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    Even though I'm off the road.

    I guess I'm just on a different road now.

    In case you missed the news, I've been living in Medellin, Colombia since early April. I'm now working for and with webcam models. How that happened is another story. For now just a bit about what it's like here.

    Medellin is a great place. They have an excellent and cheap train system, plus lots of buses and cheap taxis. Most of the city can be reached for less than $5. Food is inexpensive, many meals for under $7 and there's plenty of options. My apartment, in one of the best parts of the city runs about $650 for 3 br, 2 ba large luxury high-rise, convenient to everything. I could find plenty of good, smaller places for $300.

    At the moment, moving isn't an option. My boss pays for the apartment and the high-speed internet. Just the other utilities, under $50 is all I'm paying and that's split with my roommate.

    Yes, here I am, well into my 50's and stuck with a roommate. You just knew there was a catch.

    Actually it's not too bad. We get along great and she's sweet and gorgeous. She's one of the webcam models I'm working with. Right now she's trying on different lingerie sets and posing. I suppose I can live with that.

    My work isn't too hard. I give some English lessons, while improving my Spanish, I set up lighting and backgrounds, give suggestions on everything from earrings to dildos. Then I monitor the different models and help improve their shows. In between I hang out with my roommate and try to do some exploring.

    The weather here is tough to beat, 60's at night, 70's to 80's daytime. There has been a lot of rain, but it's usually just short showers or late night storms.

    For now my mongering activities are on hold. Too many other issues taking up my time. I do have somewhat of a grasp on the scene though, so I'm willing to share what I know with anyone taking a trip this way.

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    Horizontal Highway Hostesses

    Quote Originally Posted by Jjbee62  [View Original Post]
    Lot Lizards, Sleeper Leapers, Commercial Company, just the trucker's version of streetwalkers. They come and go, or you cum and they go. They tend to be on a downward slide with drugs and pimps.

    At one time Indianapolis was a good place to find Lot Lizards, down at the Harding Street truckstops, but I think they've thinned out in recent years. That's how it goes, one time there are 20 working the lot, the next time none.

    During the mid to late 90's the best place to find LLs was Oklahoma City. Even in the middle of the day (unlike regular lizards, LLs avoid the sun) you would see several working the parking lot. Many of the OKC LLs were different from typical. A lot were housewives, or single mothers who couldn't find a job.
    Got to admit, maybe my best experience was with a little shaved blond at that same Pilot in OKC. But you always had to watch out for that asshole that used to video hookers and johns there and then post them on the web. And now that I think about it, she may not have been the best. I had one that barely beat her in looks and loved anal at Mama Simone's in Fontana. But, as far as everyday overall quality and number, the parking lot behind the McDonald's in West Memphis, the Road Runner off of Lancaster Rd in Dallas, and the old TA in south Atlanta were about the best offerings I ever saw. Indy was great when I was a kid and Bud's was around. Most aggressive lizards in the country. You've inspired me. I'll even use my old tagline.

    The Stormy One.

    Lot lizard (lot lizʹərd), n. A well known reptilian species found at many North American truck stops. It has received its name for the uncanny ability to stick to the side of a tractor, much like the Florida gecko can stick to vertical surfaces. It is known primarily for its remarkable talents, such as being double jointed, its lack of a gag reflex, an appearance similar to that of a tractor fifth wheel while bent over at the waist, and mostly for its sole apparent manner of survival, which involves the consumption of inordinate amounts of high speed chicken feed. Its abilities to lie, cheat and steal are also considered to be both noteworthy and legendary.

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    Every now and then I ruin someone's day. It's not intentional, if you're going to do something in public, but you don't want anyone to see, don't do it in public.

    One example happened driving into Seattle. The woman in the passenger seat was just starting her face dive towards the driver's lap when she saw me looking. She got embarrassed and then got a case of the giggles. Even if she wasn't too shy, she couldn't stop laughing long enough. The driver wasn't happy with me.

