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    Quote Originally Posted by RealSexyPanda  [View Original Post]
    How often do you visit TJ on your own without a fellow monger?

    Considering making a visit during a weekday afternoon.
    Yo bro I frequent during the week over weekends and prefer times is day time hours get there at 12 pm leave at 7 pm.

    To Hong Kong, a lot of girls not taken. And if your a regular they will remember you I've done everything.

    There yes bare! I don't go now but use to go 2 times a week from Los Angeles I know the bartenders workers and girls.

    Was told by border patrol on both sides so I live there since I come back and forth numerous times.

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    Tijuana Friday night

    Went in HK about 8:30. Lots of hot girls working in HK.

    Rose was dancing on bar Kowloon. Marilyn AKA Lydia is back dancing on the front stage. She had a baby and gained some weight. She used to have the prettiest face and the sexiest, most perfect body and was one of the most popular girl in HK.

    Andrea was back. She would do a cheap toda al noche. Krystal was leaning on the rail BS with her friends. Ximena was dancing on the bar. My new wingman liked her doll face and her tall, fit body. He was going to go for her. I had to tell him she is cold, stiff, unresponsive in bed.

    Kitty / Cici texted me "Estoy en mi periodo. " The bros can guess what she meant. Brenda, student from Ensenada, texted me she would be in HK by 9 but never arrived until 10:30, after I had popped and gulped down lots of food and beers. I lost control of my dick and had to abort the mission hehe.

    Not too many hot girls in the alley. They me be on summer vacation with families ect. The new tiny, skinny little girl in front of hotel Rapido gave my wingman a bag job, pulled down her skirt, spread her legs and texted with her phone the whole time. But she's young, tight, fresh.

    Yvonne showed up to work in front of hotel Garcia with her hair freshly washed, still wet, smiling with her pretty half-Asian face. She's tiny with all natural body, nice A cups. Smiling, giggling sweetly. She helped me to my second pop for the night.

    Life is good!
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    ALL the time

    Quote Originally Posted by RealSexyPanda  [View Original Post]
    How often do you visit TJ on your own without a fellow monger?

    Considering making a visit during a weekday afternoon.
    I go all the time by myself brother. Planning on going later this week.

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    Solo visits

    How often do you visit TJ on your own without a fellow monger?

    Considering making a visit during a weekday afternoon.

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    Skeleton and neck/jawline tattoo at HK

    Has anyone spent any quality time with the very fair skinned chick with the skeleton tattoo on her arms / hands and tattoos on her neck up to her jawline? Black hair and reminds me of the emo / goth type girls I'd always wonder about back in high school.

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    Old report from May 2019 : Kitty / Cici Hot blonde in HK

    She told me Cici from Micoacan, but labeled her contact as Kitty, whatever. She was a very nice, sexy, horny nymph, tall with curly blonde hair, pretty face, light skin, beautiful body, long legs, natural be boobs, no tats, perfect for my taste. She looked dreamy like Marilyn Monroe, with the same beauty mark on her left chin, but skinnier, a very nice, pretty, beautiful girl, smiling dreamily with her pretty eyes and sexy mouth, giggling pleasantly like a little girl, speaks some English and aims to please.

    She's tall, about 5'7 without heels. Her body is nice, tight with soft skin, about perfect without tattoos or baby damages, Seeing her tall, beautiful body on the sheet with a sexy grin on her face, I could not wait to get started, hurriedly sucking on her lips while fingering her coochie. She responded with her kiss, guiding my fingers to the right spot on her clit, whimpering in pleasure. She stopped, asked me to "shower" my hands before we continued. Got back to bed, sucking on her tits while fingering her clit furiously. The harder I sucked, the louder she was moaning. I got down to her crotch, clean shaven with some stubbles. She smelled nice, clean, sexy.

    We had a long session in various positions. She was doing a CG, leaning down, sucking on my mouth and my tongue. I got on top of her, driving hard into her crotch, squeezing her body tight, sucking her mouth hard. She responded with passion, sometimes hanging tight onto my waist, bucking her hips with lots of aural feedback This hot girl just knows how to deliver love and sex in the most natural and loving ways, delicious to have in bed.

    After the first pop, she kissed me lovingly on my mouth, face and chest. She acted like a horny GF grateful for a hot session. She gave me a CBJ for the second round, but I was exhausted and could not raise an erection. We called it quit after over an hour in bed. She took a shower of her lower body and urged me to do the same. She had agreed on my standard offer, but I gave her a big propina for being a very nice, sweet, sexy, loving girl. She said she's 25 and looked it, denied having a novio. We walked back to Hong Kong with arms holding each other tight like a young couple deeply in love.

