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    Originally posted by JIMMYDR

    I do and quite often. There is such potential at Flamingos, Spanish chicas don't need $100 dinners to give up the goods. . As far as the Bikini bar Selena goes, there is more going on than you think.

    I bought the Bayside Times, looked in the back at the Massage numbers, called 9 of them and they were all open. Prices ranged from $40 - $60. Will look into it this weekend.
    You are quite right JIMMY DR.
    Selenas was open for full!!!
    I think that is why it was closed,my pal toold me that some exclusive costumers were allow to go full ahead with some ,not all ,of the workers there for $80.00 or so.

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    Anyone know if Selna's is going to open?

    JIMMYDR do you know the dominican sisters that worked there "R" and "Y"?

    Wonder what they're up to..........

    Originally posted by JIMMYDR
    As far as the Bikini bar Selena goes, there is more going on than you think.

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    WSJ3, If you know those $25 places back then, it shouldn't tough for you to find the (probably)newer $35 places. Besides, a third place which i know of was closed over the weekend. Kinda surprising!

    I don't know why JimmyDR and Mister_NYC are all crazy about flamingos and selena. One is just a latin dance club, the other a bikini bar. No reason to get excited about any of them atleast IMHO.

    Jimmy mah man you need to get laid for real hahahaha j/k =)

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    Can anyone tell me about old/new AMPs? Are they generally safe? Do any of them speak just Chinese or Korean? Let me know. Thanks!

    and tell me where they are!

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    Hey guys ... how bout more info on Flamingos and Selenas... are they FS places like in TJ Mexico?

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    The numbers is the Flushing Ledger were for the most part disconnected too. Maybe we need to start a private club of our own. (half joking).

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    for Dips:
    For a great massage (shiatsu or pressure points) try the West Garden Spa in Manhattan (between 7th & 8th) on 30th St. It's open late, until 2:00 a.m. and it's a legit operation. Rate is $75 for the house and tip is extra. Good sauna, clean shower rooms, and clean towels. The rooms are clean and comfortable. Tell them Harry Reasoner recommended you. Ask for Linda, Lilly, Mimi or Maya. Most of the girls are Korean, some Chinese and a few Spanish. Tell me how you fare.

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    I found this link that might interest you fellas...


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    Special Notice for all the Queens Mongers--I just left the LIC area and there were 2 SW on 21street (all the real mongers know the street names in this area) so I guess LIC is still alive and well. Enjoy.


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    LIC is officially dead. Went out there Friday night. Not only are the topless places cracking down on everything (can't touch the girls anywhere at all now), but the street action has dried up. Used to be tons of SW behind Cityscapes just off of Queensboro, absolutely nothing. Drove around there for over an hour...totally deserted.

    Any idea where the SW action in Queens has gone?


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    I have been away from NY for 2 months now. Have been following the posts and am discouraged by things in our borough.

    After having great sauna experiences in Asia these past months I am dreading the return home. I guess once I get back on local time I will have to see if any of the old places are still open. Damn LE.

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    I should say...if the girl don't know you she ain't gonna see ya...I assumed that she meant by sight...

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    Moved back to Queens from the Bronx. I read about Selena's and will check it out Wed. Nite. Does anyone know of any street action on Hillside Ave. in the 160's that used to be busy years ago?

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    Just the Facts:

    I was hanging with some cops at The Palace in Dom Republic and they said most of the AMP's get raided because the wife complains about the location. As far as streetwalkers goes, they know all the locations, to find them. Its when you say go to a certain bar and get a certain girl and she will do you for x $$, then they now have new information.

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    I went to AMP in 45th Avenue and union Street (a block from Kissena). Malaysian lady who claim she's 27, but look more like 37. Does not offer any extras!!!!Turn me on when she was sweating while massaging me. Pretty good massage for $50/ 50 minutes. I will tried else where, will keep you guys posted.

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