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Thread: Sugarbabies and Arrangements

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    Older SB that loves to f

    Sweetheart widow that just wants it. Really nice lady that's as horny as can be. Loud screamer that knows what she's doing. A little too needy for me for long-term.

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    Bareback Bartender

    Super insecure thick naughty bartender. A little needy and self conscious.

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    MzzDiamondgirl. Extorter

    Playing catch up on some old posts and saw a thread about Jamie. Run for your life. She tried to extort me and recorded our time at the hotel. As low of a low life as you'll find from a SW. Works at strip clubs around town. Terrible human being.

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    CeCe Drama

    Saw her a couple of times. Lots of family drama and way too needy. Barebacked and she brought a Hitachi the last time a saw her. Too needy for me.

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    Used to see her. 200/ meet. BBBJ, CFS. A little rougher looking in person than pics and has enhanced breasts. Nice and down to Earth but does have some family drama as she has a kid.

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    Dirty Dirty Mature SB

    Barebacked a couple of time in the last few years. A little older than 40, but not 50. Body of a 40+ who had kids with big tits. Naughty and dirty af. Has a place on the east side that's safe and discreet. Late bloomer coming to life and loves sex.

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    Messed up but a gamer

    Intimate with her a couple of times a few years ago. Really damaged and broken abused single mom. Hates sex due to abuse. Cute enough, but needy and will try to work you for cash. Maybe she's matured, but I doubt it.

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    Avoid Avoid Avoid

    Local Somalian SB who is a total scammer / princess. Time waster. Hot af but not trustworthy. Tried to run a scam on me a couple of years ago. Didn't fall for it and see her pop up every few months.

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    I was a longtime hobbyist on Indys when it was a legit site. Went the sugar route about 6-years ago and have a ton of experience with SA. Just scanned for a potential provider to visit and was reminded of how cool this site is. Thought I'd add my $. 02 on some of the many hits and fails I've had on SA. Hope it helps you avoid some of the crazies I've experienced.

    Feel free to communicate directly if you are active on SA. I'm thinking about getting back into the hobby instead, the problem is my TER, P-411, Date-Check, and Indys profiles are either gone or legally out of reach.

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    TOSU recent grad and athlete. But a flake

    Complete waste of time. She doesn't know if she wants to be an SB or not. You'll hear from her every week or so. I don't think she's ready for the intimacy thing. If you want a hot bodies platonic thing. Have at her. I stopped communicating as I don't have patience for girls who are that green about sugaring.

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    Time Waster

    Hot little Dominican / French girl. Acts like she's all about meeting, but terrible communicator. Only available days before 3 pm and weekends. Never connected face to face because she flaked.

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    Gamer "Blair"

    I've seen her on and off for several years. Never became a long-term SB because when she was 18, I had to pick her up. She's older now, but I think still Ubers. Incredibly hot little body and good skills. Terrible teeth, hence no open mouth photos. Potential for light drama if you continue. Kind of bi-polar from meet to meet. Somewhere in the 300-500 range per meet. Awesome little body and good oral skills. Travels to Greece as well, once you're established. Likes to kiss and be fingered.

    I just never connected long-term with her. She goes on an off SA and dances sometimes off Bethel Rd.

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    Anyone meet her?

    She's been on the site a long time. Seems to come and go. I'm worried this is another profile from a black widow.

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    She's Game. But didn't meet

    Kinda trashy suicide girl type. Lots of ink and a decent / thicker body (couple of kids). Never was able to make our schedules work because she got off work later. Travels from up north for a gig down here every couple of weeks. She's cool and a 420 girl. Gets the baby thing and would probably be a fun long-term baby.

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    Freckled Time Waster. Avoid.

    Total time waster. Skittish to begin with then you get to the texting stage and she won't set up a time to meet. Artsy hippy type.

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