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    Has Hitomi Tanaka ever escorted?

    Does anyone know if Hitomi Tanaka has ever provided escorting services for her fans?

    I'm inclined to believe that she'd probably be willing to do BBFS CIP if she did, given all her movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFrench  [View Original Post]
    There is no "usual damage" at TLC. Each porn star has different rates. You can expect to pay, on the average, somewhere between $1200-1800 per hour. Some are less. Some are more.
    Lmfao. Hahahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynolas  [View Original Post]
    What's the usual damage at tlc?
    There is no "usual damage" at TLC. Each porn star has different rates. You can expect to pay, on the average, somewhere between $1200-1800 per hour. Some are less. Some are more. Sometimes the rates are higher if the girl is in your city on tour, sometimes not. Sometimes the rates are higher or lower depending on whether it's incall or outcall, sometimes the rates are the same regardless. It really depends on a lot of different factors that are too numerous to list. The best thing to do is to ask Adonia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulRew  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have a link to her?

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    Yoyo or Yaya Japanese Provider

    Friday evening I called an older Japanese mix provider who advertises as a 24 hour "independent" provider, but I'll get into this later on and break down my first and second experience with her. This is actually the second time I have seen her, but never left a review because there wasn't a BBFS forum in NYC section. I called and in simplified English said, "you working today" to which she replies yes. I told her I be around her spot around 11 PM but actually got to her spot around midnight. She is located in Flushing Queens, around northern blvd. I put this here because Queens doesn't have a BBFS section.

    I arrived at her spot and give her the half hour donation. We both strip off our clothes and she washes my junk with a spray bottle filled with alcohol. I lay down on the bed, yes, bed and she proceeds to give me a BBBJ. The BJ started out lackluster until I told her to put it in her mouth and suck without using her hands. She followed my instructions, which resulted in a much better BBBJ. She was bopping her head up and down fast while trying to suck the nut out of my dick.

    It actually felt so good that I had to stop her midway because.

    1). I didn't want to nut in her mouth quick and the sessions ends.

    2). The BBBJ felt really good that my penis was getting too sensitive with her sucking.

    As I stopped the blowjob, I DATY to get her warm up for the penetration, which I think worked because she wanted me to fuck her now. We started in Mish and I was giving her slow strokes for a few minutes until she grabbed my hips and motion for me to fuck her hard. She was moaning and telling me to cum baby. In my head, I'm like, nah baby, not yet. I tell her to turn around for doggy and started pounding her hard and fast. She starts to say lets cum at the same time, but I'm in this position for a good minute until I finally shoot my load inside. She cleans me up and off I go.

    The Break Down.

    Okay, looks and body wise I give her a 6/10. The service was maybe a 7/10. Her age probably 40-50 years old. She will text you her actual address and rates for hour (150) and half-hour (100). She will provide everything except anal. Now I know some guys go to 98 Mott for the cheap service, but to me I like her location because its a private apartment with an actually bed in her room. She is the only girl there and is "independent", but as she put it to me she has a "boss" that is in the other room. I don't know if its her pimp or husband, as I notice while doing the deed she was wearing a wedding ring on her finger. I would like to think its the latter. I fantasize during the session that it was her husband in the other room as I was pounding her. I didn't feel uncomfortable or in danger knowing there was a dude in the other room. I don't think they would want any ruckus considering they live next to neighbors.

    The first time I saw her, I went for the hour date which she allows 2 x MSOG, but the only con was in the hour date she wanted me to wear a condom for the first nut. I told her no, but she insisted. My guess is she doesn't want her "boss" to know she does BBFS. Anyway, mid act the condom broke and I just proceeded to fuck her bare. At the end of the hour she gave me a good massage which felt great. The massage left my legs wobble after I left there the first time I saw her.

