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Thread: 2005 Archived Reports

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    I was in the Ville on 12/27/05 and came across Krissy on the 301 in front of the hotels. I have had the pleasure of meeting her only once before about a year ago during warmer months. Anyway she's the best looking and nicest sw I can remember in the Ville. She a tall slinder blond and if you saw her out you would think she's a cop, but she a not. We had a nice drama lesson and I drop her back where I pick her up. She stated that she found a new sugar daddy and would be moving in the next day. She did not give me any contact info. She'll be back, they always come back.

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    Lots of LE out tonight. Was heading down 301 and saw 3 sherriff's cars in the parking lot of the gas station near the budget inn 2. Also saw a silver van with tinted windows with them. Decided to do a u-turn and see what was going on. While making my u-turn saw another 2 sheriff cars join them. Drove down the mountains, saw 1 wsw, brn hair big chest on sandy valley. Did a loop and found a blond wsw who looked strung out by the rv lot off 301. then saw a curly haired wsw by the old bk across from the gas station on 301. Looked fishy with 3 sw's out and an assload of sherriff cars hanging out in the area. Not sure what or if anything was going on, but I hope none of you got caught up in it. Also saw a chunky wsw in a white skirt out by glassmasters on bragg. Noticed the old TD club had its sign lit-up, gate open and all the lights on. Are they back in business? On a side note, anyone know if the bottoms up club is any good? If so is there a cover charge? Got buddy's coming over and need somewhere to get drunk, and look at some ladies, lol.

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    Is anyone else hitting?

    Is anyone else hitting the zones? Saw lots of pork out saturday, they had a few girls in cuffs off Mountain and on 301 as well as checking cars in Massy Hill. I know I said I was going to pass on her but Heather the chunky blond was the only one out that was worth a damn. Clinton and Ceader Creek Road, BBBJCIM which she gagged on, she said don't cum in her mouth but I did anyway. She even tossed the salad and slurped the sack for a nickle dime and the left over burger and fries I had in the van. Come on vatos...... who else is surfing the waves, lets post some more works of fiction for all of our reading pleasure. Well until the moose loses weight and the city manager stops taking cock up his annexation ass from chicks with dicks, catch you dudes later.

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    First Time Monger Mission

    Went on my 1st monger run lastnight. Saw one potential on Eastern, did the turn around, but she was gone. Stopped by Mickeys for some eye candy.Did the Blvd, saw a couple of LEO, so headed to the mall. Will try again another time.

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    Thur Night

    Was out thursday night, lots of corrupt local LE out in all the zones. Came across Heather near the newly opened Person St bridge. Blond WSW 20ish, not the best looking thing maybe a 5 on the scale and she was pregnant. Did not know that when I came across her as she had a big jacket on. Anyway BBBJ, she did not want me to CIM so I aimed for her face and got it in her hair, oh well. Service could have been better as she tried to rush me which made me take my time, I'll pass on her again. Any of you other vatos have works of fiction to share just like this story which is made up for your reading pleasure?

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    Two BBBJ

    Got called out to work today, decided to cruise the Mountain on the way to the service call. WSW, older 40ish, med build with brown gray hair, Beth I think, I really can't remember her name, not much on the eyes but she was the only one I saw. BBBJ with a shot to her face and hair, donated a nickle-dime to her favorite charity. Anyway, the work call was in Sanford so I figured what the hell and I cruised the zones there, came up empty. But who cares right, I got off once today so I decided to call it a night.
    Stopped at Food Lion in Spring Lake on the way home when I ran into Ashley, white, blond 20ish, heavy set with big tits. She's worked the gym in the past and I've hit her up a number of times. She can be a pain in the ass sometimes but what the fuck, BBBJ covered ride for two dimes. I pulled the cover off and shot my load all over her ample stomach which she whined about, like I care. Two in a matter of hours, my cock is tired, what a weekend.

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    WSW off the Mountain

    Saturday afternoon in this world of fiction on the board I ran across Michelle off Mountain. WSW, 20ish, skinny with brown hair and all her teeth, not the same blond toothless Michelle who's out there. Had this Michelle two years before when she was just starting out, the rock has done a job on her. She was tweeking from lack of a hit and after the deed I had a time getting her out of the car. BBBJCIM with some good skills for two dimes, she offered the pussy uncoverd at no extra charge, I don't surf without a life jacket. I must say she's one fucked up crackhead that I'll pass on again.

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    Good Find Part II

    Hey again Gents, Well cruized yesterday afternoon on the strip and to my surprise I saw a few out unlike J's cruise, sorry man I think they all went in last night maybe cause of the weather. Well anyways I saw a wsw on BB but decided not to stop as the fuzz was on M st. staking out the place. Went down to mountaon and 301 and not much to look at. Cruised the MH and saw a wsw by the name of Brooklyn, goes by "Brook". She was 35ish and nice face maybe a 6 on the good ol' sw scale. Went to the secret squirrel hide out spot right next to the "bat cave" ya you know the one now one can ever find? well we had a doggie dream and was pretty good for a dub. well if you see her she is a good find. Be safe mongers and fight the power.....

