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    Almost feel like taking this challenge

    One of my go to Greek providers actually thinks she can do the unicorn move. Double anal. And I almost feel like taking her up on her challenge. I've done a few amazing gangbangs with providers and at swing clubs. I've never seen a provider who offered to take on this challenge. But she says she's nasty and wants to show it.

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    I saw her recently and greek is an optional $ upgrade and worth it. Fake or not she was moaning as I was hitting her ass. She has an awesome body. I think Wednesday is her last day in town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayStrykerHard  [View Original Post]
    Something fishy because her ad describes her as over 170 lbs. The girl in the picture isn't that big. If it's really her, I'd tap that bum.
    Height says 5'8-5'11. So I'd guess the photos make her looks smaller than she is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vojniak  [View Original Post]

    Anyone has info? Ad mentions Greek (which is sometimes a sign that is fake but other than that looks legit). Search does show a few Hazels but can't figure out if any of them is this one.
    Something fishy because her ad describes her as over 170 lbs. The girl in the picture isn't that big. If it's really her, I'd tap that bum.

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    Anyone has info? Ad mentions Greek (which is sometimes a sign that is fake but other than that looks legit). Search does show a few Hazels but can't figure out if any of them is this one.

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    Chanel was back in st cloud Fat blue eyed amy schumer taking it in the ass

    Quote Originally Posted by Quatre17  [View Original Post]

    Chanel in Kissimmee, white blonde 26 yo, looks like Amy Schumer- BBBJ CFS 150 hh /200 hr with greek:
    Chanel was recently back in town and I banged her tight ass again. She's put on a lot more weight than I remembered, she is definitely BBW now. Looks like a fat amy schumer. Mostly down in palm beach these days: those pics aint real though, she looks more like this:

    Real BBW girl, chill personality, BBBJ, CFS and greek. Rates were 200/ hr with greek and MSOG. Will def see her again for old times sake when she's back this way. Looks like I've seen her once a year since 2018 LOL.

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    Will post in Greek and Escort threads.

    I am visiting Orlando with the wife's family and was able to sneak away to see my cousin in Kissimmee but instead opted to go see Taylor.

    Could only do an anal QV. 7 Everything was covered but it was great. She was a good communicator and has an incredibly soft and smooth ass. I can tell from what I experienced and read she can really take a pounding and is an anal enthusiast! Started with a pretty good CBJ and after about 5 minutes she popped her head up and said "Come on, let's do anal". Unfortunately for me between the condom being too small and my head being too big I couldn't fit my cock in enough to enjoy giving her the kind of pounding she would appreciate so we went to vag and much to my surprise I popped with a bag on in like 5-8 minutes! I hadn't rubbed one out in about a week so I was incredibly sensitive and dying to blow a load.


    Really cool and laid back.

    Loves anal.

    Prices are great (per my experience).


    Apartment smelled like weed but not to the point were it sticks in your clothes.

    No DATY.

    NO GFE.

    Felt a little too transactional after I popped.

    Couldn't break a $ but that's on me for not doing it before I got there.

    All in all I would definitely repeat if I'm in Orlando again.

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    Ebony spinner that loves a hard Greek.

    Saw her a couple days ago. Everything covered but she insists you hit her back door as hard as you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickJiggles  [View Original Post]
    Katie the Librarian

    I made the effort to go to Titusville based on sevenyearmitch's review. Katie is a cute girl with a nice body but definitely felt rushed during the session. Specifically asked for greek before making the appointment but when it came to the time she said no way. Maybe it's one of those things where she gets more comfortable but it's too far for a regular visit.
    Sorry to hear that RJ. Do you have a huge cock that scared her perhaps? I'm slightly above average at best and she did have a bit of trouble accommodating me the first time. So if you're above average in size I could see her changing her mind.


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    Katie the Librarian

    I made the effort to go to Titusville based on sevenyearmitch's review. Katie is a cute girl with a nice body but definitely felt rushed during the session. Specifically asked for greek before making the appointment but when it came to the time she said no way. Maybe it's one of those things where she gets more comfortable but it's too far for a regular visit.

