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    Eye and Peach

    Quote Originally Posted by GoodBoy88  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone tried any of these new girls (from Booker Grey and CandyGirlLA): Yumi (aka Gigi at CandyGirlLA), Eye or Peach3?

    Also is that Eye, the same Eye that used to work with booker M?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.
    I never saw Eye with M so cannot comment on that.

    I have seen both Eye and Peach although not sure if Peach3 is the same as the Peach I saw before from candygirlla -could have been Peach1 or Peach2 or? They are both spinners with trim bodies and great attitudes. You can't go wrong with either of them.

    Eye. Saw recently and she is young, slim, petite with a nice butt. She was fun loves DATY and has a very tight pussy. She is sweet and submissive.

    Peach. Is older than Eye, still trim and slim with a nice body and ass. She is tan but sexy and I enjoyed her company as well. Good skills and tight punani as well. I CIM with her.

    I recommend both for repeats.

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    Any info on Yumi, Eye or Peach3 ?

    Has anyone tried any of these new girls (from Booker Grey and CandyGirlLA): Yumi (aka Gigi at CandyGirlLA), Eye or Peach3?

    Also is that Eye, the same Eye that used to work with booker M?

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

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    SixShop References

    Anyone know what agencies SixShop accepts as reference? I've already tried giving the phone numbers of Stelia and kcottoncandy from Hx but they didn't accept those.

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    Did yall send a selfie of you holding your DL to your forehead and an actual pic of your DL? Seems a bit much imo. I know they want to be safe but I gave them like 7 places I'm verified with and they didn't even want to confirm without those pics. Thanks for any info guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAbc  [View Original Post]
    I saw a new girl named Mia. Probably one of the worst sessions I have had in awhile. I am completely convinced now that the Palace has no standards on their girls anymore. Not only was she strict on condom use, during the shower she couldn't produce hot water. Not sure if it was the building or her but made showering sucked. Girl had no technique and actually wanted me to do the session at her pace. At this point I got fed up and finished as quickly as I could. I am now just about 5/5 in terms of just low quality girls from that place. A few girls from last year and a few from this year that were duds is more than enough to convince me that this isn't some anomaly. The Palace hires just about any girl without any quality check. I rate the Palace girls as D grade. As I left, I deleted their number and never returning again. I don't know what happened to this place but I remember a time when I went it was great. It was around 2013 and this was with Naomi when she was still working there years ago. I wouldn't take my worst enemy to this place in the current climate. On the plus side, MisstressX is working there again. She is probably the last good girl working there. All regulars are gone that I grew to like. Brenda, Casino, Jenny O.
    FYI. Casino is back but only one week a month. Saw her this past Tuesday and she's still awesome. Short hair cut now. She took this whole year off but needs funds for rent etc cause she can't find work outside of the lifestyle. She said she'll probably be only working first week of the month.

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    Hotklovers or Garden K

    Does anyone have a good contact # for hotklovers. I'm interested in Jamie or Heri but they don't respond to messages or emails LOL. DM if you are in with them and have a # TIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganzel1  [View Original Post]
    Anyone seen Lynn from I have an appointment booked for later today.
    So how was the experience with Lynn? High on my TDL.

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    Saturday Jan. 23

    M. Hana, Annie.

    Sunny. Joy, Niya (Anna).

    Sexy Angels. Jenny, Fanny, Hami, Sophia, Helen, Erica, Taylor.

    SFK. Viki.

    PKL. Ara, Hazel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DickolaTesla  [View Original Post]
    Chinese AMP vamp. Sexy as fuck. Taurus (for anyone still into signs). Sleazy dragon tats and big soft man made. Nice ass for an Asian chick. MILF does a body good! Rosemead. Waiting for my arrival outside LOL. 40 for the house, $150 for all access bare. DFK, CIP, CIM, CIA. Couldn't hold it any longer in Mish when she moaned and whispered "I want your juice inside my pussy!" An unexpected hot blonde MILF BBFS sesh and now this? 2021 is already looking (and feeling) a HOLE lot better!

    Quote Originally Posted by HexenDuction  [View Original Post]
    She looks like she's lost some weight. Looking good!
    What's her name tho; I'd like to meet her too.

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    C-Org vs K-Org

    Just quickly while we're on the topic- the other main difference is just the overall lack of privacy. C-orgs usually operate in houses that are wide out in the open and so that walk of shame on the sidewalk leading up to the driveway into is the house is always awkward. Might as well stop and waive to all the neighbors and let them know you're there. And since there are no set appointment times, you're bound to run into other weenies showing up at the same time.

    Also, I noticed they never use dividers or curtains to separate the living room / other rooms to create an element of privacy. It tell ya, there's nothing like seeing an old Chinese man or woman (who probably owns the house) freely walking around to put you in the mood. LOL.

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    Jenny Craig

    Quote Originally Posted by KingOfFighters  [View Original Post]
    Is that "C. C. "? If so. Changed her looks from last I saw by a lot.
    She probably lost 20-30 lbs if that is indeed the same C. C!

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    Ara Akira DT Skills

    Just wanted to mention she is quite the pro at DT just like the real Asa. As in, the weenie becomes Houdini (it magically disappears). That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsuGuy911  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone seen Chanel with m, if so how would you rate her compared to Hana, is she also cip? Thanks in advance!
    Hana is young energizer bunny spinner raw fuck out of your mind type, Channel is sensual mantur, slowe paced but model body, def over 30 to 40, I consider hot MILF, seen her a few times but there are others better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HapaBoy86  [View Original Post]
    No, but a murder in the Bay area was linked to a corg and was affiliated with a local corg in the 626. If anyone remembers they posted up a video of the 2 doods going into apt and.

    You can hear the the gun go off and they bailed. Fortunately the two we're caught and currently sitting in jail.

    It was in one of the HX Asian clubs that the video was posted.
    There are lots asian gang in SF and LA, this could happens to anyone who is connected to someone wants someone excu.

    In history in asia, its more common and I bet that person who die must have connection with those two suspect. They have been waiting.

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    Cami on a cold day

    Quote Originally Posted by Unlucky13  [View Original Post]
    The 120/160 (more like 140/180 now) crapshoot ones are cheaper but there are a few high end ones like Yazhuang and Happy Private Club that are 200 hhr and 280 or 300 hr. They still rotate their lineup every few days but the quality is more consistent. They have GFE and Wan services and they don't rush you out the door. Once in a while they have Koreans in the lineup but don't expect service like from a K-org. They work the C-orgs because they don't want to put in as much effort as they would have to in a K-org. Imagine Cami on a cold day.
    LOL, your terminology of Cami is funny, speaking of Cami, back in the day when she was very hyped, saw her countless time and I remember a few times I was able to go in bare to pump a few min but later covers up. Till now days I can still remember that few minutes of heaven.

    I would say Cami on a cold days is still good but everyone is different, all the C org I met were happy to see me, guess I'm just pleasant looking, normal height, size and clean. We all know individual experience is always different.

    In another hand, If Cami and Lyn both BBFSCIP, I will never get marry, never buy anything extra, never go on vacation, only spend what I need to live and give it all to both of them whatever extra I have, LOL.

    Both of them I consider asian super model.

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