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    Cruised the ville last night. Dead!!! One bsw by mickeys. 301 as dead, nothing on the mountains. Even the hotels were shut. I deicded to head south to Osaka. If interested read the report on the SC board under other areas.

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    Good Find

    Hey, Gents I am glad to hear all the good posts. Hey F'ville monger still havent heard back from you on the lumbee spot. Would really appreciate that. Anyways I was out and about on BB and nothing there to report. Headed over to MH and Mountain and saw a couple of rough looking sw's but opted not to stop. Keep up the good work and look forward to visiting the lumbee spot F'ville


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    I was in the Ville Saturday night and had some success. First, I picked up Stacy (wsw, blond, slim nice knockers) on Bragg for a quick drama lesson. It was nice and not my first drama lesson with Ms. Stacy. Second, I pick up Dona in the Hill (wsw, dark blond hair, nice body after clothing was off) for a drama lesson. She stated that she was an out of work dental asst. I'm not sure if it was the truth, but she had excellent flute skills. That's all folks until next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Tibby
    Wow what a scary experience I had today!! There are definitely some wackos out there Be CAREFUL!!

    The girl that was supposed to suck my cock was Hispanic looking, with dark red hair with some grey streaks. The guy was a black guy wearing a black jacket.
    Sleep easy Silver justice has been served, ever seen a black mugger piss his pants? Then give you his money and almost beg not to flush his crack? One for our side.

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    Damn Silver

    I guess even a veteran monger lets his guard down from time to time, still I'm sure we're all glad your ok vato..... As for me, I carry Mr Baretta for protection and only hit the no-tels with a known provider. I'll keep an eye out for Red and give her your regards with a boot up her ass if I get the chance. Again I'm glad your ok, later dude....

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    you are lucky

    Wow you were definetly thinking with the little head. That is scary! That is a bad place. I go by there alot in my normal day and see alot of SW type of activity and alot of black guy type of activity going on there. A friend of mine has been there a few times and told me he had a girl dash and run. He also says the other times were not that great. My friend told me he is never very comfortable there. His car is very conspicuous there. It seems the girls are just wacked out and not into good service for the money anymore. Next time for your safty please check the room and lock the door yourself. If the girl is upset with you taking care of your safety I'd run away very fast.

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    Crazy Crazy Experience... I Could Have Died!!

    Wow what a scary experience I had today!! There are definitely some wackos out there Be CAREFUL!!

    Well here goes, I took a cruz down eastern Blvd near Owen Dr, and nothing was out so I went and cruzed the Massey Hill Area, and only a couple girls were out they looked rough so I passed and decided to take one more stroll down the service road near the store on the corner of Owen dr and Eastern Blvd. Well to my surprise I found a nice looking dark read head in the parking lot of the No-Tel Motel nearest to the store. She was standing outside of her door, she gave me the eye and the nod so I drove a little further up the road and made a u-turn in the RV repair shop, I parked right in front of her room she came to my door and asked what I was doing, and how much I wanted to spend I played it cool just to be safe and said it depends and I asked if I can go into her room, she replied with a yes.

    So we went into her room, I told her I had twenty she tried to nickel and dime me for 30 and I said that I only had 20, then she asked if I had a condom and I said no, so she said wait here while I go get one from my girl friend, I didn’t think nothing of it so she left the room and I was just standing there anxiously waiting for her return.

    Well about three minutes later, This black dude comes out of her restroom and Says what’s up, who are you, I told him my name them he closed the curtain and said I don’t give a fuck who you are, HE THEN PULLED OUT A KNIFE and SAID “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STABBED I SAID NO AND GOT REALLY SCARED” HE PULLED THE KNIFE BACK WITH THE INTENTION OF STABBING ME’ He then said empty your pockets give me all your money, I told him that I only had twenty and that was all I had”

    It felt like I was going to get hurt if I didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear and I didn’t want that, ‘how would I explain to my family the reason I got stabbed by a cracked out dude at a hotel that is known for prostitution”

    Anyway, I gave him the twenty bucks and some loose change that I had in my pocket and he told me “IF I EVER SEE YOUR FACE AROUND HERE AGAIN I’LL FUCKIN KILL YOU’

    I RAN LIKE HELL OUT OF THAT HOTEL ROOM got in my car and took off.

    This was a very scary situation for me. Craziness!! I may take a little break from the hobby for a while.

    Be careful out there guys.

    The girl that was supposed to suck my cock was Hispanic looking, with dark red hair with some grey streaks. The guy was a black guy wearing a black jacket.

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