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    Baby from hidden mango

    Photo: not her.

    English: a little.

    Service: below average, soft and light BBBJ. It was quick. The hat on fairly quick. I didn't get BBFS and was told agency not allow.

    Looks: she has a skinny body and petite. Her kitty was tight and she's wet naturally. I guess her age is around early 30. She has that Korean looks, but not kpop. Smoker breath. She's very girly and tried to be GFE. Nothing special that blown my mind. Just a good time with a nice fresh off the boat girl. Maybe 6/10 for looks. She doesn't have any tattoo or maybe I missed it.

    Pros: good skinny body and tight kitty.

    Cons: lack luster BBBJ, not cute enough for me.

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    Bunny from AOV

    Photos. Couldn't tell if it was her pics or not to be honest. But I know its not because the January told me it was not her pics.

    Looks. As I stated, could not tell if the pics were hers or not. She is quite pretty. About late 20 I would say.

    English. She tried but not very good.

    Attitude. Kind of cold at first but that changed real quick. Especially when I smiled a lot and am able to speak a bit of korean it warmed up things pretty well. She has a really good attitude and aims to please you for sure.

    Service. Pretty good service. Although she is not the amazing top 1% or anything she is above average on everything. Gave a quite long bbj util I felt I had enough. Made it messy for me as well at my request. Does a great job in RCG, prolly the best in rcg I have received from a kgirl. Her moaning is quite awesome.

    Repeat. Not an ATF material like TESS was at this agency. But I think I may repeat given that the current lineup of kgirls overall have disappointed me recently.

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    Bom with KTE

    Photos. They were her pics alright. But she seems to have taken them at an angle.

    Looks. She is. How should I put this. Bigger. Not fat but wouldn't call her thick because its kinda flabby.

    English. Decent enough but with a heavy accent.

    Attitude. Very friendly and has that cute kgirl attitude with lots of smiles.

    Service. On her page it says she has worked in japan also, but IMO I think she might be fairly new to the game. There are a couple moves she can do but for the most part, she seems to lack endurance and seems like she is going through the motion. But that may be because she does not quite know what to do yet.

    Expense - 300 since I opted for the double shot.

    Repeat. Kind of on the fence on this one. Whilst her body isn't the best she has the kind of face that I like. Also she is not super talented or anything, but I also kind of like girls that are less seasoned. Kind of give a fresh feel.

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    Cherry K Dolls

    Photos: Not representative at all although it's probably her with heavy photoshop and makeup.

    Looks: Probably early 30's Face 6/10 Body 6/10 Tall 5'9" ish, long tatt script on back shoulder. Small Breasts and nips about Size A or B cup. Face was plain jane and her body was unusual since it was long and lean up top but not tight on the lower half.

    English: Decent for kgirls.

    Attitude: Very Distant and Professional.

    Service: LFK and No DFK, No Shower Preview very mechanical. BBBJ was probably the best part of the experience along with Doggy but very methodical and limited feedback. Bush is Hairy and she enjoys DATY and 69. CFS Mish, CG, RCG, Doggy, Lazy Doggy. 1 Pop.

    Expense: $270.

    Repeat: Nope, Fortunately the OC will have her back soon.

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    Sarah with sexyfunkgirls

    Photos: Believe it or not, I think it's her in the photos but with heavy makeup and very little P.S. Done.

    Looks: Cute face with a bit of baby fat, 5'4", looks young (my best guess is mid-20's), small and perky natural C's, average ass, shaven pussy. Smooth and slender frame with hints of curves. Her overall looks and build reminds me of Alice from Sixshop. Tattoo on left shoulder. One of the best body types I've encountered in a while, natural or otherwise.

    English: Decent for kgirls.

    Attitude: Why does it seem like good looks and subpar attitudes are a package? Cordial but silent, clock watcher, rushes a bit. And roughly handles your junk while cleaning it so beware.

