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    How does one get in to the Palace? Do I need an HX account? All of your reviews are making me want to try these legends.

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    How does one get in to the Palace? Do I need an HX account? All of your reviews are making me want to try these legends.

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    Jessi at M

    Disclaimer: I'm ripped out of my mind as I write this insight, but I felt compelled to share as a contributing member. So please keep that in mind.

    Decided to try Jenni at M. I tried to schedule others, but Jesus, Cona and Allie we're booked solid through the late afternoon. Goddamn guys, give the ladies a breather. But I digress. Went with Jenni and was pleasantly surprised.

    My two cents.

    She has a very cute way about her, and jokes around. Kind of reminds me of Mini. Oh god, Mini! Why?! Where did you go! Back to my experience. I walk in, very nice and authentic greeting. I decided to stick my tongue down her throat, which she seemed to enjoy. After DFK and shoes off, we head to the bedroom. We stripped, both kissing each other passionately. We decide to shower, where after some scrubbing, I politely turned her around and slowly insert my purple headed warrior into her mound of love pudding. For those that know me. Standing dog is my MO.

    After some pounding from behind, I get some blue toast, and we decide to travel to the bed. Once at the bed, she gives a great BBBJ. She has a gentleness to her BBBJ, lots of tongue out on the base, balls, everything. Plus nice mouth and hand combination, really worked for me. She does this thing where she looks at me, while licking like it's a tropical coconut popsicle. Slowly going deeper and deeper until the entire popsicle is tasted.

    At this point, I have her stand up for standing dog. Again, that is my jam. If you don't try this position, do it. Standing allows for better pussy destroyer from hips and quads. Eventually lifting a leg during the pounding. I will say, she isn't made for those that are larger. She'll take it, kind of like Luna, but you can tell it's a little big. For the record, I'm not huge Either. About 7".

    I roll on the bed and request her get on. She shines from top, with the ability to take all of it. I grab hold of that butt and drill from bottom for at least 10+ minutes. This where I made my mistake of getting to close to the edge. I stop her so I can get on top. I spread her legs all the way. So I can pound deep and hear my skin slapping with her skin. Ah, glorious part of the session. After 2-3 minutes, I had to inseminate her. And I did.

    She has a good attitude, pretty face, OK body. Very little for butt, but boobs are a small C. Descent and good enough for me.

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    Lisa SA

    Called the booker to make appointment with Luna but it was her day off. Was recommended to see Lisa instead. I booked for her first appointment of the day. Man I got to say, I was for sure excited when the door opened. She definitely does have cute attractive face with standard kgirl body (not much of ass or tits). Took a quick shower and she Initiated with soft short BBBJ with a bit of BLS. It was obvious that she was not much into DFK. I finished first pop in doggy. BBFSCIP. After 10 minutes of rest, I went for second round but could not finish as she kept looking at the clock and reminded me the time is almost up. Turn off for me. Left after 45 minutes. I would give her 8. 5 for look, 7 for body and 5-6 for the service. Probably not going to repeat but if you are a look guy, you might want to give her a try. Does anyone know if Chanel will return?

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    You should bring this up with admin.

    Maybe you should use the Report Post button.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirachinitas  [View Original Post]
    Once I got out and was in my car the fire fighters arrived, oh well hopefully next time nothing like that happens. Becky didn't blow my mind and service was ok but I had fun so I might repeat and hopefully it gets better.
    Wait, so I am not the only person that has parked there before?

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    Big ass review. Joy kte + bianca (dtla / nuru)

    JOY ass thickness pretty good. Fat ass, kind of tan. New to states. But I'm not repeating. The Pics are not even close. Definitely not her. Nice person, Nice body though.

    However, fantastic massage. Like the best I have ever gotten. I might repeat but doubt. Handfull of ass tho.

    BIANCA Nuru DTLA huge big ass, but a no for me.

    Yes her ass is out of the world huge. Bubble butt, but big.

    But I am not into it. And not repeating The whole nuru thing was ok, but again personality and service. Does count alot for me.

    I got more big assers, PM me maybe we can exchange info. I don't frequent that much, but when I do I try and review.

