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Thread: Agency Discussion and Reviews

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  1. #3712

    What is this review?

    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo0987  [View Original Post]
    NYC Hara BEG is here!! She never stops showing her passion for meticulous and sophisticated service right from the doorstep. She takes my Jr all the way down her throat. She also warms me up with her exquisite tongue play.

    I am out of this world. Her amazing services are also very submissive and she makes you a king!!

    Guys, don't walk, run, she is a true It's a gem. Encourage her to take good care of you guys.
    This looks like a shill review. Not one tiny mention that the pics don't match. I know it's standard practice that you guys let the agency get away with, but come on could have saved the last guy some coin. Always walk when the pics don't match.

    EDIT dude your entire post history is just girls from this one agency.. you must be the booker 😆

  2. #3711

    BEG Hara

    Also had the luxury of getting to see Hara while I was in town. Got to admit I've got some buyers remorse on this one.

    Pro's: Good attitude, good English, MSOG, she's passionate about giving BJ's and it shows.

    Con's: Photos are so inaccurate its not even funny. Same issue with previous review about no DFK, just pecks.

    I guess for context I should mention this was my first time doing business with BEG. Had it not been for that, I would probably have walked out at beginning of the session because of the inaccuracy of the photos. For clarity, she's not a bad looking woman at all, it's just a principle thing for me, and I don't like being bait and switched. Anyways, since it was my first visit with this agency, I didn't want to walk out like that and risk getting blacklisted on future visits.

    I think the pics on the site are actually her, they are just very dated and before plastic surgery. The woman I met is much closer to 40. She is attractive, but in a MILF sort of way. She has a nice chest, and a huge ass (which I swear is implants based on shape / firmness). She pretty much has the figure of a Kardashian where it goes from slim waste to huge hips. A lot of guys will probably be into it, but I like youthful spinners and this just wasn't my cup of tea.

    Overall the rest of the visit was pretty standard, i just wished I had seen Daisy again instead lol. No extras offered or requested by me. Would not personally repeat based on other available options.

  3. #3710

    BO Daisy

    Had my first go with a BO girl since they rebranded from MP a while back (I'm only in town 2-3 times a year). Decided to TOFTT on Daisy and had a positive encounter.

    Her pictures are accurate and appear to be recent, but I will say that the one of her in the black skirt is the truest image of the lot (the others are all photoshopped in typical fashion). She's a very cute Japanese girl with a submissive nature. BBFS was not offered, but I didn't ask for it either so not sure on that one.

    Pro's: Good English, good attitude, tight little box, MSOG (no upcharge), DATY, had freedom to choose positions as I wanted to. Adorable smile / face. Mostly GFE.

    Con's: Kissing her mildly broke the illusion of a true GFE experience for me. She does it plenty, but its mostly just pecks with the mouth closed with no tongue action, which to me just didn't feel genuine enough to carry the illusion.

    Overall I enjoyed my time with her and would repeat if I were local. If the kissing thing doesn't bother you, I would recommend.

    Seen a lot of mixed feedback on BO since the swap, but I got to say my one experience was totally fine. Setup was super easy (but I used the "trusted friends" phone number, not the one advertised on the site) and quick. Was my first time at the Alexandria location, but it was good and had good parking close by. Only noticable difference from MP days to me was the girl being Japanese instead of Chinese.

  4. #3709

    Apc Ako

    Has anybody seen APC Ako? My friend the management consultation has a thing for spinners but had bad experiences with them. Stay safe!

  5. #3708

    Nana BO

    Saw BO booker posted an AD for a JAV girl who will arrive tomorrow.

    I found her movie, but it's the only one she ever made, and it was made about 3 years ago. From the pictures, she's much thinner and prettier than she was in the movie, so I hope she looks as good as the person in the picture. I haven't seen an AV actress before, I know there have been several that have come in and was wondering if these JAV actresses would be any better?

    Her movie link is below.

  6. #3707

    AI BO & Kimmy LadyVA

    Saw AI today, this girl has no reviews. So I decide to TOFTT.

    This girl looks like a college girl and she has a catchpharese "sugoi". She has a slender body and A / B cups. Natural pussy, unshaved.

    She cares about hygiene and has her own rule that no kiss before bt. Her service was OK for me and she seems to like playing with my tits.

