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    KPC doesn't have duos right now so I'm going to check out palace for Vixen and Becky. Will report back.

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    M booker

    I looked everywhere in the forum for M booker's number and found this 31048xxx66. Can someone please confirm?


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    Lulu at SA

    I've seen two different Lulus at SA. First time was a nice little spinner in WLA. I wanted to go back and see her again so texted for another appointment a couple weeks later. This time I was sent to KTown area. I was hoping that my first Lulu had just changed locations. Unfortunately, it was a different girl. She was a little heavier, but was purely BB. I hadn't tried BB with the first Lulu, but thinking back after, I did realize that I asked for a cover, so maybe could have BB then too.

    Not sure if your experience with SA. Do they change girls under the same name? Anybody see the little spinner Lulu?

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    Any info on this agency PinksKtown?

    They're on HX and pics seem too good to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarInPark12  [View Original Post]
    Whats the schedule for today?
    It's below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toungsten  [View Original Post]
    I would definitely add Chanel to that list.
    Whats the schedule for today?

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    Monday July 6


    Mini, Hazel, Kiss, Cona, Eva.




    Jennifer, Viki.

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    Eva with M

    I haven't messed around with any Kgirls in a couple months. I contacted M and she has a girl that I've never met before named Eva. She is was OK. She was into it but there were a few things that threw me off. She's a little on the plumpier side so she doesn't have a great body like Chanel. I wasn't really excited about that. She doesn't speak English so communicating wasn't easy. She would bop me on the head and say some words in Korean. Definitely annoying. She gave a decent BBBJ except I personally don't like part of her technique. She would suck on my tip so she had a nice seal and grip. But then she would start tugging. It almost felt like I can feel my head being torn off. I'm not into BDSM so I personally don't like feeling any sort of pain when I'm getting a BJ. Fortunately it wasn't enough so she didn't make me say anything. She eventually then asked me if I wanted to cover up. I obviously said no. So she slowly slid on and said that I was very big. We went through a few positions where I would pound away in intervals with slow penetration in between. We ended up in mish and then she started to stick her fingers in my ears. I hate to say this but I have sensitive ears and they get irritated very easy. I can't stand anyone touching them. I don't care if I'm being a little ***** I just absolutely don't like it. I just wanted to finish at that point so I put it in jack hammer mode and filled her up. She then gave me a nice massage after. Definitely huge plus for me since it made me super relaxed with a smile. I didn't want to walk out irritated. Besides my pet peeves she didn't really have anything I could say I really liked besides the massage. I wish I chose Mini but I still got my Korean BB. Definitely will not repeat. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HapaBoy86  [View Original Post]
    No, they we're just roommates. I've asked LA Sera and Yoco seperately if they would do a doubles again and they both said NO. LOL.

    Something must've happeb between them along time ago. No biggies.

    I still see them both individually and enjoy them both.
    They did do doubles at one time but there was a fallout and Sera didn't want to be around Yoco. You must have gotten that NO after that happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francescoo  [View Original Post]
    I've seen them all! Allie and mini are my go too!
    I would definitely add Chanel to that list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OCpyro  [View Original Post]
    You're in luck. She just popped up on Topgirls.
    How much rose for this org?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PussyDestroyr  [View Original Post]
    Really? I heard she was just doing Vegas for a couple of months.
    Looks like she's going to be at Top Girls which is odd since I booked Yebin and he didn't mention Jaime to me. Weird.

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    Saw Bani from GG Booker. Easy setting up with booker. Very hot, young girl (body petite, easy 9, face 7 with some surgery). Service not maybe worth 100%, because she was a little mechanical, as someone else mentioned here before. I would repeat though.

    Good BBJ with eye contact, CFS, tight (could feel hitting the end), nice cowgirl, but I wish she was OK with footjob. Unfortunately, she didn't want to do it, or knew how. She also did some body to body that I liked /.

    Definitely the best experience I ve had in LA so far. This service however doesn't compare to parlours in NY with amazing nuru massage, or brothels in Europe. Cali needs to step up this game, esp for considering the high end prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchEazy  [View Original Post]
    I keep getting messages from people who only have 0 to 1 post asking what's M's number, what's J's website etc. Please use the search button to find info. I understand the frustration but its really not that hard to look up this info. Plus If you don't have at least 10 postings I will not respond because I won't know who you are. It's annoyingly to keep emptying space in my mailbox.

    Now that is off my chest...does anyone know when KTEs Jamie is returning? I havent seen her since back in May
    LOL, I get those all the time and same questions as well. I always look at there profile and it's "usually" ever post is a question, never even once offered intel or feedback on a girl, asking for pw, asking what is girls cell# and even can you tell me what apt or condo addys she is and #. Jeeeesh!

    I just delete!

    Sorry, its nothing personal.

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    So Jamie is with TopGirls now apparently? I asked how much BBFS is and booker said $400 for one pop LOL.

    Is it just me or are decent BBFS options slim pickins' now? Luna is pretty hot and no extra charge but doesn't allow BBFSCIP.

    I've been in this game for years but still can't get in with M. Can anyone chime in on the new talent at KTE? Not BBFS but anyone try Sally at KTE?

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