    Ok fellers. Happy wknds.

    Two cents!

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    Age Pepsi and LA Sera

    Quote Originally Posted by Felix06  [View Original Post]
    Pepsi's pushing 60, so you may be a decade off on La Sera's age.
    I don't think so. Pepsi is not pushing 60, there is no way she is older than me. And I actually know Sera's EXACT age. They are within a few years of each other.

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    Pepsi and Becky

    Saw pepsi and becky respectively 1 day apart. The new renovation is gnarly, I really like the service and the hot towels massages. But fucking hate the openings. They basically have 2 rooms with doors, but nevery bother to close them. I think it is a scheme for mongers to interact with other girls while they are in there as marketting. Occasionally while fucking, one girl will pass by or pop their head in, start to giggle and call you "oppa". It's nice and all, but at the same time because it is so open when you exit or entering, you can see other monger fucking butt naked walking to a shared bathroom. Not my kinda of thing. Also when you banging, you can fucking hear them banging too because the doors were open, not going to lie, hearing girl moaning next door kind of a turn on.

    Now on to the review, just my 2 cents.

    Pepsi. Face can definitely tell that she's pushing 50+, but a good looking 50 something, body though, is like fucking a 25+. Nice tits, great ass. Love sex. On my visit she were more GFE. Everything were BBFS. She offered greeek but I declined, not my cup of tea. I guess the legend is really true. I would recomnmend to try.

    Becky. Face is definitely younger than pepsi. The thing about becky is her face has this fucking MILF feature that really turns me on, with long black hair. I feel like she's a cougar instead of a MILF imo. She is on a thicker side, but very proportion, B cups but her ass is amazing. Her nuru massassge is really good. Definitely worth trying.

    Overall this week has been very fulfill for me at least, haha.

    This is basically the top of the line service in this hobby, I haven't been to one that surpass this yet. They basically treat you like kings. Sure the girls are not as young, but the youngs can never give you this kind of service imo. Definitely worth a try.

    P.S. On my 2nd visit with becky, Pepsi asked if she can join. So it will be a 3 some. I said yes at first, but I turned down afterward because I was press on time. But if any of you lucky you might get it. I think the key is to find a time where they are slow, and you can definitely ask if such and such want to join. I'm sure 99% of the time the answer will be yes if they are free. My apps were around noon on a 11/12 noon on weekdays. FYI.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted to remove sections of the report that were largely argumentative. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Asian don't raisin!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rpd1952  [View Original Post]
    Forgot Lyn, she goes back to at least 4/2010 under Yve / Demi.
    Sia and Pepsi too before there was the Palace. Most of the girls you've listed all have aged well over the years and still look great today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix06  [View Original Post]
    Pepsi's pushing 60, so you may be a decade off on La Sera's age.
    No way. Without mentioning her specific age, let's just say Pepsi is between 45-50, closer to the lower end of the range. Sera is a bit older closer to the higher end of same range. Regardless, they both have fantastic bodies and sex appeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwaeji  [View Original Post]
    Peach is a winner. She's probably mid to late 30's, but she has an outstanding tiny fit body. Face is average and those well endowed will need to take it slow. But she definitely keeps herself in shape. A nice fuck for sure.
    Any word on where Peach went? Never could find her.

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    Ravi and Yebin BBFS?

    So you are hinting you got BBFS with Ravi and Yebin with big tips right?

    I understand others have said they offer girls not advertising BBFS at least a 100. You guys can always try your luck like that. I wonder why more PSE Bay girls are not coming down to see LA generous clients.

    Quote Originally Posted by TerrificEnigma  [View Original Post]
    Yes, I'm aware of that but I'm also referring to those that are strictly GFE according to ads but I'll ask them in person and tip them accordingly and get BBFS. Usually, it's the younger girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DblEspresso  [View Original Post]
    It's indicated usually by the particular girls ad. The charge is $400.
    Yes, I'm aware of that but I'm also referring to those that are strictly GFE according to ads but I'll ask them in person and tip them accordingly and get BBFS. Usually, it's the younger girls.

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