    The ultimate happened just south of Fort Wayne. I was driving north when a pickup passed me by. Although it's not as common as it used to be, I sometimes see people kissing, touching, obviously getting worked up, but I've never seen anything like the woman in the pickup. She was attacking the driver. I was expecting her to strip down and jump on top of him at any moment.

    Unfortunately, the truck I was driving couldn't catch them, but I was able to follow, not far behind. When they took the next exit, I followed. If they made a left turn, I could pull beside for a quick peek. It was worth a quick detour.

    Just my luck they were turning right. Oh well. I turned right to make a you-turn in the motel parking lot just ahead (exit 286 on I-69 for those who are playing at home). I was surprised when they pulled into the motel and parked behind the building. I pulled behind to the truck parking lot and got turned around and noticed they weren't going into the motel. Instead, it looked like they were stripping down right in the pickup.

    I had pulled up so my truck was right behind them, but they were oblivious to everything. After setting my brakes (lots of noise, surely they heard?) I got out for a closer look.

    They had parked right against the building, next to the rear door in the middle of a sunny afternoon. Anyone looking out the window or leaving the motel would have gotten an eyeful. I got an eyeful. By the time I walked up, she was completely naked and trying to help him get his pants off. I walked completely around the pickup twice, checking her out from all angles. She was definitely worth the detour and delay.

    After my two trips around, unnoticed, I positioned myself by the driver's door, preparing my Super 8 camcorder to capture the action through the tinted windows. I ended up being too eager. I got too close and just after he'd finally got his pants down to his knees and was spreading her legs, she looked up, saw me and let out a little scream. That little scream and the door of the pickup was all I managed to record. As the guy was scrambling to get his pants back up, I strolled to my truck and drove off. When they drove past about 10 minutes later, it was clear the mood had changed.

    Sorry guy. I just wanted to watch.

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    The Jehovah's Witness Stripper

    Singer, songwriter, artist and former boxer, Paul Thorn wrote a song titled "Joanie the Jehovah's Witness Stripper", this is about the real life version.

    I'll call her Joanie, even though that wasn't either her real or stage name. Met her in Albuquerque on a slow night at the best strip club in town. This was back when extras at a club were rarely available, especially in the better clubs.

    Joanie didn't push me to spend any money, other than my customary tip to each dancer on the stage. She just sat down and chatted with me. She mentioned that she had a website and gave me her email address. This was a little strange because in 2000 email and websites were still not widely used. We ended up talking a lot about computers and she was interested in branching out into online videos and maybe live streaming.

    Over the next few months we got to be friends. I'd stop in at the club when I was home and we'd trade emails when I was on the road. She had first started as a waitress, while in college. She had trained as a dancer, jazz, tap and ballet, from a very early age and had some respectable experience. After several months watching bad dancers make big money, someone convinced her to give it a try. She was an almost immediate success, even more so after getting one of the two best (or is that 2 of the 4 best?) breast enhancements I've ever seen. By the time I met her she often toured as a national act and was even featured on the Playboy Channel.

    Her father was an elder in the Jehovah's Witnesses and had no idea about her real job.

    One night, about 6 months after we met she called me up. She wanted to come over so I could show her the video conferencing. She showed up, all dressed up and told me she had been on a date that instantly went bad. So I took her into my office, sat her down in front of the camera and logged her into one of my regular chat rooms.

    She was a big hit. A lot of the women doing video chat were bored housewives or dumpy geeks while she was a legitimate 9/10. We took turns chatting and she decided to put on a show for everyone. She went from doing a few flashes to some close up fingering, all with me sitting by her side, typing responses for her.

    If you've ever experienced any kind of webcamming, where both men and women are allowed to broadcast, there are a lot of standard responses you will see:

    "If I was there I would _ (without asking, apparently).

    "How can he keep his hands off of you?

    "Has he _.

    As I said, I was typing her responses to everything and then she said "He is being a perfect gentleman. Damnit!

