First of all I would like to say I'm a FS hobbyist. In the area I live and with the demise of BP. All we have is about 6 AMPs. So I did my homework and decided to try them. I found one on yelp, yes yelp it had 9 reviews all male, no I'd or forms to fill out and Chinese ladies that use an app to translate english. I stop in she points to board 60 dollars per hour. I say yes and start to get money. She says wait until we're done. Never heard of that in the adult business. I get naked with no covering. She comes in and covers me and starts the massage. Covering is off in 5 minutes and she's rubbing against me. I roam my hands over her and stick hand down her top. I tried a trick I read on the internet when her hands get close arch your butt. She rubs old brown eye and touches the little guy. I'm thinking now that this is going to end in HE or better. She has me in something similar to a yoga position and starts stroking me. I"m getting hard but its uncomfortable so I go on my back and she gets a pillow and covers my face with a cloth. Whats the purpose of the cloth over my face. Massage continues with seem a long time. She says all done. HE no do that. Can I do diy? Yes do you want to watch? No. I finish and pay her the 60 dollars she points to tips are appreciated. I say its on the massage table. It is only 10 dollars because no HE. My first thought is if I go back? Will get HE. I read too many reviews here they say tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. This includes teasing at all sessions. Any thoughts, advice, or other information?