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    As has been noted elsewhere many times on this site, legal brothels are very pricey -- you not only tend to have to pay a few hundred mininum, you also only get basic service: no BBBJ (not allowed), rarely DATY, very rarely kissing. On top of the fact you have to travel all the way, don't even know what you're getting until you get there (AND they make you pick in a somewhat dark room), well I assume you can figure out what I'm getting at.

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    It's the little alie-inn (or something like that) in armagosa valley. It's literally one of the only things there. If you hear north on 95 for about an hour or so, you'll see it. I've never partaken, but I would think their menu is on the pricey side.

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    What's the deal with that brothel called the alienbrothel located off 95. Anybody been there or have info on it.

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