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    Reno gets my vote

    For one thing, I have a safe feeling there. That is my big priority. And there is always someone to be found.

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    Wow -- TER -- Terrible site

    In addition to assigning a rather unusual set of distinct meanings to various terms, their support staff is downright obnoxious, and, they have this bizarre policy that requires the provider to advertise on a site that doesn't have reviews associated with it. (They insist on a web ad link, but, they refuse links that point to "competing" review sites, so, provider ads here or on RB, for example, can't be used).

    If it were just their silly policy, I wouldn't be posting this, but, their service reps. Were downright obnoxious and rude about the process and the fastest response I got from them was when I asked them to delete my account.

    Entertainingly, they send me a feedback message I can't read because they deleted my account in response to that request as part of that process. They love catch 22 there. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greeekman
    The group I have most likely to do anything for a buck is Salt Lake City. They can be hard to find but eighty will get you greek every time.
    Wow! You know, if you would have asked me to name 100 cities and given me a map of the USA with every cities name on it, I would still have never guessed Salt Lake City, Utah would be the Greek capital of the USA. I, like a like pf people probably, associate Utah with the Mormons. Is going up the old dirt rode part of being a Mormon? Somehow, I doubt it!

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    I used to hit Hollywood every so often. But I've been up to Vancouver about 5 or 6 times in the last 3 years, everytime driving out of Seattle. I've always been in too big of a hurry to get to Vancouver and hit the streets there, so I haven't done anything other than drive the most obvious strolls in Seattle, but it seems like the action there is plentiful. Of course, a lot of the mongerers on the board tend to complain, but from what I've seen in LA, San Diego, and Denver, Seattle has quite a lot of SW's.

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    Los Angeles or San Francisco

    Best mongering is a tough topic to address. Often it is a matter of what you are looking for but since I have mongered in most major western (and eastern) cities and many minor western cities I thought I would give a go at it. To be the best city, I would say that it has to be a city where finding service is not all that difficult. That is, a city where if you go out looking you find someone. It needs also to have providers of at minimum quality. Money doesn't seem to be as big of an issue becouse I have found that every city where you find street walkers, you find the prices to be similar for similar services. Some time this is out of whack but not often. With all of this in mind, I would say Los Angeles and San Francisco would be my top cities. They are very different but tied for the lead. Los Angeles is mainly a car cruising scene and San Francisco is a walking scene. I have never been disappointed when I have gone out in either city with a hundred in my pocket. I can't say the same for any other western city. The best looking SW? I would say Portland, OR. I can't always find what I am looking for in Portland but I always enjoy the view. It is always a city where I start by finding a room and then a SW and I always remember my camara. The group I have most likely to do anything for a buck is Salt Lake City. They can be hard to find but eighty will get you greek every time.

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    Best Mongering Areas In Western Us

    I am doing an informal survey of the best mongering cities/areas in the western US.

    Any input of your opinions/experiences will be appreciated.

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