    Service: It's a wash, the goods canceling the bads, for the most part anyways. No DFK and limited LFK, her nipples are ticklish so breast play is also limited. Which is such a waste because she has such a lovely pair. You could feel the discomfort from her during DATY. This could stem from just being new and / or working in a new environment but I'm not holding my breath. On to more uplifting aspects, her BBBJ is on point. DT, suction, and lubrication conflate to an amazing experience. Some Russian was also enjoyable. Her CS to just intense and will act coy and innocent when asking for a condom. CG was spirited, K9 alternated between me fucking her and her fucking me. Mish was incredible as she looked hot and she felt warm and tight. Here's the thing: during sex her performance was pretty good but afterwards, there wasn't much interaction. BBFS and no CIP at her request.

    Expense: $260.

    Repeat: Yes, at least one more time to see if service / personality improves. From a looks standpoint, she's up there with best in my opinion and with BBFS on the table she's second only to Ava with M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BastardChorum  [View Original Post]
    Photos: Surprisingly, it's her. Glammed up and a bit of P.S. Though..
    I completely agree with your review. She also is not so great with larger size "members" and complains / squirms a lot.

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    Bety with J

    Photos: Surprisingly, it's her. Glammed up and a bit of P.S. Though.

    Looks: First thing I thought when I saw her was "She's tall", at least 5'8" with no heels, pretty face; obviously went under the knife for it, well done man made D's, flat ass, landing strip, skinny frame (similar to Chanel from M, just longer in all dimensions). Slight smoker's breath.

    English: A little bit. Good enough for what you're there for.

    Attitude: Friendly but a bit disconnected.

    Service: Overall slightly below average, it had its ups and downs. First off, no DFK and limited LFK. Engagement was poor until about halfway through. She's more passive than passionate. Couldn't tell if she enjoyed DATY; she just laid there without much response but would utter a muffled moan here and there. BBBJ was mainly on the head, soft and not much suction, no head bobbing, but one saving grace was her stimulating tongue action. No go for CS. K9 was ok. CG was good. I go to finish in mish to look at her pretty face and play with her tits.

    Expense: $270.

    Repeat: Nope. Cons for me: smoker's breath, no DFK, too skinny for my taste. Pros: Pretty face, well done tits. Cons have more weight here for me. If she can up her service and enthusiasm, with her looks, I think she can be considered top shelf.

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    Lulu. Sexy Angels

    Photos: I don't believe so, but similar enough. Mid 20's?

    Looks: A sweet smile and cute face. Great fake D's on her tiny, slim frame. I prefer a little more of a butt, but its soft to the touch, as is her skin. I wouldn't call her toned. She has a rose tattoo on her pelvis and a scar on her left but cheek from some accident when she was young. I'm weird about hair, I really am attracted to healthy hair, something in my reptilian brain. Anyways, her hair looked a little over processed which made her look older to my eyes.

    English: Limited, but enough for a pillow talk.

    Attitude: Sweet, friendly, ready to please, all smiles. Also afterward, we embraced for a good twenty minutes, caressing. It was tender and sweet, very GFE.

    Service: I've never booked with SA before and had never heard of the site until reading about it here (hats off gentlemen). After driving half an hour to the westside, the booker told me that Lulu wasn't ready and instead I could see some other girl, Christine. That was disappointing I'm kind of a boob guy, but I didn't want to make waves so I just refused politely and suggested we reschedule to another day in the future. Within a few seconds, she was magically ready and could see me after all. Not the best start, but I was excited to see where today's escapades would lead me. She greeted me with a smile and a kiss, wearing a hot school girl plaid outfit that really showed off her beautiful rack. We started making out in her room, and I let my hands travel all over. She quickly found me erect and I felt huge in her tiny hands. The shower wasn't really sexually playful, but she was gentle and gave the boys plenty of attention.

    More making out by the bed, then on to a BBBJ. I'm not naturally into BJ's, I kind of have to train girlfriends in what I like and I find it hard to do that with providers that I just met. Regardless, she looked pretty hot through the mirrors on either side of the bed. After about 5 minutes I was ready for more. . So a quick aside, I've never BBFS with a provider before. I've been on and off the mongering scene for a good 22 years. I usually fumble around with condoms and have about a 30% "can't seal the deal" average that I've just accepted. In my personal life, I am exclusively BB (with trusted partners and scheduled std testing). Well, after spending the last few weeks reading this thread I decided to pop my cherry and go for it and I am so very glad I did. She is tiny, tight, and was wet. Wow, I feel like a teenager in love, haha. Mish - doggy - CG with those lovely breasts in my mouth. After an active start in CG, she stopped in the middle and then just "pulsed". It almost got awkward, I didn't know what was up but she was hesitant to move much. The pulse felt good actually and I was buried in her chest. I wonder if she was trying to preserve and elongate the session. Little did she know that I have impeccable control. Eventually, I suggested Miss again and she happily obliged. Then another 5 minutes of vigorous pounding and I was ready. I walked about wonderfully satisfied. .

