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    Unplug your nose

    Sorry Coyoteboy,

    Who cares what you think you smell. I would rather have my first post to be one of high standards than 32 of (hey guys just keep driving around the block your sure to see something).

    I guess thats a senior member for you, If any more fellas want the contact info pm


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    Damn, isn't anyone getting laid in Minnesota? This board is dead! I'm wondering if anyone can give recommendations for a MP. I'm looking for a great massage by a trained therapist with a happy ending included. Not looking to spend more than $80 (TOTAL). Can anyone help me out?

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    Do I smell bacon frying?

    Dear member #V-0,

    It seems suspicious to me that you are offering a phone number and contact info for some girls who would do anything for cash and that you have no other posts. Perhaps it isn't bacon I smell, but rather donuts.

    Oinks to be you,


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    finally some fun in st paul

    Hey fella's,

    I just got word on some nice black chicks in st paul, that are willing to do any thing for a little $.$ Any one wants a # pm me.

    Play safe or don't play at all.

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    Anybody in Minneapolis remember "Tangerines"? Used to be a 'body painting' place years ago. always had incredible experiences there.

    Has anyone started anything like that up in Minneapolis since then?

    Incog Neto

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    City Pages


    You may want to view the city pages. I was in Minneapolis earlier this month and had an ok experience for around 140. It is worth a look. I noticed that there is not much information on this thread.


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    response to lucky guitar

    See prior posts on Abigails.

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    Massage Masters

    There's a joint in downtown Minneapolis called Massage Masters or Tender Hands that I was unfortunate enough to visit last month when I was in the Twin Cities. It is strictly a jack shack where the women charge outrageous tips to go topless, thong, or nude. The one I saw wasn't bad looking and she was helpful, talking dirty, massaging my chest, etc., but it basically was a sef service deal. I wouldn't have a problem with that because it was explained when I got there and I elected to stay, but after awhile I realized that there were peepholes in the doors and someone outside the room was watching. I guess they do that to check up on the girls, but I really don't feel like putting on a performance. I called the guy on it as I was leaving, but he just said I'd have to talk to the boss about it, and that's the way they did things and if I didn't like it I didn't have to come back. I'll be back in the Twin Cities next month and I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a massage place that includes a happy ending. I never want to go through something like this again. They didn't even have porn in the rooms.

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    Check out Alex on eros. I saw her the other day. The pic is her, shes average looking but gives a good session.

    If you try her let me know what you think. I like to gauge my expeinces with others. That way I know if you have similar taste.

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    I take it the girl I wanted to see is no longer in action.

    Nobody else here saw Belle from Eros?

    Any recommendations on someone from Eros worth calling?

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    The Skyway Lounge is up and running. Went there for lunch last week and there was a dancer there with a spectacular black eye and a cast on her arm. If you enjoy the 'neighborhood' strip bar as opposed to Deja Vu type experience I would also recommend the 22nd Street Station on University between Broadway and Lowry in NE Minneapolis. Also BJ's on the SE corner of Broadway and Washington.

    As to Minneapolis not being monger friendly, I don't know about that. I don't do much here in my hometown, but I certainly have in the past and I keep my eyes open. There is a stroll in both south (Lake Street) and north (Broadway/Penn/Lowry/Lyndale circuit) sides of town. There are more strip clubs downtown within walking distance of each other downtown than I've seen in any other major city.

    There are pages of escorts in the yellow pages and in the alternative weekly City Pages. Also action on Live Links 638-9999.

    With all these options, and $300 to spend, you must have had extraordinarily bad luck not to have a good experience. Try getting laid in Green Bay sometime, or in any strange city without a Martin Luther King Boulevard to get you started.

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    Damn it! See, if I was a Senior member, I could have fixed this, instead of looking like a jerk. Here's the article:

    BLOOMINGTON (AP) - Prosecutors say some sharp-eyed Bloomington residents helped them shut down a brothel.

    The criminal complaint in Hennepin County said neighbors told police that they had seen men going into a residence for between 30 minutes and an hour. Residents documented more than 100 license plates as men stopped by.

    Prostitution-related charges have been filed against Ling Jian, 43, and
    Jing Xie, 37.

    Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar said the neighbors were the eyes and ears for police investigating the case.

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    Okay, found it. This was on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune website, but sorry, I don't have the URL. I cut and pasted the article, below, and somehow lost the web address. Here it is, but I wonder exactly _which_ business this was? If any Bloomington/Minneapolis guys know the name of this place, I'd love to know it. Note the statement about neighbors acting as "the eyes and ears" of the police. Wonder why they don't report the drug dealers, spouse abusers, juvenile delinquents, thieves and bad drivers in the same neighborhood.

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    Has anybody heard/read about a "brothel" in Bloomington MN getting busted? I was unaware of any brothels in the TC area; unless you could have called the former "Tangerine" a brothel. The last "brothel" (not really) I visited was the Playboy Academy of Erotic Dance in St. Paul's west side. Standard small strip club/pool room layout, with a set-ups bar (BYOB) and women who would take you into their "studio" for "private erotic dance lessons." Strictly do-it-yourself unless you paid $200+, then it was FS, but that was nearly 18 years ago. I was surprised when a friend told me about the bust, because I hadn't heard/read anything about it. Current info, please! I'm from the TC area but now live more than 50 miles from town and seldom get up there.



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    Does anyone know whether the Skyway Lounge is still up and running? I'll be in town for a week from 31st Oct and so looking for some interesting places to catch some local flavour.


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