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    Warning. Tries to steal credit card number


    Texting "her" connects to probably computer responding system. Will not tell you where "she" is located until you "verify" your age at a web site. The web site demands credit card information. I used a "virtual" credit card number so I knew I was protected. Entered data. Web site said credit card denied. Within 10 seconds I got a message from my card company reporting fraudulent activity.

    Beware. It's a jungle out there.

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    Fake adds

    Whats up with all the fake adds recently.

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    Looks like fun

    She sure sounds like a good time.

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    Nasty. More like a thistle than a rose (or a dead fish)


    Very rude, bad attitude. Don't expect a BJ cause she refuses to give them, not always fresh and clean but more like a fish than a rose.

    Acts like she is on drugs but claims she don't do them, recently busted for prostitution and probably under a warrant. Beware!

    Not a good experience even if your desperate.

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    Just had a dream with this one, young and nice girl. Most definately not a clock watcher. Had a great time, will most definately repeat. This may be her last night here this week so go see her. She is in a very nice notel in wapak.
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    Kiki / elise

    Had a dream with her. BBBJ is ok, tell not to use teeth. Everything else was ok. Not my type though. YMMV. Good luck and stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiouxChief64  [View Original Post]
    She is legit. Nice girl. Good time. 99.
    Thanks for the info, she interests me.

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    She is legit. Nice girl. Good time. 99.

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    Any info on this gal would be greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyD2000  [View Original Post]
    Want to set up a dream with her. Any info would help. Slow on responce.

    Toftt and post your review. She looks ok.

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    [Message to Admin deleted]

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarDaddy77  [View Original Post]
    She wants an advanced deposit. I declined.
    She will take your money and you won't ever see her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainyNitesNDay  [View Original Post]
    She wants an advanced deposit. I declined.

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