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    Had to run out and get my New Year's Eve supply of snacks and soft drinks etc. Decided to do a "tour". 1:00 AM Sat morning, cold but not raining anymore. Started at Arlington and Washington and headed west. Nothing. Absolutely nothing from Arlington all the way down to State. Lots of guys walking around if that is your thing but no ladies. Turned north on State. Saw a woman walking south between Michigan and New York on the East side of the street. Black woman with a white coat and ear muffs. Didn't look like she was working. Hit Michigan turned west to Oriental and took a right. Sometimes, walking along this street, there is a WSW, very skinny with longer black hair. Always wears slacks. Not tonight. I turn East on tenth. I dont see a soul When I got to the underpass at Sherman I saw a fat black woman walking westward but, again, didn't look like she was working. I saw not one police car. Not a one. Circled the Linwood Square lot looking for that young girl in the gray hoodie who lives right across the street on Linwood in one of the doubles. She comes out of her house and basically walks across the street and asks guys if they want a little company. Has hit me up twice. She's cute but too skinny for me and coughs out the ass. Not a good sign. I always think maybe I'll see her and she'll look better to me. Went into Kroger and did my thing. Came out at 1:45 and decided to do another tour. Went south on Linwood to Washington. Saw two fat white chicks in huge Eskimo coats walking in the middle of the street between New York and Washington. Kept going. Turned right on Washington. Again, ghost town except for all these guys running around. Finally saw Leo pulling out on Washington from a side street just west of Rural. Saw no one on Washington so turned north again on State. Saw the same black woman again only this time walking north and with a guy. Headed up Oriental saw another police car going southward. Turned east again on tenth. Nothing. Another police officer in front of the short stop and then a car being towed at rural and tenth. Five police cars with all the officers standing south of tenth on rural yukking it up. Finally, about eight blocks down, saw a BSW, tall with glasses and her hair up really working it and looking hard. She was on the southside of the street walknig Westward. Didnt look too bad either. Its so hard to get interested with these heavy coats on though. Plus all kinds of traffic behind me and, with law enforcement in the area, wasnt too wild about stopping. Interestingly enough walking parrallel to her on the opposite side of the street was a short haired blonde with kinda stringy hair and a big ass black coat just walking along. Looked very bit of 40 at least. Wasn't obvious or anything and not sure if she was working but what the hell else is she doing walking alone that time of night? Maybe just got off work who knows. Didn't see another gal or anymore law enforcement. Called it a night. On a sidenote there does always seem to be a bit more action out after three. Women are walking home from bars and are likely to accept a ride and opportunity to make a little cash and then I think some SW just basically wait until the guys are leaving the bars to go out espcially when it is cold and rainy outside. Just my observation.

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    Red Head

    Quote Originally Posted by WhoreCurious
    I do have a question. There is a WSW up on tenth. She wears the same clothes. Always red plaid 60's style pants, a tight top and a coat thats open. She has black hair and it always looks like she just got out of bed. she has a great body and a hell of an ass. Usually out at quitting time. Looks and acts drunk and plays out in the street. anyone know anything about her? Also, There is a red head out about the same time. Young and cute and hangs around Beville I think the street is. Anyone had any experience with her? Okay, gotta go..will have a report later and also continue with a few hunting stories...
    To answer you question, the red head is probably Nancy. She's a 6 on the SW scale. Service is first class, I recommend her.

    I've been with the black haired SW a time or two. Nothing to write home about.


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    It looks like one of my posts got lost. I honestly dont remember everything I wrote. I decided though I have lurked long enough and thought I would post more. Here's a tip for you. Go north on State (theres a Speedway on the corner) from E washington. The next main cross street (about two blocks) I believe is Ohio. It has a street lamp there on the corner. There is sometimes a black streetwalker who stands there. She isnt much to look at in the least. She is even missing a tooth (or two). Why bring it up then? Because she will do ANYTHING! She is damn nice and did I mention she will do anything? For any amount? She does have nice tits. She will stand there under the light and wave when you go by. If you go around and go by again she will usually flash her tits at you. So, if you simply wanna see some nice tits that in itself is worth a drive by. She sometimes also hangs out at the Real Estate company's parking lot up the street more towards New York. One night my buddy and I were out drinking and decided to "do the tour" while we were shooting the shit and we came across her plying her trade. We parked down the street a bit and watched. Finally we pulled up and she got in the backseat. All we wanted was a show nothing more. She directed us to a church close by. (she mentioned her grandfather is the pastor..he must be so proud) Now, normally, I would never go to where I am directed. Anyone could be waiting and I dont want to be robbed however, because there were two of us and we were both armed we obliged. She took us behind the church to a little gravel parking area behind some trash bins. Its not a bad spot. Its secluded enough to have some fun but open enough you could see anyone coming if they were trying to be sneaky. Anyway, she is a lot of fun. Would I do her? No way in hell but she has great tits and a good attitude. As I said, she doesnt stray too far from this area. I cant recall her name but, now that I am posting, I will start paying more attention to names and definitely cross streets.