    I admit to being a bit slow at times, but I can recognize a hint when I'm smacked in the face with it, especially if the woman giving the hint is already mostly naked. Together we put on a pretty good show for about 15 minutes, until she decided it was time to move to the bedroom. It was definitely one of the better nights for me. We covered most of the positions, regular GFE type of night.

    Although she did come over one other night, after a bad date experience, we never did a repeat, but we ended up becoming buddies. At the club she'd direct other dancers my way, we'd go out to eat or drink beer, I'd hang out at her apartment and help her with photo editing and with her website. As a result of the friendship I had 4 different dancers who rented my spare bedroom from me for different lengths of time. I also ended up moving several strippers into Albuquerque, most from Phoenix, but one from Houston and another from Boston.

    When she flew out to do shows around the country, I'd take her to the airport and then have use of her Infiniti until she returned. She even paid me to move her when she bought a house. I think I ended up being her girlfriend. Seriously.

    Here's an example. She was getting ready to go to the Laughlin River Run (biker rally in Laughlin, Nevada). She owned a Sportster and liked to ride. She asked me to come over and help her pack. It was going to be something of a working trip, so she needed to decide what outfits to take. For 4 hours she tried on different stripper outfits and modeled them for me. It was like going shopping with your wife except, 1. I had a comfortable chair to sit in, 2. The dressing room was where I was sitting, 3. She was trying on stripper and club wear and 4. I didn't have to buy anything. Plus she was much hotter than any of my wives.

    The friendship had faded a little before I left Albuquerque. I was highly stressed at the time, which didn't help and she had two competing boyfriends, 1 rich, young and local and 1 very rich, older and not local, and neither one of them was happy with me being around. I did get the chance to see her one last time after I'd returned to Indiana, but we lost touch after that.

    Now she owns her own insurance agency, has a few kids (which she swore she would never have) and is the typical hot soccer mom. Maybe someday I'll get back out there and see if she still remembers me.

    Here's an edited picture to protect her identify.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenIndy  [View Original Post]
    Since there's no "Like" button, just wanted to say I enjoyed the tale. Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the tail, but it's heartening to hear of guys not being jerks.
    Thanks for the input. It's probably for the best I didn't get to take her along. I still had a wife at home and it would have probably have put her in a worse mood than usual.

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    Spring Unbroken

    Quote Originally Posted by Jjbee62  [View Original Post]
    One year, I think it was 1998, I found myself stuck in Florida for a week, waiting for my loads. Lucky for me, it was during spring break and I found a place on the beach with a place to park my truck, at Daytona Beach, next door to party central. ...

    She's the patriotic girl, the other was just one of the crazier girls in the bikini contests. Sorry about the quality, old photos.
    Since there's no "Like" button, just wanted to say I enjoyed the tale. Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the tail, but it's heartening to hear of guys not being jerks.

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    Spring Break

    One year, I think it was 1998, I found myself stuck in Florida for a week, waiting for my loads. Lucky for me, it was during spring break and I found a place on the beach with a place to park my truck, at Daytona Beach, next door to party central. Unfortunately, it was after the police had started cracking down.

    No complaints about the lodging, beach view, about $40 per night and the hotel bar had some cool bartenders. Best part, every afternoon there was a bikini contest at the hotel next door. I would grab my camera and go get a good spot. The contests weren't too wild, but given the choice between drunk college girls in bikinis and fat, middle-aged tourists, yelling at their kids, I'll take the bikinis every time.

    There was one girl I kept noticing. She was a little spinner with sort of a Marcia Brady look about her. She showed up drunk at my hotel swimming pool, where she was teasing some guy. She got in the pool, took off her bikini bottom and convinced him to take off his trunks. She then took his trunks, gave him her bottoms, put on the trunks and got out of the pool. He didn't quite fit in the bikini.

    After that I started noticing her at the bikini contests. She would hang out with the DJ, talking to him while the contestants were trying to win over the crowd. She didn't seem to be a student. Eventually I decided she was a runaway, who somehow ended up in Daytona.