    Nice attitude but I won't repeat.

    My FBSA for AI:8/7/7/8.

    The next part is for Kimmy, I met this GND k girl two times during her last visit. She has a natural D cups and can do Russian. And she also has a nice ass. If you like her type, you won't disappoint.

    My FBSA for Kimmy: 8/8/9/10.

  7. #3706

    Ai BO

    Dreamt appointment was made with Ai. Last pic on site is real. 5'1, cute / plain / average face, thin / skinny, flat chest, flat butt (small and not toned), unshaved (but groomed), avg mic skills, limited English, timid / shy / nice personality, and accommodating. Nice location. Will be around for a month. Overall just an average, run of the mill dream.

  8. #3705

    Rainbow BEG

    Saw BEG had a new girl in town. Normally I don't really go to their place since a lot of their girls do bare but I read some of her reviews on the oThER site and saw she didn't really provide that so I went in.

    Originally I scheduled for 10 am to be the first one to see her, I get up to confirm the appointment at 8 but they say she can't do 10 and push me back to 3. Really frustrating as they've never done that before but she's got good reviews (and does rimming which is what I'm looking for).

    So I reschedule for 3 pm, I arrive there and wait. Another thing I want to complain about is their lack of price. I know the prices varies by girls, and they normally give prices, but this time they didn't which I found annoying. Last time I went with them it was with Jaime for 2 hours and it was 6 $ in total.

    Going by that, I go and get 800, in case she's extra expensive. I arrive at the place, I get the normal instructions, and enter. I go up to the door, and after a few seconds it opens and I'm met by her. In short, the pictures don't really match her that much, I'd say the bottom one is an accurate representation but she's pretty cute, imagine Jaime but shorter, like below 5 feet, with a fat ass and decent breasts, they're not as big as Jaime's but still a respectable C cup.

    She begins to lfk me as we go to the room, I give her the donation, even she didn't know the normal rate for 2 hours and I saw in her case it was $6 and 40, which ok, a little more expensive than Jaime but that's fine, she does do more things which I'll get to.

    I give her the donation, and we go off to the shower while lfk-ing. In there, I get a BBBJ, as well as some brief p2 p. She washes me everywhere, then washes herself and gives me a towel as she finishes washing. Then we go into the room and begin the event. Now, as I mentioned, I've been looking for providers that do rimming, last one I saw that did that was Jenny, but her RJ compared to Rainbows is honestly like comparing a model T to a modern Toyota. She really focused on licking the rim itself, and putting her tongue inside your ass. She does that for a few minutes while I'm in doggy, then I turn around and she continues rimming me while I'm face up and she jerks me off like one of those pornos.

    Eventually, once I've had enough, I get her on doggy and rim her for a few minutes. I really try to get my tongue deep inside, but her ass is so fat I can't get it in too far, I'd say it's even bigger than Jaime's (a double edged sword), but at least she lets me rim her. Anyways, once I've had enough of giving her the old run, I put her on her back and proceed to daty. Now, normally, most providers let me fondle their breasts while doing daty, but she's pretty sensitive so I can only daty. I do that for around 5-10 minutes and she gets her first O. Now, normally, what I do is I keep going anyways, mostly to verify as many of these gals are good with the illusion of passion, and I want to make it real for them, so I continue for a good 30 seconds until she's really struggling to get me off of her and she rubs her own kitty because she's really sensitive.

    We stop and talk a little, tells me the basics, she's 28, been here for a few years and all that. And honestly, yeah, she looks late 20's early 30's so I believe it. Once she's no longer too sensitive we 69, she's still sensitive so she only lets me rim her whole I get a BBBJ which I'm cool with, eventually, we get the bag and I go in, we do mish, doggy, CG, the usual suspects. However I prefer a good old BJ to make me blow, so we do that, I have her give me a BBBJ while she sticks a finger up my ass. It's with that, that I finish in her mouth, she continues sucking of course which is fucking awesome, then it looks like she swallows for a moment, but then I see her get a tissue which she cleans her mouth with, it looked to me like she's wiping but she prolly spit it out.

    Anyways, we end up resting again, doing small chat, then we get back to it, I get another bag and we do the usual spin, mish, CG, and doggy, however, by this point it was almost close to the 2 hour mark. So I was unable to get my second blow, honestly my fault as I jacked off in the morning so it is what it is I guess.