    Have a great New Years!


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    Not my post

    The post under "hints" is not mine. The title of the post is but not the info for some strange reason. I dont vouch for the info. I had a total of three long posts but I see only one has made it on the board. Not sure what happened but I am sure it will be straightened out soon.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad
    Anyone seen someone from this site?

    Almost looks too good to be true...would be interested if anyone has seen someone. Feel free to backchannel if you don't want to post here.
    Yep, that looks too good to be true. Hard to imagine that many hot ladies would end up in Indy. The very last 2 pics look more like what would be expected. Maybe when you call, you find they are the only ones available at the time. Then again, guess someone needs to check this out

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    Coupla Reports

    Went to the chinese place on w. 86th. paid the door fee and my $ was taken by "Aa". Thats how she said it. She looked a little older but has a solid rack. After a decent massage, I did the flip and she soon after asked if I was ready. Since I was, she proceeded to finish the massage with my hands on her store-bought fun bags. overall, a nice way to beat the holiday stress.

    Also saw sexymsbelinda the other day. she had a room on the east side. she isn't a hardbody but is a very nice person, likes her jobs (she has at least 2 that I know) and was very pleasant to be with. i would definitely recommend her company.

    Keep up the good job with the reports. Happy Holidays.

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    now...where to find them (con't)

    Starting at Aldi's on East washington and heading west. There is a fat WSW with big cans that walks on the northside of street from the VP down a couple blocks. VERY skiddish. Pull up in VP and act like you are on the phone. She will make eye contact but is really hesistant to come over at first. She isnt much to look at so it surprises me. I have seen many a car pull up to her and then drive away. Not sure if it is her or the guy. I havent seen her though since the old man was senselessly murdered in the house next to the VP and law enforcement stepped up patrols.

    As discussed here previously there used to be a crazy WSW that hung out caddy-corner to the VP. She is truly nuts and enough about her as been discussed here. I will add that the last time I saw her was a couple months ago the cops had her sitting on a step in front of a house a few doors down from the old car lot and she looked to be crying.

    There can sometimes be action had in front of the motel there in Irvington although, surprisingly, not as much as in the old days. I think it must be too obvious or they get hassled. Same with the steps in front of the apartments on the southside of the street down from the church. Used to be you would always see a SW sitting there. Not so much anymore. There is a drunk older man that is usually sitting there if it isnt too cold. Maybe he has run them off.

    There used to be an attractive WSW that walked west of the VP on washington and was usually paired up with a black guy who dressed like he was a kid. He was probably in his thirties, a big guy but he wore red gym shorts and knee high sweat socks with a baeball cap put on backwards. I didnt know if this was a cop or a hustler trying to young himself up. Anyway, I never saw her without him and I havent seen either of them since summer. anyone else remember these two?

    I already mentioned the sw around Butler. Not much to look at though. And I have never, NEVER seen a latina walking. It breaks my heart. You would think with all the mexican stores and businesses along that stretch in irvington you would. Anyone ever seen a Latina on the Eastside?