    One night she wandered into the bar at my hotel, wearing what might have been a stripper dress. I had been shooting pool all evening and drinking beer. Besides the head bartender, a pretty decent guy, the other bartender, who owned a Harley shop with her husband, there was a very old biker with lots of stories, a plumbing contractor and me. A few groups of students had passed through, but it was mostly quiet.

    When the drunk girl came in the plumber immediately made his move. She wanted to play some pool, so he jumped up and offered to play. It didn't work out for him. She was too drunk, kept moving the balls around, interrupting his shots and ignoring his attempts to be witty and charming. After he came back to the bar and said something about getting her a few more drinks and taking her to his room, I stepped in.

    Playing pool with her was a challenge, but it kept him away. When she started falling down, I was about to escort her from the bar when the plumber stepped in. He decided she was going to his room, with him and was willing to fight me, but I had other plans. Helpful hint: Always make friends with the bartenders. The bartender saw what I was doing and pulled the plumber back.

    About now you're saying "how could you?" I couldn't, I didn't. I took her to the hotel desk, told him to give me a key to an empty room, put her in the room, dumped her into bed, left her a note with my room number and locked her in.

    The next day I met her in the bar. She was suffering through an "I'll never drink again" hangover. She thanked me for taking care of her and the plumber just glared. Later that evening she showed up at my hotel room.

    It was the night before I was scheduled to leave. I had a fairly long drive the next day. Once I finished picking up my loads, I was heading to Las Vegas. We talked for awhile, but I didn't learn much about her. She asked about my laptop so I showed her CUSeeMe. CUSeeMe was an early video conferencing program. There were several sites (called reflectors) where I was a regular. I used the sites to meet women all over the country. It was an easy way to find a date.

    So I put her on camera with me and we started chatting. Naturally, the guys all wanted her to flash them, but she complained her boobs were too small. I was about to give up when she blurted out "I have a pierced clit. Do you want to see it?" Anybody out there who could say no? I didn't think so. The girl who was too shy (when sober) to show her boobs, was willing to spread wide, 6 inches from my nose. It's a crazy world.

    Later, she flashed her boobs and the crowd went wild. During this she had asked me a few times, not to touch her and I was a gentleman. Then she asked me to take her to Las Vegas. One week in the truck with me and only one bed? Yes please.

    After explaining when I was leaving and finding out where to locate her, she headed out. When I went to get her, after checking out, she wasn't ready. She was staying in the maintenance room at another hotel, just a small hotel room with no windows. She answered the door in a towel. She still seemed excited about going to Vegas. She had even decided to shave her pussy, and showed me, in case I needed proof.

    First, there were a few things she had to do, so I had to wait, and then I had to wait some more. Finally, I tracked her down and let her know I couldn't wait any longer. Gave her 30 minutes before I gave up and hit the road.

    It was probably for the best, but I will always wonder what it would have been like.

    She's the patriotic girl, the other was just one of the crazier girls in the bikini contests. Sorry about the quality, old photos.
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    Stuck in traffic

    Shortly after passing through Orlando, on my way to Daytona I got caught in a long line of construction traffic. As is common, the two lanes of traffic went back and forth, while everyone switched lanes, trying to move just a little quicker. It never accomplishes anything, I just stick with the right lane and enjoy the view.

    Eventually this brought me next to a little green Pontiac with heavily tinted windows. Fortunately, the passenger window was down just enough for me to have a clear view of the driver's lap. Well, I would have had a clear view except for the little brunette head that was bobbing up and down on the driver's lap. With the constantly changing lane speeds, staying next to them wasn't easy, but I managed. Apparently my efforts were noticed because she stopped to give me a smile.

    After a few uninterrupted minutes we were finally separated for several minutes and several hundred curses from me. When the traffic gods answered my prayers the passenger seat was empty, they were doubling up in the driver's seat. Is that the upright CG position? All I know is, her hips were moving much faster than the traffic.

