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    Ha, I never understood the insistence that Thursdays were "vice nights". I've actually argued with girls about this going back years now and no matter what they will never be convinced that they can be busted on ANY night. Only Thursdays. I remember around 2008 I met a nice tall young BSW on Pac Highway who insisted that Thursdays were vice night and wouldn't you know it, she was stopped by an undercover vice cop on a Monday. She said that she asked the police officer, "I thought you were only out on Thursdays?". She said he looked at her as if she were stupid and replied, "we're out here EVERY NIGHT".

    It's funny what the girls will believe.

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    She also said it was lucky for the both of us since apparently Thursday night is vice night LOL.

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    This will be my first time roaming in the street. Any opinions on which time of the day seems best or do I just need to get my behind out there and see for myself. I live like an hour away from AA so I'm trying to use my time wisely when I do go. Any advice or opinion is welcome. Thanks fellas.

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    Thursday Night

    Cabin fever was getting to me so I went down to Aurora lookin for the cure. Around 1130 there were probably 5 WSW 5 BSW and 0 cops =D I spotted the elusive Lily across from the burgermaster. I tried to get to her but alas 3 other pooners had the same idea. Damn she is fucking cute! She definitely looks like she belongs on University Ave rather than Aurora Ave at midnight. I spent the next hour or so going up and down AA hoping to run into her but alas she truly is a unicorn and had already made her appearane then vanished. Did manage to hook up with a hot WSW by the name of Cream. Bangin body, ass coming out of daisy dukes, heels and a tattoo on her thigh. Offered her 60 for a french lesson and she happily obliged. The full course can be had for 100. Everything covered but upgrades are available. We talked about the lack of cops and how they were al tied up with the protests. She also said it was lucky for the both of us since apparently Thursday night is vice night LOL.

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    Quoted 200 hh 300 hr.

    Has anybody had experience with any of them?

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    Almost broke my neck when I drove pass them. Turned my head so fast. Probably one of the better looking ones.

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    Newbie / Non Pro

    WSW with long brown hair and good makeup wearing red outfit with high tops. Gets in the car and starts at $$ and I tell her I will take her back. We settle on much less. We find a spot and I bet the best CBJ I have had in a long time. She lets me guide her head with my hands. DT and in no hurry. She doesn't ask for the money till after the deed. I wish I hit her up for FS. She doesn't give out her number. She says she only works when she is on the track.

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    Lots out by Lowes at 5 PM.

    I saw several, at least 6 gals in that stretch. One had long blond (almost white) hair. Any info on her?

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    These 3 are out

    Quote Originally Posted by Facials  [View Original Post]
    Saw a Latina in all white at 95th. 2 mixed by Washelli, 1 BSW by Car Toys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asianguy  [View Original Post]
    Passed through Aurora around 1 and all I saw was a BSW and wsw walking together. No LE. Where is everybody?
    Saw a Latina in all white at 95th. 2 mixed by Washelli, 1 BSW by Car Toys.

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    It's sunny and slow?

    Passed through Aurora around 1 and all I saw was a BSW and wsw walking together. No LE. Where is everybody?

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    Sunday drive

    Was driving through AA in the AM around 9-10 am, it was cold and sprinkling, only saw a couple out, so I drove away. Came back out in the afternoon around 1-2 pm, it was still cold and a little wet but a few more out. Not as busy as "normal", but noticed no LE around, probably in Seattle for the protests. I usually shop around the lower end by IHOP. Saw this hot blonde WSW with her umbrella open but missed my opportunity. Got this BSW named Hazel, 19, wearing short sleeve black shirt and shorts with leggings and a tight body. She offered different rates, $60/$80/$100, CBJ / FS / both, no bb. She probably has the nicest pair of tits you'll see, DD and perky. Seems new, but I would recommend just for her tits alone. Got a quick CBJ and peaced out.

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    Update from Saturday

    Decided to partake with a BSW name started with a T. I'll look at my ho phone when I get home. Pretty tight body, petite. Pricing decent. Was crazy on Saturday though. Be careful out there.

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    Friday Night

    I was out Friday Night for several hours. I saw a lot of BSWs and less but some WSWs. One I believe ASW. It was a tough night. Not as many girls as I have seen on other nights. No one I knew.

    I think I saw the WSW read haired girl Street Troller has talked about at about 11:30 pm across from IHOP walking south. Red pants hands out to her sides and her butt swaying. She gave me the look, I went around the block and she passed me going up the hill in another car. I did not see her again, although I parked at IHOP. I saw another similar girl later walking by IHOP went in the parking lot but she walked by north. I went to go out the parking lot on the north end and meet her at the next street and there was a unmarked LE sitting almost across from the exit, I think his lights were on, but he was parked in a row of cars, kind of angled in. I turned right and went down a couple of blocks and looped south. When I went east he pulled out and went west. When I got back around the girl was at the south end of the IHOP parking lot corner across from Burger Master, talking loud on her phone. She was busy. It was about 1 am and all of a sudden there were like four to six LE cars in the area all just driving around. I don't know if they were looking for someone or just breaking things up, but I headed north and decided to call it a night.

    No luck, although did have Melissa in the car for a minute, I didn't want to go to her room so she got out.

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    The problem with that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael1967  [View Original Post]
    To be honest. If I had to suck dick for a living, I'd hold out for the one desperate guy that thinks paying $200 for a CBJ is reasonable over 5 guys that want to pay $40. Yes, I may be out longer, but there are people out there will pay it and it's 4 less dicks that I have to suck.

    Remember each time they get into a car and go some place secluded they have to worry about getting robbed, killed or raped. I would rather go to a secluded spot one time for big money rather than 5 times for little money.
    If a girl is independent, that makes more sense. But in that case, why walk the beat? Go online and do the TNA thing. But if a girl is managed, and she bags that one dude dumb enough to pay two bills for a CBJ, then her manager will expect her to turn five guys at two bill each. Lose lose for the gir.

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    Sat night. Candy (Latina? Picked up around northgate st / ave. , from SF, says she's 24.1 kid but very little extra weight on her. In fact she looks pretty fit / tight, both holes look fantastic BTW 120 for incall. Greek, DATO, DATY, FS, good eye contact, no kissing. BB everything w / upcharge. YMMV Says she leaves in a week.

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