    Crossing over Emerson and still continuing west things get interesting. By Washington and DeQuency there is a bsw. I will tell you right now from the waist down she is pretty heavy but from the waist up she looks fantastic. She is VERY pretty and, while I am pretty sure she has one, no signs of a habit yet. She has the best smile and is very nice. She wont talk price or anything. And when you mention she has a lovely chest she will take your hand and put it down her shirt. She is a bit self conscious but has the best tits. Large, firm, great nipples and very sensitive. This chick doesnt act like a pro. She acts like someone who knows what they are doing but isnt out for the hustle or a man-hater. She is thoroughly nice and very agreeable. she never mentions price....ever! Do your thing, she will go along with it and then slip her some cash when your done. She wont give you her phone number but will take yours. Also, around these same apartments, is a WSW with huge tits. She is fat but damn, what a great pair. She says she goes back and forth to Ft Wayne and has a brother in the area. Does this to scare up rent money. I see her out from time to time. First time I met her I was on my bike. I gave her a quick ride. When I dropped her off told her I hoped to see her again sometime. It was the next night. She is usually out around 3AM. $10 for her to play with her tits and talk dirty and finish me off with a handjob. I came on her tits and that wasnt part of the deal. I wasnt real comfy sticking anything in her mouth and I damn well wasnt interested in anything of hers below the waist but those tits were unreal. She "says" she loves to be ass fucked. I believe her! I saw her about a month ago. Wish I would have had time to stop. Would love to titty fuck her. Moving on. There is a yellow house caddy-corner to the Wonder Bread Store. Stay away!!! Last March I almost got stabbed there. I honestly feel that had I walked in soemthing bad was going to happen to me. Maybe it was the gal behind the door holding not one but two knives. I just never have had a good feeling about this house. Both last Wed and Fri I drove north on this side street and both times saw a very, VERY skinny cracked out street walker walking in the middle of the street and trying to get me to stop. On Wed she had a friend with her who wasnt much better. I cant be sure but I think I remember the friend from last summer and she was healthy looking with a nice ass. Kind of sad. Moving westward. There is a white sw that lives on south Sherman and cant be that far from Washington st. I see her time and time again walking north to Washington along side Lo-Bills and then she always walks East. She is a bit plump, blond with a decent, albeit bigger, ass and looks like nice tits. You can almost always find her around quitting time. 4-6 PM. There is also a petite WSW that hangs out in this same area. I used to see her all the time and then she was a guest of the county for awhile. She has a great ass and would fuck for $20. She had a half a double down from that charity food pantry. Her aunt and uncle owned it or managed it I think and lived two doors down. Now she stands at the payphone in front of the old Burger King. She is pretty rough nowadays from what I can see. Cant be more than 21 or 22. There is also a WSW with black hair and fat who walks around the Wheel place. She lives south of washington as I see her walking off washington in that direction. She is out there religeously. Too manly looking for my tastes but looks liek she ahs some decent tits. Again, hard to tell because she wears a bulky coat but, last fall, it looked like they were okay. Theres a bsw that works just West of Rally's. usually right there on the corner or close by. She always has her hair up in an aunt jemima style (not being racist its just what she reminds me of). Something about her creeps me out a little. Not sure what it is. You knw hwo it is..sometimes you see one and something "clicks" other times they do absolutely nothing for you. As I said in an earlier post I used to go down to highland and turn north. The reason is because the Washington Arms apts used to have a lot of pussy hanging out in front or close by. I honestly dont recall the last time I saw someone working around this place. So now I turn north on rural. how come I didnt know about this street before? On one fo the last nice fall days we had I was up on tenth and decided to head south back to washington and I took rural. My God I hit paydirt!! Two things come to mind. As you head south from tenth once you start coming up on Washington Street there is a little alley on your left that runs parallel