    Once again we were separated and only came back together when she was returning to her seat and using her panties to clean up. She finished up by waving her panties out the window at me, but she pulled them back when I reached out to grab them.

    I don't complain about traffic jams any more. I just hope for some good entertainment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantstop00  [View Original Post]
    Love the stories so I'll throw one of my own.

    I was driving west on I-80 (standard truck, not a semi) and noticed a large CB antenna on a early 90's sedan. This wouldn't have been odd when I was a kid because we always seemed to have a CB in our junk cars growing up but I rarely see it now. Approaching this car, I look over and see a woman in the passenger seat, reclined back and fully nude. Of course being the red blooded man that I am, I had to get a better look. I got in the other lane a slowed so they would pass me. She was on my side this time. As they passed she was looking out the window and made eye contact with me. She smiled enough for me to know she wasn't completely against the situation but not enough to let me know it was all for fun and games. I made one last pass and continued on my way.

    My only guess is they were radioing for customers and would stop at whatever exit was convenient. Riding around naked must have been a way of allowing drivers to window shop. I don't know if this is a new tactic or old.
    Usually it's just an exhibitionist, enjoying showing off for the trucker's. Sometimes they'll talk on the CB, other times they just listen to the comments. I did meet one out in Idaho that was drumming up some business. She had someone already waiting and I didn't have time to wait. Heard another woman one day who was selling her homemade videos.

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    Mobile Service

    Love the stories so I'll throw one of my own.

    I was driving west on I-80 (standard truck, not a semi) and noticed a large CB antenna on a early 90's sedan. This wouldn't have been odd when I was a kid because we always seemed to have a CB in our junk cars growing up but I rarely see it now. Approaching this car, I look over and see a woman in the passenger seat, reclined back and fully nude. Of course being the red blooded man that I am, I had to get a better look. I got in the other lane a slowed so they would pass me. She was on my side this time. As they passed she was looking out the window and made eye contact with me. She smiled enough for me to know she wasn't completely against the situation but not enough to let me know it was all for fun and games. I made one last pass and continued on my way.

    My only guess is they were radioing for customers and would stop at whatever exit was convenient. Riding around naked must have been a way of allowing drivers to window shop. I don't know if this is a new tactic or old.

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    And she didn't want an audience

    One morning I pulled out of Oklahoma City heading towards Denver. I had an extra day to kill, so instead of taking the shorter route on 2 lane highways through some of the least exciting landscape in the country, I took the long way, north to Salina, KS then west to Denver. If I have to be bored, I'd rather be driving 70 or 75 instead of 55.

    About 20 miles north of OKC, I went around a you-Haul truck pulling a car. While going past, I glanced over and saw a young black man driving and a black woman leaning against him. Her position was a little strange, she had her back to him with his arm wrapped around her, with her facing the passenger door.

    As soon as I finished passing them, he moved out and sped up to pass me. He pulled up alongside and matched my speed. The woman had her eyes closed and his hand was inside her shirt, playing with her tits. He gave me a few looks and smiles. After a short time she opened her eyes, saw me watching and made him stop. They then sped up and started pulling away.

    After about 5 miles, I was catching up with them again. Same exact situation, as soon as she saw me, show was over. It wasn't until the third time that she let me watch for a few miles, before telling him that was enough.

    On their fourth visit, she not only didn't stop him, but she unbuttoned her shirt all the way to give me a good look. I'm not a large breast fan, I'm happy with a B or C cup, but these would have converted anyone. DD and firm with just that little droop to show they were natural. After a good long look, she buttoned up and off they went.

    By this time I was starting to drool every time I saw a you-Haul. The next time they pulled up her shirt was already unbuttoned and her white tights (before someone named them yoga pants and doubled the price) were down below her knees. Remember her position? I was treated to a straight view of her shaved pussy, which was obviously enjoying the attention his hand was providing. They stayed alongside for several miles before speeding up again.