    She did a stripping routine on Pista Sul, but did not get the green showers like others. The crowd definitely preferred heavier and curvier strippers with rains of 20 to 30 bills each from the balcony. But who knows? Some of those rains may be prearranged to boost the strippers' ego hehe. She was dancing on the bar, then sitting on the stool. I could not resist her sweet, pretty face, again squeezed a propina into her bras, kissing her lips. My wingman hit on her, but she wanted a higher figure.

    She said she would be working next week, so I might get her again in the VIP Stripper show on Wednesday May 22. This girl gave very hot and satisfying sex in bed, satisfied all my lusty needs, worth the drive South.
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    GFE with Kitty / Cici de Michoacan Hong Kong club

    Thursday night had a big seafood dinner at Mariscos El Choforo near the cathedral, a 55-peso small shrimp coctele, the 65-peso combo special with a quesadilla, shrimp, octopus and cheese wrapped in a thin, chewy crepe with a cup of consomme and a soda. The food was delicious, really filled me up, felt good but sexually de-energized by the packed stomach. Washed down with a couple beers in HK and walked the bar block a couple times to digest the food. Still did not feel so hot sexually so had a session with a familiar street girl to check out the sex drive. She managed to raise a half-way decent erection, but the session was weak and lame without much energy and passion.

    Hang out in HK waiting for the wingmen. HK had lots of the hottest girls working Thursday night. Selection was much better than Tuesday. Nearing time to go home, went in HK to make the last round, found Kitty AKA Cici sitting at bar Kowloon in her pink bikini with her new frizzy pink hair. She's a girly girl, what can I say hehe? She flashed a smile. I stopped to give her propinas into her pink bra. Her boobs were bouncy with tiny tits. I got closer to inspect her boobs, she started kissing my mouth. She was smiling and giggling, speaking softly with her squeaky voice like a little girl. Her hand started groping my dick. Soon our mouths were engaging in hot DFKs and our hands were all over doing liberal groping. A mesero butted in proposing a ficha but I just shooed him away. I thought I completely ran out of ammo for the night but her pretty charms and her sexy groping, stroking produced a bulge in my pants which I could not ignore. Made my standard offer to her which she nodded, smiling happily. We headed upstairs to Cascada, holding each other like lovers, kissing and groping each other in the elevator hehe.

    She took a good shower of her lower body before the session. I helped dry her back and her butt to quickly get her in bed. My dick was already engorged. I laid her out in bed. She looked good, smelled good, felt good. We were DFKing. I kissed her all over her body, sucking on her tits while rubbing on her clit and her coochie. She was squirming, gasping, guiding my fingers to the rights spots. Soon her other hand was stroking my dick. I got turned on red hot, had a strong hard on with this sexy girl, could not delay penetrating her.

    She gave me a complete GFE treatment. Her coochie was wet. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to penetrate, but could only get the head in. Finally she put some lube on my dick and I was able to fully penetrate her. We had a hot time. I was pretty exhausted at the end, laying back in bed, panting. We cuddled each other a while. She could speak passable English, said from Michoacan, lives in TJ, has no novios or ninos, works 2 PM to midnight Thurs, Sat and Sunday. She's not shy and loves to pose nude. I took a few pics before and after the session. She was in no rush, took another long shower after.

    Had a hot session with her like a real GF, but if my dick falls off in a week, you will hear about it.
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    Yep. You may be right. I read from many sources, that even in the 50's the donkey show was only an urban myth; there was never a show with real donkeys.

    If Deja Vu uses a real live monkey or any animal in the show, they would probably quickly be busted with Tijuana's anti bestiality code.

    So they will probably play a trick, like a stuffed donkey, or having guys or girls dress in a donkey suit.

    Anyway, it's a fun advertising gimmick.

    Quote Originally Posted by GroovieFan  [View Original Post]
    No such thing. You might have saw one in the 50's.

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    Donkey show.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]

    It says in their web site, "World Famous" Donkey Show on Weekends.

    I am skeptical. Any bro has a chance to check it out please report.
    No such thing. You might have saw one in the 50's.

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    Deja Vu Dontkey Show

    It says in their web site, "World Famous" Donkey Show on Weekends.

    I am skeptical. Any bro has a chance to check it out please report.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhoreMaster91  [View Original Post]
    Dejavu Tijuana on their website claim they do donkey show on weekends??
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DEJA VU DONKEY SHOW.jpg‎  

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    Lurker making his first trip to Tijuana

    Hi guys, been lurking on the board for awhile and I'm now finally getting the chance to head on down to Tijuana. Been reading through quite a few pages here and in the San Diego forum and I just had a few questions I was hoping someone could help clear up. I'll also lay out my plan as well, so if anyone has some improvements to suggest you are more then welcome too. Hopefully this plan will be useful to anyone else considering making the trip. Will also be posting this in the San Diego forum.

