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Thread: Agency Discussion and Reviews

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  1. #3881

    Apple K

    Quote Originally Posted by FunctionK  [View Original Post]
    Do you know when Apple K will leave. I wish I could see her before she leave.
    Tomorrow I've heard. Bummer because she made the management consultant top 3 ATF group. In fact KPop has yet to disappoint the management consultant with Abba and Apple-K in the top list. FBSAP = 8. 5/10/10/10/10.

  2. #3880

    Apc Ako

    The management consultant decided on Ako. She said she was much cuter than the pictures. The website descriptors we're close enough. Classic Japanese spinner. Relatively inexperienced but very accommodating. He said she took directions well and took it as a champ. Not bad compared to other of similar age and experience level. Fbsap = 8. 5/8. 5/7/9/8. 5.

  3. #3879

    Butter body?

    Quote Originally Posted by Citizenv  [View Original Post]
    Sorry but this is a total contradiction. If she's 20 pounds heavier than her pics, then her pics are NOT accurate. 20 pounds is a shit load of weight when someone only weighs 105 to begin with.
    Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, the pictures of her FACE are accurate. It was odd bc she did not have chubby cheeks or a double chin. It's like a reverse butter face. The body was either heavily photoshopped, or she gained weight really weird. Another thing I did not like was using the translator app, she kept talking about being bored and lonely, wanting someone to take her around dc to see the sights since this was her first time in the area. Had to tell her I work 7 days a week and today was my one day off. She seemed kinda honest about that based on her facial expressions and tone of voice. That and she wouldn't stop talking about it for like 10 minutes. How she was so bored sitting in that room all day, didn't even meet the other girl in the house etc. Literally had to kindly have her stop talking / typing about that by nudging her for a BBBJ to get my 2nd pop.

  4. #3878
    Quote Originally Posted by MrFairfax  [View Original Post]
    Wow!! One of the few times when the girl is hotter IRL than her agency pics. She's gorgeous, she has this devilish little smile. And her performance was really, really good. Rose is a service 10, then Jessie is a 9. 5.

    If you like skinny women this is heaven. Go see her.
    Yeah I reviewed her back when she came before in the summer and posted a couple of days ago about her since she was back. I was shocked that I was the only posting about her. She was fantastic.

  5. #3877

    Jessie at DS

    Wow!! One of the few times when the girl is hotter IRL than her agency pics. She's gorgeous, she has this devilish little smile. And her performance was really, really good. Rose is a service 10, then Jessie is a 9. 5.

    If you like skinny women this is heaven. Go see her.

  6. #3876

    Ariana ag

    Anyone wants to give a shot?

  7. #3875
    Quote Originally Posted by PSmith0380  [View Original Post]
    Any Intel? TER not listed for me to cross reference.
    Look up White Daisy instead. She's changed names many times and went by Aria in the past (one of those names that's tough to live up to, even though the OG was taken out of the game relatively quickly). Her photos look fine, and I'd give her a chance seeing how slim the pickings have gotten for a while now.

  8. #3874

    Mimi APC

    A little bit round face and soft tissues on her. But she's young and cute. Honestly very inexperienced like getting one of those girls in Tokyo who shows up in the love hotel who is obviously new and fresh and bumbles around. A girl you need to take charge for a proper BJ or she will just twirled around her mouth on your head. I'm not saying to just go face fuck her hard because that would be a bit too rough but easing into it is just fine. She cannot ride well in cow girl, mostly sat on my crouch and not a lot of shaft movement which is pretty useless for Cg. Mish and doggy style are necessary to build up the heat of the meat and control the tempo so I can cum. I'd give her 6. 5/10 for performance but higher 8. 5 on youthfulness.

  9. #3873

    DT for one not for all?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomk2323  [View Original Post]
    So from my experience she does everything outside of CIM. Her BBBJ was def not shallow. Great with the DT.
    I'm noticing a lot of disparate stories on how well a provider DT. Could it be the size of the recipient?

  10. #3872

    Lynn vs rose

    Quote Originally Posted by MrFairfax  [View Original Post]
    Yeah, the no CIM is a killer for me but even so I've seen Lynn a few times, if she did CIM she would easily be ATF material for me. She is great and if you're okay with popping in the bag, Lynn is a star for sure.
    If anyones interested, rose that usually pairs up with lynn is now in boston (despite no extra menu), rose is at least on par with lynn and maybe slightly better YMMV. Lynn has pretty good GFE when she first started in philly and moved her way up. But she's hard no on raws and cim so far; maybe someday will change LOL.

  11. #3871


    Quote Originally Posted by LoveDemAzn  [View Original Post]
    I'm not sure. She say she was leaving this weekend but she still here. My guess another end of the week. Usually they stay about 2-3 weeks only.
    Seems like she's pretty booked up since her atlanta tours to nova dc; face game and bodys ok.