    The same scene repeated a few more times, all the way across the Kansas state line. About 15 miles south of Wichita and the Kansas Turnpike toll booths I caught up with them for the last time. This time, when he moved to the left lane he didn't speed up, just stayed back. I noticed another truck was catching up, so I turned on the CB to give him the heads-up. Here's the conversation, best as I can recall:

    "How about that northbound red International. You got your ears on (don't laugh, that's authentic trucker lingo)?

    "Go ahead".

    "You might want to check out that you-Haul when you get up there. They'very been entertaining me for the last 100 miles. ".

    "I'm trying. I've got this thing wound all the way up. ".

    <pause .

    "Damn! Thanks for the heads up. Oh shit! He's in trouble. ".

    <about now I notice the you-Haul catching up to me .

    "What happened? ".

    "She was blowing him and he looked over at me and smiled. Then she looked at me, stopped and slapped him. ".

    When they pulled up by my window, she was back in the position, blowing him with her shirt unbuttoned and tights pulled down. She looked up at me once, smiled and waved and went right back to work. She was still going at it when I had to start slowing down for the toll booths. I think she had to do a quick recovery.

    After that I had to split off onto I-135 while they continued on I-35. I guess she had gotten used to me watching, but she wasn't about to let anyone else watch.

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    She wanted an audience

    Not sure if it was 2000 or 2001, but I know it was the day after Thanksgiving. I spent the morning loading up at a warehouse east of Portland, Oregon and was heading south on I-5, on my way to southern Oregon. Traffic was heavy, but moving good. Weather wasn't too bad, I think mid 50's and partly cloudy.

    There were a lot of trucks on the road and I was just rolling along in the right lane, when I spotted a white LeBaron convertible go by. I hadn't been paying attention, but it looked like the woman driving was rubbing her chest as she drove. Never one to miss an opportunity, I got in the left lane and started chasing her down. It took a few miles because she was doing 75 in the 55 zone, but finally I got around her and let her pull alongside. Once she pulled even with me she bent down to look up at me, to make sure I was watching. Then the show began.

    She was probably early 30's, brunette with a pretty face, flat stomach and a nice firm pair of C's. She pulled her shirt and bra up to her shoulders and started playing with her tits, occasionally using both hands and steering with her knees. From time to time she would look up at me and it was obvious she was enjoying the attention.

    With the heavy traffic and because we were traveling faster than most people on the road, I sometimes had to pass other trucks and she had to move over for faster cars. When that happened, she would speed up or slow down for the lane change. Once things were clear she would get back beside me. After a few times I noticed, when she passed other trucks she would pull her shirt back down. She had found her audience.

    After about 45 minutes of this, she unbuttoned her jeans and put her right hand down her pants, while still using her left on her tits. She was definitely talented and if her body language was any indication, she was really enjoying the drive. It appeared that she gave herself 2 orgasms while driving along.

    Eventually my luck ran out and we got separated. Once I could open it up, I wound my Freightliner up to top speed and tried to catch her. It took about 10 miles and 6 minutes before I caught her, she was just getting off at her exit on the north end of Eugene. I gave her a long toot of the horn and she gave me a big smile and wave.

    After that I quickly slowed down to the speed limit and just in time. There was a speed trap set up just past her exit. Altogether she gave me a show for about an hour, over nearly 80 miles. Definitely one of the best I've ever seen.

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    Talk to Angel

    About 10 or 12 years ago I briefly hauled cars between the Midwest and the Southeast. After a very interesting day in Savannah, Georgia I stopped at a nearby truckstop.

    When I turned on my CB radio I heard a woman advertising a CB shop located at the truckstop. I needed some minor repairs so I headed on over to Angel's CB Shop.

    Angel was a short brunette with some impressive aftermarket chest accessories. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes and a bikini top. According to her husband / pimp she sometimes worked topless, although not that day. She was the one who did the work and she seemed to know what she was doing.