to Wash. That corner is almost always occupied with at least one gal and I have seen as many as four standing there talking and giving the eye trying to drum up business. Also, check out up by the Liquor store on Michigan. Almost always a bwb working around there. Some are better than others. Also, as you head north there is a young WSW that walks on rural from tenth. She walks about four blocks and turns around and walks back up. Thats all she walks. She is cute but flat chested. I have already mentioned the bsw at State and Ohio. Also at New york and Sherman just south of NY St there is a bsw that hangs out in the parking lot. she just walks that area. I think she gets a lot fo business from guys leaving that bar. Saw her jump in a car once with three mexicans. She is not entirely unattractive but I wouldnt gush over her either. She is on the large side as well. Also, this is as good a place as any to mention this. There are two WSW who hit the bars between Rallys all the way down to State. If there is a bar there they frequent it. One is small and petite with reddish hair. 30ish. The other is 21 and fat with blonde hair and big tits. They are aunt and neice. They are bat-shit crazy! They actually live in a motel down off keystone. I think its the dollar Inn. They have the keys to a vacant home in the area. (Go south on Keystone for a little bit, turn left and take that over to Gray and its a house on the corner. So if you pick them up but arent sure if they are the ones and then you hit a corner house and the street is Gray just let them out.) Basically I gave them a ride once. Small talk turned to sex to them putting on a show for me. They gave me a half assed preview in the car but, naturally, we had to stop at a liquor store. I bought them some whisky and, of course, you have to have a coke to go with it. They were celebrating a birthday, had a sob story etc etc we have all heard it before. The longer I was with them the more unattractive the whole thing became. We go in the house, no electricity, there is a bare mattress on the floor, a chair and a small table. This is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever done and would never do it again. I cant explain why I did it. I was being very recklass especially when there was a bunch of guys sitting out on a porch a half a block away. I could have been set up so easily. Anyway, the skinny, older one was up for fun but the younger , sober one, wasnt. I asked for another preview. The skinny one got naked without hesititation but the fat one just raised her shirt. The skinny one started sucking the fat ones tits but she kept laughing. The fat one was totally not into it. then they wanted cash. I offered $20 for a show and they cussed me. Told me it was "mexican ***** money" and they were better than that. (I should have asked where I could find those!) Said they wanted $50 each and a ride to their motel "where their toys and shit were so they could get really freaky". I wasnt buying it. I told them since we were already here we would just stay. They were soooo obnoxious. It was getting worse and I was getting uncomfortable. I had lost all interest in these people. I knew no matter what I paid it would have sucked. I told her I would give her $25 if she layed down on the mattress and got herself off while her niece took off her shirt completely and played with her tits for me while I sat in the chair and watched. They knew this was going to be the best deal they got and the skinny one was already naked. I pulled out a $5 and two $1 and counted "ten, twenty, five" folded it back up and gave it to the drunk one. It was dark, she was hammered and, they were so obnoxious, I could have cared less. It was a terrible show and I bolted out about $7 for the liqor and coke and $7 to the girls. Hey, I would have paid more than that for a one song lap dance but I learned a good lesson. Anyway, I have seen them walking a couple times. Not worth your time and effort. Trust me. Okay, I need to actually get off this computer and run some errands. I do have a question. There is a WSW up on tenth. She wears the same clothes. Always red plaid 60's style pants, a tight top and a coat thats open. She has black hair and it always looks like she just got out of bed. she has a great body and a hell of an ass. Usually out at quitting time. Looks and acts drunk and plays out in the street. anyone know anything about her? Also, There is a red head out about the same time. Young and cute and hangs around Beville I think the street is. Anyone had any experience with her? Okay, gotta go..will have a report later and also continue with a few hunting stories...

