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    Section for Providers


    Providers have always been welcomed to post here. Of course, most of them that started posting were ultimately run off by a small handfull of highly-vocal critics.



    I know that in the Memphis Forum, there are providers that have a username on there. They provide advice and how mongers can better get served.

    In addition, they also have an insight into LE activity and what not. It would be beneficial to them and us. Only drawback would be that it would perhaps reveal this site to others, providers don't neccesarily have long term interest in preserving this site's health.


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    I Agree with Kaila's Idea

    Please see the adjacent report.

    I think Kaila has a fantastic idea for the Forum in including a section for Providers to post advice, etc.

    However, I can also see how this would probably quickly become abused, and quite possibly, confused with the ad/personal endorsements section.

    Also, in my area at least, the ad/personal endorsements section have not been used since 2004, which is a real shame. I know that for Jackson it would be a major league Pain in the Ass, but if that section was moved to within the major section for each State/City/Area, it would encourage more postings.

    If the ad/endorsements section was moved, then a section clearly labeled something to the effect of "Advice from Providers" might not be abused quite a readily.

    The cookie crumb trail for my area (to get to the new/moved section(s)) would then be "USASexGuide > States & Cities > Indiana > Indianapolis > Ads/Personal Endorsements(Advice from Providers).

    Just a thought. Curious about what others may think.


    Quote Originally Posted by Creole Hottie

    I think that since I often give info from the pros' point of view, I assume that other pros might want to do the same. The mongerers often appreciate this and say so. It might be beneficial for there to be a topic for pros to give information to the mongerers that might make their experiences with us a little easier.



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    Detection of Transvestites and Transgenders


    I appreciate the sincerity of your suggestions, but history has demonstrated repeatedly that the subject cannot be discussed intelligently without inevitably erupting into an argument.



    Jackson, How about this for a topic? I would sure like some other hobbyists tips on how to detect and avoid these people.

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    New Jersey


    Would it be possible to get a North Jersey Amp and a South Jersey Amp topic added to New Jersey. Thanks

    Love the new software.


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    Topic "Photos and Cameras" needed


    I want to switch from an ordinary camera to a ndigital camera, would be good to have a topic, which cameras other members would recommend or not to recommend?

    Also the handling of the potos. How to be careful etc.

    So long,

    John Auro

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    Divide the big cities into quarters

    All reports of any mega-city are all in one category/thread with several hundred reports, which do not indicate immediately to which part of the city they belong. To travel from one end to the other can take 2 hours in a big city and thus may make it a main criteria for selection.

    Suggestion: To add city-parts as sub-categories would save us a lot of time and make it easier to find usefull information. (The availability of the search engine on this site does not compensate the lack of sub-categories for big cities)

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    AMP threads


    I know you hear this all the time, but we need AMP threads in the bigger cities. I live in LA, travel to NYC, Chicago, DC, etc.. and have no interest in SW's. And I know a lot of SW gents don't care for AMPs. It would be great to be able to see AMP only related threads, and not have to comb through all the SW posts, and i think more people would post. i know i'm not a senior member but i think a lot of people feel this way.

    Thanks for listening.

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    First of all, the new software looks good. I gotta admit, the expletives were flying when you first brought up the new software. With the tweaks that you made along with my getting used to it, things are much better now.

    Now for my main point. In the Chicago area, we have plenty of places which are really good at separating a guy from his money without delivering the goods. I've tried to warn members as much as possible, but like I've seen in other forums, a topic devoted strictly to rip-offs would really help. I am suggesting that we have a topic entitled "Rip-offs" either under the state heading of "Illinois," or, if it has to be a more local level, either the "General Topics" heading or the "Roselle" heading would be appropriate.

    Chi Guy

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    Suggestion on forum organization

    Senior members can now start new threads.


    Great job on the site. Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I think it would be much easier to read the forum if maybe users could post new threads within the sub-topics. It's kind of hard to follow a conversation when all conversations are mixed up in the same thread.

    For example, in the US/Georgia/Atlanta thread, someone could post a new thread with a question about some local AMP. Follow-ups to that thread would only be about that AMP. Someone else could start a new thread about their experience in a particular strip club, and follow-ups to that thread would only be about that strip club. I think this approach would make the forum search much better, and make reading new posts much easier.

    Anyway, I think the new look of the site is really cool.


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    Hello Jackson,

    In Illinois, could you please add

    Washington Park

    As this is where many of the clubs close to St. Louis are located:

    Soft Touch
    Miss Kitty's
    Colony Theater
    C Mowes

    And there is much action to be had/posted about this area.

    Thank you for your work here.

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    I also think there should be an "other areas" section for North Carolina. Also, could you put up an "Asheville" board for North Carolina too.


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    I strongly suggest that we should have "video" as well as "photos" in each area to make this site more vivid.

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    I'd like to suggest an "other areas" section for North Carolina. I've also noticed on the Charlotte, NC board that a lot of guys there think that Gastonia should have it's own section.


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    I'd like to suggest that the Washington D.C. forum be split into two sections -- something like a) AMPs and b) SW Scene. These are the two subjects folks post on most often.

    This forum gets a good deal of traffic, and it seems to me that this division would be helpful.

    Thanks for the consideration!

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    Greeting, Jackson!

    May I humbly suggest a new topic within the New York City. An AMP/InCall topic would be greatly appreciated!


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