    This second date with her was for half-hour, 1 x shot. The difference here is when I call her to tell I have arrived she was trying to ask me in broken English if I was Black, which I told her no. Some tips, which I will apply next time I see her, is to be forward with what you want and how you like it. You must take command of the session. One other thing she did say was I have a big dick as I undress, but I'm average size at best. She must of meant the girth of my penis. Which is probably why she asked if I was black when I got the apartment number, I don't know. That's another tip for guys who are packing, warm her up by foreplay so she doesn't feel discomfort with your big member. If you want some kind of privacy in a chill comfortable clean environment setting you might enjoy her. One other thing, it is best to call then to text. With text I waited a long time for a response. Just call and use simplified English with her and she will text you her info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFrench  [View Original Post]
    "Chloe" and Perfection Models already has a bad reputation for anyone who is "in the know" and for those who hung out on the porn discussion board on TER. "She" (who is really a "he") won't lose their talent though as the mainstay is his girlfriend and her friends. But, they should be avoided.

    As I've said: try
    What's the usual damage at tlc?

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contributed nothing of value and in fact constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

    The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

    Wow, you almost lasted two months this time.


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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passports  [View Original Post]
    This comment you made doesn't really make sense. "Best face forward" "don't' judge her. Hard to smile"? What are you talking about?
    She had a tough year. Some problems may affect even the most optimistic person.

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    I'll be in town for the next week and I was wondering if someone could send me some suggestions to visit in Manhattan. Really appreciate the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentChan  [View Original Post]
    Her modeling name and twitter and Facebook isn't hard at all to find.
    It's not at all, but I'm sure she would prefer if her clients didn't disclose anything themselves. On her escorting website, she seems to be a bit secretive about it, I'd imagine for obvious reasons.

    You'd think she would have chosen a harder to find pseudonym, but hey, it's her life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masoko23  [View Original Post]
    I had had amazing experiences with her over tje year. So far 2018 was very difficult one her. You can put your best face forward but in some situation it is hard to smile. Don't judge her.
    This comment you made doesn't really make sense. "Best face forward" "don't' judge her. Hard to smile"? What are you talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ericcn  [View Original Post]
    When I saw Ingrid it was definitely BBFS, but she asked me not to cum inside. Told me she preferred to swallow it instead. Her body is still really good, but her pics are touched up and she is older in person. I probably wouldn't see her again, but the experience was fine for me.

    I had a buddy who also saw her and he had a pretty lackluster experience. Told me they just didn't click. He did not get BBFS, and right when he was leaving she asked him if he was going to leave a review about their session. He said that he wouldn't, but I guess she was worried bc 20 minutes after he left, she called him and offered to return some of his money. Probably why she had all 9's and 10's on Ter.

    It's always YMMV with any girl.
    Anyone have a link to her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passports  [View Original Post]
    If Ashley Taylor was one of those ladies that advertised Greek like crazy then I would theorize she was a post op since they would do something like that but I don't know. . I know guys get sensitive when certain things are said about their ATF but its just so unusual to me that she is that open with BBFS, especially as an alleged famous model and for that price. Yes I know not all models are super famous but the BBFS given up to us so easily and for a fair price to anyone?
    She's not that open about it. In fact, I've heard that if you ask her booker about it, she'll hang up on you. But, Ashley is well-known on the boards for allowing it so I don't see discussing it to be a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris93  [View Original Post]
    Fuck she's dumb totally lost my business last time she was in Long island told me I needed paper work to do BBFS had I known she doesn t ask to see it would have seen her someone also posted a review back when she was in Long Island and said he brought his papers but she didn't even look at them or ask for them.
    As with many women who offer BBFS, it's a YYMV thing. She needs to feel safe doing it. If you show up drunk or high, or have track marks, or she thinks you might have something, or there's something else suspicious about you, or she just plain doesn't like you, she may not be willing to do BBFS. I've seen that happen before. Women that I've gotten BBFS from without any question have refused it from others, and vice versa. It's all about her assessment of you, your attitude, your looks, and a gut feeling she has. Look at other messages in this thread of people who say they got BBFS from Gaga but others saying they didn't. It's the same thing. It's always a YMMV situation and with some it varies more than with others.

    That's yet another reason I'm hesitant to mention porn stars who I've had BBFS with without their permission. They may have done it with me because of how we met, recommendations from mutual friends, or the fact that she liked me but she wouldn't necessarily do it with everyone (or anyone else) who books a session.

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