    To preface this, I'll be making this trip solo and am looking to minimize as much risk to myself as possible. Never been to Mexico in my life, so I'll pretty much only venture around in the immediate area around Hong Kong. From reading here its seems if I don't venture too far out, wear nothing flashy and keep my mouth shut I'll be fairly safe. Also don't plan on drinking much, if at all. Should also mention I'm not the biggest guy, so like I said safety is a high priority for me.

    1. Seems the best way to get your bang for your buck is to use Pesos down in TJ. Is the best course of action to exchange dollars near the border, or should I look around OC for an exchange place? Also, do you guys bring your credit cards with you to TJ? I'm assuming everything can be paid for in cash there, including the hotel (staying at Cascadas). If you guys say it's safe I may bring 1 card with me, but as of now I'm unsure.

    2. Is border security pretty tight? I'm just planning on bringing an overnight backpack with toiletries, change of clothes and other essentials (condoms, lube, tadalafil) down with me. Thing is I'm also considering whether its worth the risk to bring down a weed oil vape pen with me. It's small as hell, and I've brought it through airport security, but I don't want to cause trouble for myself if it will be an issue. I know cops in Mexico will try to fuck me over if I get caught with it, so I was strictly planning on using it in my room at Cascadas. If you guys think it will be an issue I'll drop it entirely though.

    3. So I'll be making the drive down from OC in the early afternoon of Saturday. My plan as of now is to park my car at one of the San Diego Trolley stations overnight and take the Trolley down to the border. From what I can gather, 24 hour parking is ok at Trolley parking lots correct? It seems to the be the better option versus parking at a paid lot near the border, but if I am wrong or you have another suggestion please let me know. Also if there is a trolley station you recommend that is less busy and / or safer I would love to know.

    4. Is there a specific border stations that's better than the other? I think I read something about Pedwest (idk if that's the right name) being better, but I can't be sure rn. I'll reread through the threads later as well.

    5. After getting through the border I'll be immediately taking a taxi or uber straight to Hong Kong so I can check into my room. Do you guys have a preference between taxi's or ubers or does it pretty much not matter?

    6. I'll be booking my room in Cascadas tonight or tomorrow, do you guys have a room recommendation. Debating between the regular single room or treating myself to the master suite. All the extra amenities of the master suite sound nice, and I like that I'd have a safe to store extra cash, my passport etc. Probably leaning towards the master but if it's not worth it let me know. Also, from what I've read I can bring HK girls and some street girls up to my room, but not escorts. Just want to make sure my info is correct. Also, can I pay in cash for it?

    7. Is the VIP worth it? My plan is go Saturday since people say that's when the most / hottest girls are there, but the idea of getting the VIP and going Monday / Tuesday at 80% off for the room is very tempting. Is the quality of girls that much worse during Monday / Tuesday? And if I go that route, would I be able to get a VIP card upon arrival, then use it on the room I've already booked? Or is it a I can only use it on my next visit type of deal?

    8. Just want to make sure my info is right here. As far as getting girls while in HK, seems the general idea is to buy them a drink (what is the avg price?) get a feel for them figuratively and literally, then if I like her take her up to the room. If I pay in Pesos it's anywhere from 1200-1500, so roughly $60-80. And if I pay in dollars it's around $80-100. Street girls are $25-35, or 300-400 pesos. That all sound right? Anyone ever pay for an overnight with a girl they really liked? How much would an HK girl charge versus a street girl?

    9. What do you guys do for food? I'll probably limit myself to Azul and anything else in the immediate area, again not trying to venture too far.

    10. What's the checkout time for Cascadas, the one source I found said 1 pm. Do they allow late check out? Was planning on trying to get 1 or 2 more rounds in the morning before I leave.

    That's it from me for now. If you guys have anything to add, suggest, or remind me of something I missed / forgot to consider please let me know! I'll be sure to post about exploits once I am back.

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    Donkey Shows

    Dejavu Tijuana on their website claim they do donkey show on weekends??

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    TJ Friday or Saturday night

    A bro wanted to go, not firm yet Fri or Sat night.

    If any bro want to go PM me.

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    Hi K,

    Got it. Thanks.

    You are a good bro.

    Hope to see you in TJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kknm1  [View Original Post]
    Please check your inbox Captain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]
    It's rare to find hot girls with good attitudes and sexy bed manners in HK.

    If you find one, you should share her info.

    Please check your inbox Captain.

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