    She used to have a basic website where she sold calendars and t-shirts. She's probably gone now, but she had a good thing going for a while.

    The interesting thing in Savannah was a funeral home. While I was waiting at the light and mourners walked out. She was a black girl in a black dress. The dress was rather short and low cut for a funeral. She walked to the street, walked back and forth a few times then went back inside. I saw 2 more girls do the same thing.

    I heard later about a brothel posing as a funeral home that got busted.

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    Lot Lizards 2

    This was another LL experience, sort of, in OKC, but first the background story.

    There was a woman in San Antonio who I knew from online. She wasn't a bad looking older woman, but she was into serious freaky stuff, way beyond my minor kinks. One Saturday I was supposed to be in San Antonio, and would be there for a few days, so she decided to throw a party so some of the other San Antonio people could meet me.

    For some reason I was delayed and didn't arrive until mid morning on Sunday. Other than a couple of passed out drunks the party was over. We hung out by her pool and talked until the other people woke up. Spent most of the day in and out of her clothing optional / nudity recommended pool, which was okay by me. By early afternoon it was just the hostess, Tina and one other girl, named Paula, who had come in from Mississippi for the party. Then they left me to go pick up someone at the airport.

    Tina was a good looking woman, on the downhill side of 50. Too many years and too much sun had left her looking leathery. Paula was probably only a few years younger than me, which was 37 or 38, a big girl in every direction, and more of a tomboy. No real attraction there, so I figured I'd be sleeping alone.

    When they returned from the airport they had Misty with them and all I was wearing was a towel. Misty was 10 years younger than me, natural blonde with a supermodel body, only 6 inches shorter. She had just returned from a bad experience.

    There's a whole bunch of stuff, where I'm really smooth and manage to seduce her, that I'm leaving out. It isn't part of the story and it's all BS. For some reason she decided she didn't want to sleep alone and I was the best option. When I left Texas on Thursday, she left in the truck with me.

    After several weeks on the road, we took 2 weeks off at my place in Albuquerque, where an old friend and his wife visited us for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Just before we headed back on the road we adopted a dog, which went with us.

    Heidi was a perfect truck dog, and Misty was a surprisingly good passenger, especially since she was somewhat of a primadonna. One evening after we got back on the road we ended up at Lot Lizard central In OKC. After parking the truck, we took Heidi for a walk so she could do her business.

    When we got back to the truck the following events took place, in just the right order. About the time I was reaching to unlock my passenger door, a LL climbed out of the truck next to me, and started walking around the truck towards me. Misty had stepped towards the door, putting me between the approaching LL and her. I assume the LL thought I had seen her and I'm certain she hadn't seen Misty or Heidi.

    Just as the LL was approaching my back I said to Heidi, "jump up in there, girl. " The LL, thinking it was her lucky day, stepped around me to climb up in my truck, then she saw Misty and Heidi at the same time I saw her. She did a quick about face and disappeared. Misty's response was "what the hell was that?

    Once I figured out what had just happened, I busted up laughing. Then I had to explain lot lizards to Misty. She ended up sitting in the driver's seat with the curtains pulled, wearing nothing but a pair of panties. Every time a LL would knock on the door, she'd open the door look down and say "I don't think you're his type. ".

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    Why would she do that?

    It's very rare now, but it used to be fairly common for a woman or a couple driving down the interstate, to put on a show for the truckers. I've seen several, but this is about one I missed.

    I was crossing I-80 in Nebraska, headed east, when I started hearing about a westbound couple putting on a show. The only thing on the CB was people telling about or asking about the show. I spotted the car when it went past, but I was going the wrong way.

    About 15 minutes later I heard someone talking about the show. He clearly wasn't from these parts and didn't seem to appreciate what he saw. This is what I remember hearing:

    "She was naked. Her husband, how does he not see? I looked and I slowed down and her husband went slower, and she touched herself. Why would she do that? Does she not know that is wrong?

    I didn't know whether to laugh at his reaction or curse because I was going the wrong way.

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