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    Ssbbw down for a Greek

    I reported on her a few times in the Ocala page given she's in Bushnell. About as far from Ocala as is Winter Garden. Thought I'd report here too since there's a Greek page. I have a SSBBW, my opinion just a bbw but I like it fat as can be so opinions may vary. Given the right combo the Greek isles is very very open with zero limitations. Zero. Can't seem to find "Lola" about 48, on STG right now but I'll share digits with a few senior members who proven the like Greece and or bbw.

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    Sexy Sidney / Sidey (Vasoline)

    Had a most enjoyable trip to Greece recently courtesy of Sexy Sidney - I'll copy and paste my Positive review here below for those who enjoy Greek.


    Quote Originally Posted by SevenYearMitch  [View Original Post]
    Sexy Sidney / Sidey (Vasoline)

    Its been almost a year since I was able to fuck Sexy Sidney aka Sidey in the ass (see link to my old review below) so when I heard she was back in town I gave her a call to see if she would enjoy getting her ass lubed up for some Greek action in the hot tub and she gave me an enthusiastic "yes". So I picked her up and we stopped off to see an excellent local rock band play while we enjoyed a beer and some munchies. The band played an awesome rendition of "Vasoline" which I thought would be the perfect theme song for this review since I knew I would be needing lots of lube later for my trip to Greece, LOL

    Link to "Vasoline" by STP live on Letterman from 1994:

    After the band finished their last set we headed to my place. Sidney massaged my shoulders and neck as I drove. She is a fabulous masseuse that rivals SabrinaT when it comes to the art of massage. Sidney unzipped my pants so she could give me a DTBBBJ the rest of the way. Sidney has exceptional oral skills and by the time I pulled into the garage I was eager to bury my cock deep in her sexy ass.

    We enjoyed a beer and some music videos in the bedroom while the jacuzzi filled up with hot water and Mr. Bubble. When it was ready we fired up the jets and enjoyed feeling each other up in the bubbly hot tub. After awhile I straddled Sidneys chest so I could fuck her nice tits and face. Next up was some doggie and I enjoyed spanking her bubble covered ass as I fucked her pussy hard.

    I asked her if she was ready to get fucked in the ass and she said "yes" so I applied a generous amount of Vaseline to my cock and slowly worked it into her tight rectum. Once we had worked it all the way in I slowly began to fuck her but within minutes I was pounding her ass long, hard, and deep as Sidney made awesome vocals and pounded back just as hard. This woman seems to really love Greek! The bubbles were flying everywhere as we fucked harder and harder until eventually my cum was flying. We got in the shower together to rinse off the bubbles and cum before we finally hit the road.

    It was another memorable evening with the amazing Sexy Sidney. She is a great fuck and a hoot to hang out with. If you enjoy Greek Sidney is a must see! Trusted senior members can PM Vino for digits at "Vino 7373" (note the space between the o and the 7).

    Link to my previous review "Sexy Sidney (Spooky dream at Lewd Gardens)":


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    Ginger / autumn

    1. (INCALL) fucked ginger (better known as autumn to the guys in the SW thread) a redhead WSW MILF in the ass a few times in the last couple of months. Greek is pretty easy with her no complaints. Wham bam thank you maam. Prices vary. I'd say 100 for the greek qv, but I'm sure you could go lower as she is a well known SW and that is well above standard trail rates.

    2. (INCALL) tried to assfuck diamond, the thick cuban from a few months ago, but she requires deposits beforehand so not happening for me. I got all the way to the room and she wouldn't open the door and just take cash, she kept insisting on the cashapp deposit. I mean the girl is very cute and the service was great but I'm not risking getting scammed. One of you can risk it and see if she is even in orlando atm LOL. Maybe its all legit and I'm overly suspicious, but it seems way too easy to get scammed and get nothing in return. 100 QV.

    3. tried to see SYMs old favorite rachel, but she is still devilishly hard to get a hold off. Picks up the phone more than she responds to texts but even by phone never available in my experience. Shame cause she looks smoking hot right now.

    4. (OUTCALL) jasmine. Petite 27 yo looks just like her pictures. But rates WAY too expensive. 250 for the hr BBFS with no CIP. Anal was +50 and MSOG is another +100. We did outcall and she was about an hr late. That said comms were good. Personality was sweet, body is nice. But I didn't like the upsell and I had some wood problems with her to be frank. Not her fault, I was kinda forcing it, I did not need to see a girl that day. I'd see her again if she halved her rate. Or maybe if she does a 100 qv. As far as I know rates are 150 h /200 hr /250 hr BBFS and +50 for greek and +100 for MSOG (even in the hr!