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    Now, where was I?....

    Since the biggest question most guys want to know is "where can I find these gals" I will attempt to answer this question. I have been running around these areas for years. As I said early, I do not know the Westside at all so I can be of absolutely no help there. Also, I am lousy at cross streets and even worse with names. What I am good at is bird-dogging the gals and spotting Leo's stings. My best friend and I frequently will go on what we call "whoor toors" (rhymes with Coor's) and see whats going on after we go out. We have even on occassion taken his wife and my girlfriend along with us after a night out. It's fun watching them get all wide-eyed (our women not the streetwalkers!) and, hey, its sometimes better than "Cops"! In the summer I will a couple times a week get on my motorcycle late at night and just ride around and, sometimes, even stop and chat them up. So, with that said, here's what I have found:

    Leo: The guys are absolutely right when they say "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". When the Irvington Comminuty Council complains they will step up the uniformed units and send the Vice squad out. This used to happen religeously every May and June because the irvington Community Council would have their Mayor's Dinner in May (the mayor and all his department heads and police and fire officials would attend for citizens to discuss issues with), someone would inevitably bring up the "streetwalker problem" (usually after the "when are we going to get parking on Washington street?" question)and the Mayor would direct the question to head of Vice and he would say he would make a note of it. Basically, from what I have observed, reverse stings have happened in primarily two areas although I havent seen one in quite some time but, then again, I havent been out much the last two months. There used to be one right across from the Church's. A woman, usually white, would walk up and down the northside of East Washington between the point right before tobacco shop/cellular place and over to about Butler. (by the way, there used to be a REALLY cute, petite black haired wsw that hung out at the corner of Butler and Washington. She got pregnant though but still worked. I havent seen her in the longest time. Anyone?) So, anyway, she walks back and forth. There is usually a black male that will be sitting on the steps halfway between where she is walking. He is obviously keeping an eye on her. There is also an old car parked on the side street that runs along Church's. There will be a guy leaning against this vehicle. I did once see a man pull an old shitty bike out of a trunk in that space and proceed to ride it back and forth too. I sat in Speedway and acted like I was on the phone once and had the best time watching them do this. They made no real attempt to hide what was going on but, sure enough, one right after another would get burned. I havent seen this in a good while though. What I have also seen is the use of the old Brown library in Irvington. The gal will get in and the unfortunate bastard will be directed to head behind it and there will be cops waiting. I havent seen this though since they stopped merely writing tickets for offenses when the jail got full. The first time I saw a library used was four years ago. The library on East Washington down from Rally's was used. The parking lot is in the back. A blonde cop, kind of chubby with permed very blonde hair in jeans and tennis shoes would stand out front. She would probably say something like "I dont want to be picked up on the street meet me around back" but when the guy pulled around there were police and a wagon. You could see what was going on if you turned the corner and headed north and looked to your right but it wasnt obvious. Speaking of Law Enforcement I have a question. All last summer there was a bsw as big as a linebacker working the area across from the apartments East of the Wonder Store. She would walk back and forth across the street but pretty much always stay around that white building on the northside of the street close to Wallace. She was a large woman but not fat at all. Huge shoulders and very fit with a nice chest but she had to go 6'0. She had tons of makeup and a giant purse. I pulled down a sidestreet once to get a better look at her but didnt say anything when I pulled up to the stop sign. I noticed she kept looking past me and when I turned to look over my shoulder there was a black guy in a station wagon parked and slouching down in the seat with his baseball cap pulled down a bit. This had to be a cop. Anyone? Also, there was a bsw that always hung out on the first block West of Emerson on washington street. She was VERY aggressive. Not bad looking but short and a bit on the heavy side. She always wore jeans, a tube top and a jacket over it no matter what the weather. Did I mention she was aggressive? Waving and carrying on. I dont think she was a cop at all but I always wanted to know what her story was.

    Thats pretty much the only Law enforcement tips I can give. Not sure it helps much. I have been followed closely before and their new thing now late at night when there is little traffic is to turn their lights off and drive up behind you very you arent going to see them? I would think the liability of driving with your lights off outweighs the prospect of "catching" someone. My next post I will get into more where to find them and what crazy ass sw's to avoid at all costs.

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    New site

    Anyone seen someone from this site?

    Almost looks too good to be true...would be interested if anyone has seen someone. Feel free to backchannel if you don't want to post here.

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    Hints, Experiences and other observations....

    Had some luck a couple of days ago up on Lee around 11pm, cross street edgewater. WSW's .5 for FS. a little rushed, in the car, mish only.

    First one about 5'2" brown hair, locked out of room needed $$, 2nd WSW 5' 7" Brown hair, gave ride to trailer park when finished on edgewater south of lee about 2-3 miles down.

    Stay safe.

    PS - Time to stop lurking and start posting. - Will share AMP info soon.

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    e 10th Wed. early afternoon

    Decided to try my luck on e. 10th Wed. just after noon. First several passes, nothing, LE presence normal. Went for lunch at hardees at linwood sq. Back at the stroll abot 1:30, I run into Penny near gale st. I turn at the corner and she jumps in looking alittle rummpled but ok in a tight black top, jeans and an olive green hoodie. Wanted her to come to my place, no time for that she said. Couldn't use her place, kid's out of school of course. She knows I won't use the car so she just asked for "lunch money". Made her an offer for a boob pic, she accepted. sadly I blew the exposure, but the shot still came out just not real well, too bad, I really like her big softies, esp. when she's flat on her back! Off she went and me back to driving. Few passes later was Brandy standing at LaSalle st. wearing a red hoodie and light blue bluejeans. I turned, she got in. She won't come over either nor had a place, strike two! again cigarette money for a boob pic. hers aren't great, but i got a better exposed shot anyway. Still had alot of flab around her middle. Her gone, I cruised till it started raining, never took another shot tho there was one other one out that I saw. A 40ish blonde, light blue parka, jeans, saw her get in a grey sedan. Guess I'll be trying again soon!
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    e. 1oth earlyTues evening

