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Thread: 2000-2004 Archived Reports

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    I'll be in Mason City & Clear Lake the end of the month. I'm looking for some action in my old home town.

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    I recently noticed a hottie in Mavericks strip club named Dakota. She's very fit with nice fake tits. She offered takeout but asked a pretty penny. Her answers to my questions about what's on the menu were vague. I'd love to do the private thing with her, outside the bar, but would first like to know what to expect. Please private message me if you can provide information. Thanks.

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    There's a sexy hard body named Dakota dancing periodically at Mavericks in Sioux City. I've heard she does private dances but haven't partaken. I'd be willing to make the drive, and pay for a private dance in a hotel if I knew what to expect. If you've had a private (outside the bar) dance with her, can you tell me what she offers?

    Thank you

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    Reference to last posting:

    I mean't to say locate, not located. The only clubs listed are in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, and Des Moines.

    Reno Dude


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    If you are trying to located swing clubs, go to:
    This site has a listing of all swinger's clubs throughout the United States.

    Reno Dude

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    For fun today, and to familiarize myself with the area, I drove all around Sioux City this afternoon. I think the area around W. 7th and Hamilton looks promising, but there was nothing happening in the middle of an afternoon. If anyone can make suggestions, it would be appreciated.

    I did pick up one woman who was walking from a convenience store on Hamilton and gave her a ride to her apartment. I gave her all the typical hints, but she did not bite. I should have been a little more forward, but I didn't want to blow anything.

    Carry on, fellas, and share the wealth (if there is ANY) in Sioux City.

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    I am on my way to the Sioux city area, Lemars. Can anyone help with escort reviews or links for sioux city. Amp's would be good also.

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    I talked with a guy on Yahoo Messenger the other day and he indicated that the women who would be SW's in many other cities hang out in the bars on 7th Avenue. Can anyone confirm this? I've never seen any kind of stroll in Sioux City, so this would be useful information.

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    I think your best bet is to take the drive down to Omaha. There are a few ladies there who will fit the bill, and ladies from KC make it a regular tour stop.

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    SC has a new service called Bikini Cleaning. They are at on the web. They look very legit but one never knows. If anyone tries them, let us other mongers know about it.

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    Is Rachel Roccoco still in business?

    What is her email, website, phone?

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    A new job looks like it place me in Sioux City for about a year. I'd like to find provider(s) who have recomendations of list members.


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    Still no news about Sioux City! I've met a couple Sioux City women on Yahoo Messenger, but I am still convinced that in a city that size, there have to be some professionals--either on the street or working from their homes.

    C'mon Siouxlanders, share the wealth!

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    Posts: 59
    Does anyone have any information concerning SW action in Sioux City? While in the area on business, I've done some driving around several promising looking areas, but found nothing. To me, the areas just north of downtown look the most likely for this sort of activity.

    I am also curious about Sioux Falls, but there is no category for South Dakota. Thanks!

    If you are uncomfortable posting, please back channel. I'd be happy to share info about other midwest cities to which my travels bring me.

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    Originally posted by websterguy2211
    Rachel Rococo is about the only local talent in Sioux City and as you can see from my last post she is worth every penny. I think her rate is $150/hr though it maybe has gone up to $200. She is more than local talent though and I have posted a few times about her.
    Anyone know how I can reach Rachel? We were exchanging emails, but for the past week, mine come back returned that her box is full. I'll be in Iowa next week and want desperately to meet her!

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