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    Katie the Librarian (KTL) in Titusville

    Took another trip to Greece recently courtesy of Katie the Librarian in Titusville. This time it went much better. I'll copy and paste my review here below for those who like Greek.

    Quote Originally Posted by SevenYearMitch  [View Original Post]
    (I just posted this in Brevard but I wanted to post it here as well since Titusville is such a short drive from Orlando.)

    Katie the Librarian (Baby Hold On)

    So I found myself in beautiful Brevard County recently and decided to stop in at the local library to see if there were any travel guides about Greece available for checkout. Lucky for me Katie the Librarian was working late and offered to assist me in my search, LOL. As I was lifting Katie high in the air to help her grab a book off the top shelf she wrapped her long legs around my waist to hold on and I was reminded of the song "Baby Hold On" by Eddie Money, LOL

    Link to "Baby Hold On" by Eddie Money (RIP):

    Link to "Baby Hold On" by Bryan Adams (a touching acoustic tribute by one rock legend to another recorded the day Eddie died):

    This was my 3rd visit to Katie's library and while it took me 2 years to get my ass from Orlando back to Brevard County to see Katie a second time it only took me 2 months to find my way back for this third visit. If this pattern holds up I should be seeing her again in about 2 weeks, LOL (I'll include links to my two previous reviews of Katie below for ease of reference.)

    Katie's incall is not exactly in Isleworth but it's at the end of a very quiet cul-de-sac in Titusville with no neighbors lurking around so it seems pretty safe IMO. This was my second visit to her at this particular library branch location and I have no qualms about going back.

    Upon my arrival we sat on her porch to shoot the breeze and we enjoyed a humurous conversation about the hobby before heading inside to her bedroom. Katie was wearing her sexy librarian glasses with her beautiful long hair down and some black tights that showed off her sexy ass. These attributes combined to give me a big boner as I followed her to her room.

    Katie is only 25 years old which is also a huge turn on for me because I love the idea of fucking girls that are less than half my age, LOL. At 5'9" and 140 pounds (although she felt more like 130 pounds when I lifted her up) Katie has a very athletic looking body. She told me she played varsity volleyball in high school and I can definitely picture her in a bikini playing beach volleyball!

    Once inside I couldn't resist immediately giving her a hug and picking her up off the ground while holding on to her ass as described previously. After we LFK'd for awhile I set her down and she stripped naked to put on and model a "Cowgirl Sheriff" outfit I got for her, LOL (see model pic below). I thought she looked extremely sexy in the outfit but Katie felt ridiculous and she was laughing so hard at herself in it that we agreed it would be best to have her just leave the skirt on, LOL.

    Katie gave me a fantastic DTBBBJ with awesome ball sucking while I stroked her gorgeous long brown hair which seems to have a bit of natural deep red accents upon close inspection. She sucked and deep throated me with such enthusiasm that it was a struggle for me to hang on.

    I put on a cover and had her climb on top for some CG while still wearing her Cowgirl Sheriff skirt and she rode me hard. Next up we tried several varieties of Mish including a few where her ankles were pinned way up high above my shoulders for extra deep penetration. Katie is extremely flexible!

    I had her flip around for some K9 and pounded her pussy while giving her a good spanking and gently pulling her hair. Did I mention I love stroking her beautiful long hair? I knew she offered Greek based on prior experience so I asked her if I could finish in her ass (her upcharge for Greek is very reasonable) and she said yes. I applied a generous amount of lube and proceeded to plow Katie's Hershey Highway like I was Mad Max chasing down a savage biker gang, LOL. I could tell she was in some pain but she was begging me to cum so I kept fucking her ass harder and harder until my engine hit the red line and exploded hot oil in the hat deep inside her.

    Will repeat obviously! Please see links to Katie's STG ad as well as my 2 old reviews of her below for additional info.

    Link to Katie the Librarian's ad on STG:

    Link to my 1st review of Katie the Librarian from about 2 years ago, "Space SYMulation by Katie the Librarian and TreeJade":

    Link to my 2nd review of Katie the Librarian from about 2 months ago, "Katie the Librarian (KTL)":


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    Scarlett Poinciana

    We only tried once but she came from Greek.

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