Hello Gentleman.

I have a road trip planned for the 3rd week in May and am in the planning and research phase. I am going to post this in multiple cities and states to make it easy. If anyone has a recommendation for cities on this trip please feel free to chime in. I have tried to break it down by area's I will be over the course of a week.

Here is the itinerary for the work / hobby trip:

Leave Minneapolis with stops (W=work H=Hobby, WH=Both) Sioux Falls, SD (H), then Springfield, MO (WH), Branson, MO (W), Lake of the Ozark, MO (W), St. Louis, MO and Centerville, IL (WH), Springfield, IL (H), Moberly, MO (W), Quad Cities, IA (H). This is where I need to decide if I head for Chicago suburbs or towards Des Moines. Leaning towards Des Moines and save the Chicagoland "work" trip for later in the summer. So opportunities in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines on the table as well. I have already been RTFF in these areas to try to figure out the best bang for my time and money in each area.

Sioux Falls- Asian gal from STG I have seen a couple of times already. She is good and will be the first stop.

Sioux Falls to Springfield, MO. May hit something in Sioux City, IA as it look like I will be going right thru. Green in Sioux City is a maybe. Omaha seems like a bust so will recharge the batteries on way to Springfield. I have very limited experience in Kansas City area so may just travel on unless there is a good AMP that is easy in and out.

Springfield, MO- Hong Kong for sure to try to catch the elusive "Kay" working. HK is always a sure thing and super easy. Have a few independents numbers as well. May spend a couple days here with work and a quick run to Branson or Lake of the Ozark and land back in Springfield to stay. Usually take I-44 up to St. Louis, MO, but have never been in the SE Missouri area. No idea if there is anything worth checking out in that quadrant, but if someone knows I would take a different route to Southern Illinois.

St. Louis, MO / Washington Park, IL- Probably hit one of the IL side spa's in Centreville. They are not great most of the time, but every once in a while is a win. These AMP's just make me laugh every time after a visit. Unless you have been to them, it is impossible to explain. Last time I was down I saw, Blue at Fuji (I think, I always get them confused being so close together and shared parking lots). She was an okay time, but when finished and cleaning up, she was at the far side of the room with her back to me taking a SW shower with the wet rag. Well, goll-dang if she didn't look like a 50 year-old Asian dude from the back! Kind of freaked me out for the rest of the day.

Springfield, IL- From reading the forum, it is looking like this is the Mecca of the Midwest for AMP's. I went to one (Warm or Cozy?) last fall and had a good time. It seems that all the AMP's here are pretty good. If anyone would care to give them a ranking I would be grateful. Won't have the time or funds to hit them all on this trip, but that may be another trip as well.

Quad Cities / Moline, IL- I usually stop at Rose in Moline. I am inclined to try a new joint this trip. I have been meaning to the last few times, but Linda is good so I usually fall back to the tried and true when I am down there. I feel like I should try Island or Asian in Milan. Would like to see Tattoo Tit at some point.

CR and Des Moines, IA- I will probably skip CR and just head to Des Moines. Like to hit Hull Ave. For some fun. Any place else in the area good? I have the number from a lady that was in Ankeny that I will reach out and see if she is still in the area. Had some limited fun with her about a year ago.

Back to Minneapolis. $400 for the rental car and 2400 or so miles, $2000 for hobby funds to start. A bunch of memories I can only tell guys I don't know. Priceless!

Thanks for indulging in a long read, and if after reading, you can offer any suggestions I woud really appreciate it. I will post a follow up late May with a re-cap of how the trip went. I have done a handful of these type of trips in the past, but the COVID got in the way the last couple of years. Really had fun on a couple of trips to Florida and Arizona. Looking forward to the "road" again.