    Expense: $$.

    Repeat: Yes, although I am very curious to try Jenny and Nina after reading reviews here.

    Again, many thanks for the guidance fellas. I hope you find this review helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BastardChorum  [View Original Post]
    With Newtopasia.

    Photos: It's her. She was wearing the white leggings and sports bra when I met her.

    Looks: Decent face. 5'4", man made C's, bald pussy, incredible bubble butt (the main reason I wanted to see her), very toned physique. Probably the most muscular kgirl I've seen so far. Tanlines similar to Cami.

    English: Very good all things considered.

    Attitude: Cordial but a bit standoffish and slightly distant.

    Service: Overall decent but disconnected. Not much DFK, good head game lots of head play here. DATY was limited as she was sensitive so I let up and moved on. CG was where she shines, starting with ACG swats then twirls into swatting RCG. Audio feedback seems more contrived than anything. Mish was okay as she opened wide and let me go to pound town.

    Expense: $270.

    Repeat: No, while her ass is stunning, her demeanor really irked me throughout the session. Also, one thing I would like to add is that even though she is in great shape, her musculature is a bit much for me. She has the muscle tone in between an amateur and elite bodybuilder and her defined abs distended out slightly giving her trunk a more cylindrical contour than an hourglass figure.
    That's exactly how I felt with her. Whole session just felt really disconnected and that normally throws me off as well.

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    On back above ass

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBear818  [View Original Post]
    I'm tempted to see her based on the 2 reports of BBFS Cip being available, but I also noticed the two reports confirming a blister near her vaginal area. That's a potential sign of an STD that hasn't been treated.
    There is no blister near vagina. She has one on back in the typical spot a girl would have a tramp stamp, I thought maybe it was a burn scar from somethng or possible coverup of a tramp stamp. But doesn't look related to an std.

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    With M.

    Photos: Could be, but I'm leaning towards no.

    Looks: Cute face, wide smile, 5'4". She has a more Southeast Asian look than Korean. That is until she opened her mouth and started speaking Korean. Natural B's. Flat ass, shaved pussy, and a slender frame. She's more tanned than in the photos.

    English: Nope.

    Attitude: All smiles, aims to please.

    Service:. Overall good. She's great at DFK and will suck your lips off. She enjoyed DATY. BBBJ was mediocre. But in all other positions, she is very engaged and squirms to urge you deeper while graoping onto your head, arms, back. Good audio feedback. BBFSCIP, even though she's with M, I'll leave a YMMV to cover my ass here.

    Expense: $260.

    Repeat: Yes, cute face and good service, not much to complain about.

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    With M.

    Photos: Not close. All photoshopping, maybe some resemblance in first picture. Typical anime styled face and slenderized spinner type body.

    Looks: Actually quite attractive IMO. Cute GND type of face with nice eyes and beautiful smile. As I said above, she is not a petite spinner type, rather her body is curvy with soft nature tits and a nice balance of waist and hips. It's the type of body that just exudes sex. When I was a young man we used to use the expression "built like a brick shithouse". Not a hardbody by any means but not flabby in any way. Tits especially are great looking and fun to ply with. I would place her age as mid thirties.

    English: Pretty good. Understands things and can communicate in a fun, playful manner.

    Attitude: Very charming and attentive. Girlish giggling and playful. All about pleasing you. Totally unlike those gals that just lie there and make you do all the work.

    Service: Top of the line. With the exception of Greek, all things are on the table- BBBJ, BBFS etc. Plus she does them all with emotion and enthusiasm. Yeah, I'm sure all the moans and cooing are rehearsed, but it's still fun.

    Expense: normal Kgirl fee of $260 per hour.