    Anyways, we shower, she cleans me up and sends me on her way. As of now, she says she's staying 2 weeks, and might come back in a month. So treat her nice.

    Looks: 9/10, basically a shorter version of Jaime with a great ass Brit smaller tits.

    Attitude: 8/10, doesn't speak good English like Jaime so harder to make small talk. Still, pretty nice girl.

    Service: 10/10, she pretty much does everything all mongers look for except for BBFS and Greek.

    Overall: 9/10, I really enjoyed her and I hope she comes back. But the booker really needs to get organized better.

  9. #3704

    APC new fucktoys

    Quote Originally Posted by BushBaby  [View Original Post]
    Mikira is no longer at APC. Her pussy surely needs a break after all the action she's gotten over the last several weeks.
    Yep. Mongers broke in that little gal and stretched out love holes. But hey. Two new gals Tiffany and Kasume. Tiffany seem to have a phat ass and Kasume do too. Any mongers see them? If not I flip a coin soon and TOFTT.

  10. #3703

    Bad breath

    Quote Originally Posted by BushBaby  [View Original Post]
    Mikira is no longer at APC. Her pussy surely needs a break after all the action she's gotten over the last several weeks.

    Hopefully BO Kiki returns as she promised. Love her Eurasian look and big tits.
    The last time I saw Kiki, she had bad breath, which made me lose all interest. Because of her $500 quote, I still remember the experience as feeling like I was cheated.

  11. #3702
    Mikira is no longer at APC. Her pussy surely needs a break after all the action she's gotten over the last several weeks.

    Hopefully BO Kiki returns as she promised. Love her Eurasian look and big tits.

  12. #3701

    Lynn at Discreet Stoy

    My ATF Lynn is back at DS. I can't recommend her enough. She is gorgeous, sweet and totally willing to please. DFK, BBBJ, Daty, MSOG.

  13. #3700

    Satoko BO

    F: Really cute and beautiful face just like the photo on the website.

    B: If I didn't see her face, I wouldn't believe it was her body. I didn't mean anything else. She is not as thin as in the photo. She has a bigger frame. If you like slender girl or hot spinner, she is not your type. Also, she has a nice ass and her body is very tight because she is really young, everything is pink. (I think some guy would like her type).

    S: She is inexperienced although she wants to take the lead, she told me she wants to be the aggressor during sex, this girl is interesting. But I still take the lead in the session and she obligated. Her pink pussy was tight and she had two big labia, and after she followed my route, everything was back on track.

    A: She is playful, this girl is happy when she see me, she likes to talk but her english is limited. She is very lively and active, just like a little girl. And she is willing to follow your guide.

    Overall FBSA 8/7/7/8,YMMW.

  14. #3699
    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited or deleted in accordance with the Forum's policy prohibiting unsubstantiated reports claiming that another person is afflicted with a Sexually Transmitted Disease, this limitation being necessary because a disturbing number of these reports are less than genuine.

    STD allegations are not permitted in the forum at any time EXCEPT when substantiated by links to internet-accessible public records.

    Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information.

  15. #3698

    shiny key to the mystery lockbox

    Quote Originally Posted by SweetDog  [View Original Post]
    C. org definitely has shills and fake reviews to drum up business. More of their girls are unknown or new.

    Less need for fake stuff from K-org girls as most are known or have info before they get here. Current CP and DS girls are known. New arrivals like Tinker SA and Barbie LLVA all have plenty of reviews. BTW Barbie was known for no upcharge BB on west coast if that's your thing. Don't know if that no upcharge applies here. Seems she doesn't care BB or not. I haven't seen her or plan to, but just saying. There are exceptions with unknown girls like IU and Taeri both recently at AG that didn't have info. Definitely some dudes withholding info with those two. I would have gone, but that's the only place I'm not in. K-org more stacked with longtime customers so prob less reliant on reviews since there is talk of Taeri being booked anyway.
    Tbh, the most common answer behind those curtains is often if the providers being booked solid with many gatekeepers, the chances are the clients are gaining special perks from the provider; that seems to be the most logical explanation (although the special perks can be a YMMV gig which also contributes to the fully booked reasonings).

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