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    Outcall provider

    Hello mongers, any recommendations for a provider to mJe out call to the lake area?

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    Eager beaver.

    Quote Originally Posted by WileOne  [View Original Post]
    I have been watching this one post for a long time so I started checking the phone number with the post. It is different every time and definitely not in VA. What a fake!
    I travel quite a bit, and visit providers in other markets. This one advertises in Chicago, Boston, Houston. Total fake.

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    Eager Mr Beaver

    I have been watching this one post for a long time so I started checking the phone number with the post. It is different every time and definitely not in VA. What a fake!

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    Moved on.

    Whoever is posting this.

    You can stop. The were in NC when I was down there. They haven't posted in this area in easily a month. Last time I saw them post was in Winston Salem. Good job, you drove them out.

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    And bubble it is! This lady has one fantastic ass or it at least fits my definition of one. Met up with her at her hotel. She doesn't stay here all the time. She travels back and forth to another place. She's looking to get some regulars and stop advertising. I tried setting up with her last time in but could not. She has smaller but perky tits. Great personality. Posted age of 33 is accurate. Minor acne on face but good skin otherwise. She did some dancing and has moves to back it up. Everything covered in my dream. Great sloppy CBJ, Mish with legs pinned behind her ears and multiple K9 versions. Ask her for rates. They vary but she doesn't have GPS. I will be repeating. YMMV.

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    Beautiful, young and energetic. Not.

    Met up with this one. She was friendly enough setting up the visit but once there realized she looked nothing like those pics which were taken a long time and about 20 extra lbs of hanging baby damage ago. Did not follow through with the visit and she was none too happy about it.

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    Well Kept Secret

    Well, wanted to try someone new and loving large breasts, went for a 30 min with this young blonde lady:

    In one of the Thirlane hotels which are not my favorite but went during the day so felt safe. Met by a very friendly and enthusiastic somewhat BBW with incredible tits. Got right down to it and as she says in her post, she loves sucking dick and is very good at it. Had to stop after 5 minutes as not to blow a load too quickly, Covered and went at it doggie. Has a very tight and juicy pussy and knows how to use it. She really gets into it moaning and cumming and finished in the mish. Great visit, easy to talk to and makes you feel very CUMfortable!! Will repeat as there are some other things I want to explore that we discussed. LOL.

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    Summer / Paris nights

    Been waiting for the opportunity to get a provider with a really great body. Last two providers I saw were Ace and Grayson, and although I had a good time I was not as impressed as everyone else.

    Also like sexy tats. Tried to hook up with Goldie a ways back but when I arrived at location some random AA female crack head outside embassy approached me and asked me I was looking for her at which point I immediately left, only to get texted by Goldie to be informed not only did she not even have a room there but can I give her a ride.

    Enter Summer: been seeing her posts for about a month now, great pics.

    Have a little trouble locking down a time because she ran late and I can't wait around, but finally saw last night for qv. She was apologetic about difficulties and very pleasant.

    Body is rockin, with fabulous breasts and nice smooth skin. For my tastes, she may be the sexiest provider I've seen yet. She isn't going to win any booty contests but no complaints there either. No baby damage.

    No issues with the dream with multiple change ups, did not try for GFE so cannot confirm. Performance was willing and accommodating and while she wasn't going crazy with excitement or anything it wasnt mechanical either which was nice.

    Damage was. 75 $ for QV and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Will probably be my first repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleJohn69  [View Original Post]

    Here is my report on this one:

    Late last week, little head was feeling a little feisty so after checking with my regulars Carman and Faith (both busy), decided to take a stab at a whim off STG. Big head say no but little head took over. Contacted Lucky and found out address was within walking distance from work. Told me give her 30 min and I walked over and was pretty excited at all the services posted. So here it is:

    1. Location: 1 bedroom apt. Except no bed. Only air mattress, 2. Greeting: Need to see money. Been robbed too many time (so much for GFE), 3. Foreplay: Are you ready yet?, 4. BBBJ: two minutes in she asked if I was cumming and said cum makes her sick and proceeded to cover the boy (so much for the BBBJ / CIM), 5. Since I was covered, tried for the FS but no position was comfortable for her and the air mattress made it worse. Bottom line, finished with half covered BJ / half HJ. Won't's be repeating or listening to little head. Moral: Stick with proven ones like Faith, Carman, Grayson or MILF!!
    Not familiar with MILF, mind sharing experience?

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    Anything ever happen here

    Based on what I read here I think I may have met her. Purely by accident. At anyone has some first hand knowledge it would help feel free to pm me.

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    Has anyone seen her? She seems new to the sites I visit. Thinking of taking a chance on her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Msscre1234  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone seen her if can give us any intel about her b appreciate it.
    I saw her about a year ago, she is definitely on the larger side, definitely bbw those pics are very old. Friendly, but all business. Rates are high, was asking 200 hh last time I checked, and I definitely passed. When I saw her it was less, but still too much for non GFE and all covered service. I too would say pass unless donation is WAY down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPasdionate  [View Original Post]
    Do you mind sharing a Link?

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