    Headed for e. 10th at dusk Tue. once again assuming with the 50 degree temp that there would be above average activity for a late Dec. early evening. There was indeed activity, saw a 40ish slender brunette in jeans and dark blue sweatshirt that I've seen out many times over the years but have never met. She just doesn't appeal to me. She was in the block by the speedway/liquor store lot. A couple passes later by the old Rivoli theatre there was what I thought was an ebony gal I met last summer so I turned at the corner and she came over and jumped in. As she slid in I realized I didn't know her and didn't want to. Said her name was mama D. Looked more like Mr. Ed. I apologized and immediately offered her cigarette money for her time. She didn't say a word, grabbed the green I held out and was gone. Cool! Made a few more passes, nothing. LE presence was low.

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    Just my opinion, not legal advice:

    Someone mentioned LE can use posts on this board and photos as tools to arrest hobyists/SW's, showing a pattern of behavior. I do not agree. There is no way for LE to know if anything at all on this board is true or not. Taking pictures of legal aged consenting adults is not a crime. A photo by itself does not prove solicitation took place. I really do not believe LE has the resources to allow serious investigation into street level sw activity. Sure they have heavy patrols at times, run stings with LE posing as SW, but does anything really ever change? NO. SW's are almost always available, marion county jail is too full to keep these gals for very long if at all. I believe LE puts on a "show" for the residents and business owners in known SW areas. Let's them see their tax dollars at work. Think about, if there was a way for LE to get rid of these girls, and hobbyists, once and for all, don't you think they would do it?

    They should have left all the massage parlors open, at least the gals weren't all over Indpls streets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyDave
    Once again, saw LEO in marked car, parked and observing people walking and passing traffic.

    The following is just my opinion, not legal advice.

    As much as LE might like to run off everyone they think is a hobbyist, they just can't. There really isn't anything they can do unless there is evidence of a crime. Cruising in Marion county is not a crime. Picking up a gal that is walking down the street is not a crime. Stopping and talking to a gal walking down the street is not a crime. Do they sometimes follow you if they think you are hobbying, YES, I've had it happen to me many times. Will they pull you over if they see you pick up a known sw, YES, has happened to me more than once. They will definitely pull you over if they see you pick a sw that they know has a "stay away" order meaning she has been ordered by a judge to stay away from a certain portion of any street or area. If a gal has such an order and she is observed getting into a vehicle in that area, she has just committed a crime and you will get pulled over so she can be arrested and taken off the street to face the judge that issued the order.

    If you do get pulled over, speak as little as possible. Don't volunteer information and DON"T bulls*it LE about what you are doing, believe me, they know. Give one word, or VERY short answers to anything they might ask. The times it has happened to me, I have just said I offered the gal a ride, ABSOLUTELY NO MORE. LE will try to trick you into saying you solicited her or that she solicited you, stick to whatever you said when they first asked you, DO NOT change your story, if you do, be prepared for a longer visit with them. It is up to them to discover evidence of a crime before they can do anything and once they got you telling tales, they will try to get you to say something they can arrest you for. Believe me, they will tell you all kinds of things, even lie, to get you to admit you solicited. Keep your mouth shut, stick to your original answer every time they ask you why are you in the area and why did you pick up this gal. I have done this every time I have been pulled over and have never been arrested. I was even told that "if I see you out here again, I will arrest you", PURE BS! In marion county cops don't have the authority to issue stay away orders. Keep your cool, be polite, keep your mouth shut and admit to nothing. Bottom line tho, if you are married, or in any situation where getting arrested for solicitation would throw your life into chaos, don't monger at all. Like Baretta, you remember him, Robert Blake, another celebrity that got away with murder, used to say "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."
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    E. 10th Cruise

    Couldn't sleep so I went out for a cruise around 3AM. There were 3-4 SWs on every corner on E 10th, and a heck of lot of mongers out as well. Circling the block a couple times, the pickings got slimmer. Decided to check out E. Washington. On the return to E. 10th, hooked up with a red head, Nancy. WSW 6 on SW scale. Nice personality and willing to please. Didn't want to leave the area, so we found a place to park. Negoitated .3 for 1/2 & 1/2. Good oral skills and really got into FS. Says she doesn't get out much. Would repeat again.

    LE light be safe.

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