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    Jane Intel

    Quote Originally Posted by ElonMusk  [View Original Post]
    Do we have any intel on Jane's looks and performance?
    If you mean the Kdolls Jane, then I saw her about 6 weeks ago. She was was very nice and gentle. She's pretty, but not dazzling. She has great boobs which seem very natural (although I know this is just Kgirl sorcery) and she's relatively skinny. Great service. Her BBBJ was so good that I went back to it after fucking her for a while and finished in her mouth. She kept going hard after I came, which was like being electrocuted in a good way. She was 2. 7 and I would recommend her, though I won't likely repeat because she's not at the top of the food chain ATM.

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    FAC had posted pics for one of their girls, "PonPon". I had seen this girl before at the now busted ThaiAngels4 you. I honestly didn't think it was her. But she was in Long Beach, which isn't too far for me, so I toftt. When I got to the door, I was ready to bail if it wasn't her. Door opened, and holy shit, it was actually her. She was one of the hottest ones at the old Thai place. Nice body, very nice, good service. She remembered me, so everything was cool, except that they advertised her as pse. She is not down with that at all, and she told me she really doesn't like working the Chinese booker (communication problems). After that was cleared up, it was 160 for a hhr w / BBBJ, 69, cfs. When we were done, she told me she was in New York for a while. Her English isn't that good, but apparently she came out to work, and somehow got caught up with this booker. Anyway, she is a hot Thai girl worth seeing. As I was driving home, I was thinking I should have connected with an OC Kgirl booker. She is way too good for FAC. So, if someone sees her who is in with a kgirl agency, hook her up.

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    Do we have any intel on Jane's looks and performance?

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    Website and Contact #

    Can anyone provide me the link or phone number?

    Asian World.


    PM me or reply here!

    I can share details on a few OC cakdolls).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MediaGuy2331  [View Original Post]
    Can someone give me some details as to why I hear so much talk about Flynn when she comes to town? Is she different than the rest? Better? What makes her better? What services does she provide? You can message me or post here. I'm considering visiting her so any info would be great!
    She's cute, sexy and fun; there's a lot of girls that can match that, but it's her personality puts her over the top.

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    Flynn from Asian World

    Can someone give me some details as to why I hear so much talk about Flynn when she comes to town? Is she different than the rest? Better? What makes her better? What services does she provide? You can message me or post here. I'm considering visiting her so any info would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ggininder  [View Original Post]
    I'd repeat Loren
    I saw Loren a few months back. I'd rate her more like a solid 8/10 in looks. Friendly and attractive. I estimated her to be mid-late 20's with great, natural C cups. Gave me above average service. Responded well to daty and was cfs. I wouldn't hesitate to repeat.

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    Allie or Nadia.

    Anyone see Allie or Nadia recently?

    Any of them BBFS or rim friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyMan71  [View Original Post]
    She is back in town from SD. Just giving quick heads up to the OC mongers out there.
    Don't worry to those that can't see her for this trip to OC. She's planning to stay for the whole month of April.

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    I'd repeat Loren.

    Quote Originally Posted by ElonMusk  [View Original Post]
    Any info on loren from cakdoll? She's a cutie.
    My first pleaser report.

    Photos: Can't tell, I believe that's her, just more designed and the product of professional photographer.

    Looks: I give her 10/10. It could be really subjective and I think I'm pretty lenient by grading girls I like. More specifically, she looks like the girl in the following link, especially when I saw her when she was short hair (not sure if she's long or short hair now).

    English: Decent English, better than many other K girls and she speaks like she's been living in the US for quite a while.

    Attitude: Great, tried to please. Energized. Can't complain.

    Service: Really good, standard K girls service, BBBJ, DATY, CIM.

    Expense: Standard.

    Repeat: Definitely, she's in my rotation if I'm looking for revisiting girls.

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    P. Probably her but they shrank the size of her face. Body is about right.

    L. Pretty face. Mix between pretty and cute. Body was ok. Big boobs as others have mentioned but they hang a bit. Ass is above average. Overall I'd say 8/10 face 7. 5/10 body. I would add though I tend to gravitate to skinnier girls rather then curvy.

    E. Not bad! Can carry a conversation. Charming and seems to genuinely enjoy her time.

    A. Very friendly and sexy.

    S. Her Russian is great. She definitely knows this and is probably what separates her from the normal k girl routine. Preview BBBJ in the bath. She's probably one of the only providers that I felt didn't need extra lube during my session. Sensual and can "take it" well.

    E. 300 1 hour.

    Are. Not sure. Attitude and service where awesome, face was pretty but just not my body type. Probably will not repeat.

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    J from K-Girlfriend

    Photos: Not the same person at all.

    Looks: Very cute; she's younger than most of the other Kgirl providers so there's a bit of a innocent look to her. Natural B cups, flat tummy, surprisingly nice ass for someone petite like her.

    English: Pretty good, she's chatty like another monger mentioned previously.

    Attitude: Not as passionate (fake or not) as I'd like. No LFK or DFK, only pecks on the lips. Overall attitude was still good though.

    Service: It was okay. Kinda like a shy girlfriend. BBBJ was on the softer side; and she only does one technique, which is holding jr. In her mouth and just bobbing her head up and down, no variations at all (which is too bad because it's probably more tiring for her too). Mish and K9 to finish.

    Expense: The usual.

    Repeat: Not sure. She looks better than most kgirls, but she's either not as experienced in pleasing you or just doesn't care to because she knows she looks cute.

    She alluded to a few times during the session that she's kinda new, although I know for sure this is at least her second if not third tour in the OC alone. Not sure what to make of her actually, I really like her looks and her friendly / bubbly attitude, but if I just want a really good lay I'd probably go with someone else.

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    Any info on loren from cakdoll? She's a cutie.

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    Lovely Princess Garden

    Photos: That's her in the pics. Accurate and seem recent.

    Looks: Wow. I was so happy and thought she looks better than pics. If you like pics you will probably like her. 5'4" enhanced D cups thin and slim body. She is pretty face hot body small ass flat stomach. Mid to late twenty.

    English: By the time I saw her face and body I decided it going to be all action. She understands me and can reply in short phrases but I don't know much. I was too tired to chat afterward LOL and didn't have much time left either.

    Attitude: Great attitude. So sweet and willing to please.

    Service: Try hard to please. Can you tell I like her a lot?

    Expense: The usual.

    Repeat: I like variety and it's getting hard to decide who to repeat. So many cute girls around. She is such a pleaser and will leave by 3/25 or so to tour Dallas (or is it Vegas? I would definitely repeat if she can stay longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingNoctis  [View Original Post]
    Any info on White from OC kdoll?



    GND face, I'd rate a 6-7 and body was a bit nicer, I'd rate 7. 5. But she really made up for it in service and performance, very GFE. She's got a cool personality and really aims to please. Definitely worth it if you like dfk. The pics are fairly accurate so if she looks attractive then go for it because service is good.

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