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    Curious game for purple AG

    In case anyones interested in making a tour from nova dc to philly, purple AG is now at philly EPM and I have attached my replicates here for fruit of thoughts:

    Purple EPM (from nova dc AG; she normally works in west coast but prefers east so far cas west has many bad vibes for her).

    TL; DR:

    After jamming through the raining pinnacles in NYC lately from multiple sashimi bangs and Chinese abalones (yes both tete and ddy aria yesterday; will update that too soon), got VIP hint purple from nova dc has made her album debut here so booked to navigate her goodies this morning. Website is pretty much 90-92% accurate with her features; double giant rocket launchers bulging out between B-C's for nourishment purposes. Her face game is similar; the 2nd pic with her in half black bikini half naked form modeling on the red sofa is about 87% accurate with tip of nose slightly blunt like a soft beak pushing upfront (taller nose). Body / figure wise almost about same range with small chain of tattoos behind her neck with script letters pretty hard to analyze without using closer magnifying glass LOL. Hair color is half blond half black under those colorful lights. Well done mixed white and light purple (as in herself) manicures and light teal / navy blue mix and match pedicures (could be other colors cas of dim light challenge in the big room; yes she's in the room on the right side after walking in, the one with the white small chair below the bed).

    Lfk dfk game easily right at the door. Skipped shower as usual due to self refresh before bookings. No BBBJ preview with disroping pants, but that box is checked during session (a bit of tooth fairy, not really much stellar skills in this area, but passable cas it'll prob take a while to CIM with her pace LOL). MSOG easily, no rushy, but the clock is set about 5 minutes forward so that's something to take note. Her eng is ok; slightly better than avg, pussy is about 89-90% tight even with 001's (while she is hard no on raws cas she's fearful of pathogens, its NOT completely impossible based on the vibes she gave me when I used charming A game, lots of p2 p but she was checking the rubber in place with her hand time to time at first to ensure its not slipping off. But despite her not offering raws, she is very pleasant and friendly without any strong panicks nor attitudes unlike most kgirls; from my first impression / vibe with her, its at least 75% possible to melt her barrier on raws with many more visits cas during p2 p despite her stroking our member to prevent slippery, with stellar skills on DATY and DATO (not that sensitive), she was very turned ON in this scope of practice (big hint for you folks), also combined with FIV game (make sure nail clipping game was done before visiting her), lots of her juices were gushing out like fountain sink cas my whole hand was filled with her liquids (not really a squirter / sprinkler and no odors detected but we didn't apply any lubes yet LOL. Fully shaven kitty with barely any stubbles detected, but even with the 001; the kittys diameter / intensity / tightness is over 90% cas the hardest challenge is to last longer (easily msog). Not really any scars detected around her chest cavity (surgeon prob got some skills under their belt) but those C pillows felt artificial unless we are completely off on her disguise LOL.

    P.S. : despite no raws first visit along with no extra menu, but its possible with continuous patrons and click more with her (give our best shot cas she likes peeps lasting long and DATY to melt her barrier). Her overall project is worthy on the keepers list (pussy was tighter than most kbbq girls LOL). 001 k-jackhammerslam game lasted over hhr but she got a lot of stamina so theres your hint she has high pleasing game. No mention nor counting donations in front of clients at all which is another positive vibe (she eyeballed it and expressed humble gratitude). Happy grinds.

  13. #3869
    Quote Originally Posted by NovaChillin  [View Original Post]
    Tho I'm coming off a bad experience from BO's Satoko, whose pics were accurate but she was about 20 lbs heavier. I made the most of it however. She had a skinny face but the body was definitely fluffy.
    Sorry but this is a total contradiction. If she's 20 pounds heavier than her pics, then her pics are NOT accurate. 20 pounds is a shit load of weight when someone only weighs 105 to begin with.

    Quote Originally Posted by NovaChillin  [View Original Post]
    Her tits had a great squeeze factor. A great mix of firm and soft. Her ass unfortunately. Her implants felt like a dodgeball. Like 10% squeeze factor?
    I 100% agree with this, tits were great feeling but the ass is unlike anything I've felt before. When I was in doggy and had my hands around her hips pulling her toward me I didn't notice it as much. Any other time I just randomly grabbed or touched her ass it was really firm in an unnatural way, almost to the point of being a distraction.

    You ever see something that people describe as a train wreck where its like a horrible sight, but for whatever reason you can't look away? This was the touch / feel based version of that. You touch it and its like WTF is that shit, but its so abnormal you have to keep fucking around to try and make sense of what it is you're interacting with.

    I'm still curious if its actually implants in there or if she was just getting a shit load of something injected. She claims to live in Los Angeles, and its not unheard of for girls to go south into Mexico to get ass modifications through procedures that are not approved for use in the USA.

  14. #3868

    AG K org

    I tried to contact AG twice, and they texted me and asked me to send the verification information to them by email, but there was no further reply after I sent it. So does AG still accept new customers? If not, why do they ask me to send my personal information to them by email?

  15. #3867

    AG Ariana?

    Any Intel? TER not listed for me to cross reference.

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