her then went straight for the cover, but I wasnt ready for that yet, I was enjoying her lips and my view. I told her to put the hat down, not yet. And I shit you not, she flipped and got ontop cowgirl bb! She bounced around abit and I got to feel everything, flipped over for doggy and that's when I couldn't last and painted her walls, I slowly pulled out and cum dripped to the floor, she got up and wiped herself and quickly led me to the ts. There she washed herself and then washed me. No play there. But we went back downstairs because I still had alot of time, the reat of the time I sat on the edge of the bed while she worshipped my balls. So glad I got to share this! LOL.

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    Golden Gate - Yuki (Sugar) Tattoos

    Quote Originally Posted by SplitLickity1  [View Original Post]
    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvThePussy  [View Original Post]
    I heard Yuki / Sugar left for good. Is it true? She was my favorite when I went down there.
    Is in China. She left a few weeks ago.
    Since they seem to be getting a little loose with names at GGate, and some girls even agreeing to BE that girl you were asking for, even though she's NOT, it may help readers here to know that The Real Yuki (aka The Real Sugar) has a wide and distinctive tattoo across her lower stomach at about her belly button level. It's a little blurry and mostly a greenish blue in color, as I recall. It reminded me of the shape of one of those "Tramp Stamps" some girls have on their lower-back, being big in the middle and tapering out to points on the left and right. She also has other tattoos down her arms and sides of her back if I remember correctly (fuzzy on those), but if one of the girls there tries to tell you SHE is Yuki, just ask to see her stomach.

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    Just got down to, Orlando for another week and was hoping to check out Pandora's box again. Called and made appointment and when I get there they tell me she's on vacation. Normally I would walk when that happens, but another girl Angelike tells me she will treat me as good as Pandora. Well let me tell, you I was glad I stayed. The girl was naked for an hour and 10 minutes. It was so hot walking to the shower with her naked leading me by junior, didn't even asked for the tip up front. The slip and slide shower was great with junior getting in plenty of BBBJ action. Back to the room again naked being led by junior. Rimming, all positions and even a quick hard massage at the end made for an enjoyable morning. Pandora who? Was offered a second round but this 55 year old was spent after the 1st hour. Paid $240 and it was worth every penny.

    Was going to check out BO on Thursday, but I might go back to GG for round 2.


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    Asian Body Works

    I went by there once and considered trying it, but there were homeless guys camped out on the sidewalks on the bottom floor and sitting on the stairwell so I just decided I didn't want to deal with being panhandled so I decided to pass on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drt12  [View Original Post]
    Walked into this spa on 2960 Vineland rd last weekend to gather some info on it and see if the girls were attractive and if they offered a bit more. Well my question was answered right when I walked into the door and heard some lucky guy getting a HE through the paper thing walls while I was standing at the front desk which was unattended. I'm thinking about giving it a try as it is close to home. Does anyone have info on this place? I'm not looking for full service BO or GG level just a standard HE with a decent massage.

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    Yumi at BO

    I wanted to check out what all the fuss was about at BO. I try not to visit AMPs due to the standard high price. However, its nice to be with an Asian hottie once in a while. Once I arrived in the parking lot, there was only one car parked. When I rang the bell, the hot mamasan everyone talked about greeted me. She led me to the room and I waited a few minutes. In walks Yumi, a Korean spinner with nice racks. The standard table shower with a little play. Back to the room and the fun began. She is very playful and kept slapping my ass. Great head game and aimed to please. No rimming, I think its not her thing. I thought that was a standard at AMPs. Went on to mish and stayed there because I wanted to see her nice man mades move. After the deed, I was still feeling frisky. It's rare that you get MSOG at AMPs, she refused to go another round, however, I guess she felt bad for this horny bastard and gave me a HE while I DATY. After the second pop and some clean up, I started to head out. The hot mamasan told me I should see Ocean next time. I told her "I rather see you. " She gave me a wink and slapped my ass. Overall, great experience, I might return if I feel like splurging.

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    Golden Gate

    So I have been going to golden gate. Been many times. Saw Sugar, another girl who's name I can't remember, and Gigi. All were a very good time but preferred Gigi and in fact I saw her a few times. She said she was heading to CA. Anyone know if she is still at GG?

    I would like to try some other AMPs in the area, any advice or am I already going to the best one in town?

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    Simple Report on Avalon

    Very recently, was in a dire need of a massage after screwing up my back. Was dtiving and saw the salon. Decided to mix things up, but alas was during the info blackout.

    Went into the spa, was rather quiet / non-busy, which surprised me. My therapist was a lovely latina for an hour session. Amazing massage, great pressure (hard for me to find). Upon the flip, no dreams were to be hand. Rinsed off, and was out the door. Great massage, but that's all.

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