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    Listcrawler down

    As of 8 am Thursday morning listcrawler is not responding.

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    Check out the sister site of the USASG

    Hey man, thanks for the shout out. That's awfully kind of you.


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    Check out the sister site of the USASG

    Hey man, thanks for the shout out. That's awfully kind of you.


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    How to Sleep on your facet the right way

    It isn't just how darkish your room is or how lots clean jazz you play earlier than heading into dreamland that impacts your sleep nice – it's the location in which you sleep, too. But in view that every body is a touch distinct: Is there a excellent side to sleep on?

    Anyone has a propensity toward one function or any other, but aspect sleepers are the maximum common of the bunch. Despite the fact that dozing on one's lower back is good for spinal help, facet sound asleep is the following exceptional aspect. Doctors even advise aspect drowsing over again sleeping for any girls with a bun inside the oven, and for sleepers who are susceptible to loud night breathing or sleep apnea.

    But that doesn't suggest all is good and dandy inside the bed room. Side sleepers may locate themselves tossing and turning extra than lower back sleepers, which results in decrease quality sleep. In addition they be afflicted by frequent proper or left shoulder pain, sore neck, and back ache. This position has been shown to purpose extra wrinkles and even sagging breasts.

    Even though there isn't a good deal we will do for the ladies upstairs, we are able to share some insider facts the way to sleep for your side and come up with some suggestions for sound asleep higher and waking up feeling greater rested.

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    Thought I share an article of recent laws on advertising sex

    For all its dysfunction, the US Congress managed to come together to pass a bipartisan bill. It was called the "Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act" (SESTA) in the Senate and the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA) in the House. The alleged purpose of these bills: to enable prosecutors to go after websites that "knowingly" assist, facilitate, or support sex trafficking and to remove Section 230 safe-harbor protection (which protects online services from being prosecuted for the actions of users of those services) in cases involving sex trafficking.

    The problem? It's terrible law. To be clear, I am not in favor of sex trafficking. Transporting adults and children so that they can be forced to work as prostitutes is a bad thing. The traffickers should face criminal charges and receive jail time for their involvement in such schemes, and law enforcement officers should work to disrupt and destroy the criminal gangs that perform such trafficking.

    SESTA / FOSTA has had a chilling effect on free speech. Sites such as Craigslist completely killed off their personals sections because the risk of operating those sections—containing, as they did, a mix of paid sex workers and entirely legal, unpaid, would-be daters—became too great.

    Many other discussion forums and classified ads sites made the same decision; with SESTA / FOSTA, it was no longer sufficient that such ads were banned (and routinely removed). Online services could still be claimed to "knowingly" allow such activity. The ads for legal hookups, dates, one-night stands, and relationships that sites like Craigslist enabled have all been silenced.

    The law has also put a group already operating at the margins of society—full-service sex workers—at further risk. Backpage allowed a certain safety; it allowed sex workers to perform some level of vetting of their customers, for example. Robbed of this advertising, many have been forced into street prostitution—a much riskier activity, as there's no vetting possible when getting into a client's car. Around the country, pimps are reported to be taking advantage of the situation: they promise some level of "protection" on the street, in return for taking the lion's share of the money. Traffickers are continuing to traffic, but they now do so without any of the visibility that Backpage previously gave them.

    And perhaps the most fundamental flaw of all: a law that was passed to make prosecuting sex traffickers easier has had the reverse effect. SESTA-FOSTA does not aid in such police work. In fact, it has already been found to greatly hinder it: it makes sex traffickers harder to find and arrest and their victims harder to rescue.

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    Has anyone used this site?

    My friend said that there are a lot of girls here to have fun with them and also the fact that sex tourism is developing here. I do not know what this site is, but a friend could say that when he went to Thailand, he met a girl here and when he came they had sex, free, because she's a sex maniac.

    Was someone here?

    I liked this girl. Do I need to write to her?

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    Has [URL][/URL] bit the dust.

    I can't seem to get on it. Several attempts through the 'I am not a robot' schtick and I get a Sorry for your trouble page.

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    Silicone sex doll

    Looking for a sex doll, you are in the right place! At we have your every need and desire covered. We do not just stock any type of sex doll; we specialize in realistic, life size, TPE and Silicone sex dolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloDog  [View Original Post]
    Who's the woman shaking her ass in the attached ad, which is distracting me every time I log into this site?
    Same here LOL, I have even zoomed that GIF LOL.

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    "Girl in the Ad" request

    Who's the woman shaking her ass in the attached ad, which is distracting me every time I log into this site?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_20180814-200021~2.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monger2  [View Original Post]
    There are lots of sites like this popping up. Links elsewhere are similar. Like backpage.Ly.

    I hope this settles out soon.

    All the alternative sites when search for Massage, or escorts are not local providers, just phone numbers to who knows what, did all the gals and AMP's just quit advertising? Found some real jewels in the past, but now the space seems to be dominated with scam listings (far worse than before) ideas?

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    Searching for Backpage Replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by MbscMonger  [View Original Post]
    There is a new backapge alternative. ...
    If we get the word out it could be good.
    There are lots of sites like this popping up. Links elsewhere are similar. Like backpage.Ly.

    I hope this settles out soon.


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    Still in businesses

    Quote Originally Posted by Member#5624  [View Original Post]
    Hackers are threatening to expose clients.
    I thought for sure this company would not exist after this. But here we are years later and they still exist and have an ad right to the left.

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    Anyone has experience on here? I have had some success with, but I'm curious if for the 75 or $100 that most girls want for a "date" on if all are just looking to gt paid to eat, or if any are interested in more.

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