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    Let freedom ring

    So happy this site is back and up!

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    You don't know what you got 'til it's gone.

    These boards are such an invaluable resource and networking tool.

    Thank you Jackson and A2 for bringing this forum back.


    Mr. Charlie.

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    Welcome back, for sure!

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    Thanks for the persistence

    I've forgotten to thank A2 for his diligence in getting the site back up. Numerous other sites have folded tent but he and his helpers found a way so I give a tip of the hat to you A2 and your team. If I could just get early release for good behavior I would take the whole hat off 😇.

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    I'm thrilled that the USASG is back on track. I missed reading about the daily debauchery that you demented dudes engage in. Venom informed me over the weekend that the site was back up. I guess that there at least one thread that we won't be needing any longer, the "Backpage Reviews". Hopefully the USA Adult Classifieds will pick up the slack:

    Thanks for getting it done Jackson and A2!

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    Yes! Thanks A2!

    Thanks for bringing the site back and going to all the trouble to do so!

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    Welcome back!

    Thanks to A2 and all of you. Now, let's have some fun!


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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. All commercial advertising must be posted at our new site, The USA Adult Classifieds Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CassieJames  [View Original Post]
    Now that sounds fun!! I'm pretty confident we have a way of persuading him behind the lense LOL.
    No doubt about that.

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    A2 for the win.

    Glad the site is back up. Glad why'all are still safe. Nothing can keep the hobby dead for too long.

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    Happy man

    Glad this site back, I started back going to damn strip club, so now they lost me a again. Got to find who going to be my next baby swallower.

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    At last

    A2 way to go, glad to be back!

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    Posts: 39

    I'm Back

    Thicker and more naughty than before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBoiTerry  [View Original Post]
    I especially want to thank OG Mimi, Cassie107,Sunny, Missy, Memphis Nicole, Gelibenz, Beth, Ginger Red and a gang of utr types and the ladies of MM for keeping me and others knee deep in what we like. To many to name but I did not starve during the shut down and it's thanks to them and good friends.
    You're welcome luv. Thank you for being you. All the ladies and gentlemen in MM are wonderful and I'm glad we all stuck together and helped each other in so many different ways. Thanks.

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    What do you say Glock LOL?

    Quote Originally Posted by OgMimi  [View Original Post]
    Maybe we can talk glock into a good welcome back USA photo shoot!
    Now that sounds fun!! I'm pretty confident we have a way of persuading him behind the lense LOL.

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