    Repeat: A definite repeat for me.

    I would like to add that she has a fair number of reviews on the monkey site as Sweet Allie. Also on the same site as Nicole in San Mateo. For the most part they are all positive. The few that are not generally revolve around the guy being "disappointed in her looks" when the door opens. I think that if you believe in the photoshopped pictures, you will start off disappointed and let it affect your whole session. Let's be realistic, guys. Gals that have DDG faces, super hardbodies, and who want to treat you like a king, all for the fees we're used to exist only in an alternate universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BastardChorum  [View Original Post]
    With Jewelry.

    Photos: Maybe her, the only reason I say maybe is that you can glimpse a butt tattoo on one of the pictures.

    Looks: Has a sexy / exotic look to her. Found out later she is half Korean and half Uzbekistani. Resembles Rae little Black a bit. 5'4", hard C's, flat ass, slight belly, shaven pussy, overall slender body. Tattoo along spine with one on each buttcheek.

    English: A bit. She also says she's fluent in Russian. I have no way to verify that so I'll take her word for it.

    Attitude: Aims please and very erotic.

    Service: Overall very good. The caveat being that it's good if you're looking for a more erotic experience than GFE. In the tub she gives a BBBJ that leave you twitching while washing and cleaning you. Hana thoroughly wash my ass so RIM could be a possibility. I don't enjoy it so didn't ask. Aggressive CS, Russian, and Italian also took place while in the tub. Back in the bedroom, she was very vocal and encouraged FIV. Good DFK and she'll gobble you up in BBBJ. She lubed up for a slippery HJ. Fully arched K9 was good and quite flexible in Mish. Didn't try for BB as I was feeling that the eroticism was part of her service package and she wouldn't cross that line.

    Expense: $260.

    Repeat:. Yes, the tattoos and hard tits are small cons for me, but her face and service tilts in favor of repeats. This stable now houses, as of this post, almost polar opposites in terms of styles: Boyoung the cute GFE and Hana the erotic vixen.
    A followup of sorts. After several repeats, building good repertoire, and having great chemistry, BBFSCIP is possible. I will add that based on my experience she's very YMMV so don't expect it. You'll have to work for it. Lastly, I don't know if Jewelry is quick to BL anyone that rubs her girls the wrong way. You're more than welcome to try to see if she is or not. As with all non-publicized BB girls, you walk a fine line and run the risk of BL if you misinterpret the situation or the girls' intention. But boy is it nice to finally crack that nut. It's not for everyone. If you don't want to repeat and just BB, stick to the girls that advertise as such. The bad news is that she's planning to take a vacation soon.

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    With KTE.

    Photos: It's her but old pictures. She has since gained weight.

    Look: Cute face that's fuller and less pretty than the pictures, 5'2", short chin length hair, natural C's, shaven pussy, average ass. Her build was hinted at in the video, especially the thicker upper arms for me, but I was surprised at how curvy she was in person. I wouldn't call her fat but she's thick. She also has some cotton tape partially covering her shoulders. I can only assume that tattoos lay beneath (Korean shows do something similarly, if not outright blurring it). Large mole on upper right thigh.

    English: A little bit.

    English: Friendly, Funny, and likes to joke around.

    Service: Overall underwhelming. Avoids kissing if she can so I didn't push it. She seems new as she doesn't have a routine. There was more than a couple of pauses where I can see her "where do I go from here" face. DATY was close to dead fish. BBBJ was quick and simple. She wanted to move on to the main event. CG was probably the best part as she gyrated well. But she didn't have much endurance and so we switched to K9. Ass was decent so the view was ok. Mish was better with her bouncing tits. Good audio feedback but engagement was lacking.

    Expense: $260.

    Repeat: No for me. Thicker than I would like and service not up to my expectation compared to other ladies. Usually this can be offset by looks but not in this instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BastardChorum  [View Original Post]
    Looks: Decent face. 5'4", man made C's, bald pussy, incredible bubble butt (the main reason I wanted to see her), very toned physique. Probably the most muscular kgirl...
    This is why she is one of my favorites. Yeah, she was distance and the service was routine at first, but that changed real quickly after we built rapport. And for us that common ground came from talking about gym and diet.

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