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    Probably legit, but watch out. If you ever heard me ranting about OTC strippers and how they're overrated, this was mostly who I was talking about. Previously known as Merrick at Kahoots. She is a little prettier than her pics when she's wearing makeup (which you'll see if you find her FB), not the greatest skills, and she may be a little picky and / or mechanical. Most importantly, don't trust a word she says. Haven't met her as an SB per se, although I did see her regularly OTC while she was at Kahoots and was engaged. Stick to your guns when negotiating, not worth overpaying, she will take advantage, and don't let her lead you on with promises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeCoolHand  [View Original Post]
    I swear I've seen an ad for her on STG or EB. Might account for the high traffic.
    Her profile says she's located in Richmond Virginia, Maybe she travels and that's why she looks familiar because she may have posted an ad or two here when she was visiting. Or some local provider stole her pics and posted an ad?

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    Reynoldsburg latina SB

    Any info on this tiny latina. Her sa name was shugardoll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JizMan  [View Original Post]
    I haven't seen her myself. Here's what I can tell you, assuming the girl behind the profile is the same girl in the pics. Her name is Stephanie. I don't know what her allowance is for sure, but I heard she is agreeable to for P4 P. She is connected via FB to other SA, BP and SW girls. If she got rid of that gut, she would elevate her status, IMO. I think 200 might secure a date with her that includes intimacy?
    She messaged me and the conversation resulted in a request for $200 per meet. In the interest of information I asked if that included anal, she said no. I asked what if the amount increased. She replied "Yes, $300, you have to use lube though".

    Are there guys out there not using lube in that activity? LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyJ  [View Original Post]
    What was she arrested for?
    Probation violation. However, she was busted for felonious assault in 2017.

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    Please share info

    Hi Brian, Could you please message me her contacts.

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianMoore  [View Original Post]
    She is a beautiful thick sub. She is unable to host but is well worth getting a room for. $$ please message me if you want her contact information.

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    What crime

    Quote Originally Posted by BabaTrump  [View Original Post]
    What was she arrested for?

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    I saw Tiffany a few times when she first joined SA 3 years ago. She goes on and off the site periodically. Very pretty and a great body. She's thin, but has some nice curves with her clothes off. Free spirit type. Smells great. Must be the vegan diet. Nice to have drinks with or just hang out. I saw her working in a restaurant not long ago and her body didn't look as tight as I remember, but she still stood out. Allowance was 300. I am pretty sure she is asking for more these days.

    Has anyone ever chatted with this one? She seems to be very proud of her breasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabaTrump  [View Original Post]
    Yep. That's her. Good find.

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    She is the girl in the pics. Some baby damage. She is nice and pretty. I think she needs the money for some family stuff. She can host. Damage was 250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMann  [View Original Post]
    What do you mean last account? This was about 10 days ago and she was very firm. Can you give a review if you saw her?
    She used to go by Birdie something or other, very cute but I did not meet her. We talked but she was a bit inconsistent, didn't feel right so I called it quits before meeting.

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    Jizman, was this the SA profile?

    Quote Originally Posted by JizMan  [View Original Post]
    I recognize her from SA a while back. She exceeded my age limit so I never messaged her. She looks a little rough in her mugshot but there are some sexy bikini pics of her on her FB. I noticed a couple of her FB friends have been hookers.

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    Lillwhitegirl. Wants $500.00 for a Meat and Greet, LOL LOL LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiloRollins  [View Original Post]
    Her name is Jessica and she lives on Warren, at least she did last year. Boyfriend in County. Can be fun but somewhat of a dead fish in the sack. She is a squirter if you are into that. I would say stay away as there is always a text for emergency money needed. Personal experience over the course of about 3 months.
    She also used to post on backpage and the like. If you search hard enough you'll find her. Also, cousins with Kaylee who's been discussed multiple times on the escort board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren66  [View Original Post]
    I got her to agree to 2 on her last account.
    What do you mean last account? This was about 10 days ago and she was very firm. Can you give a review if you saw her?

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