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    Soft Touch Rubs and Escorts Bare Play Wow

    Well I went out to Soft Touch again a couple days back and saw Mercedez at the Viscount / I-10 place. Wow that one is looking like super gorgeous. DD implants slim and facially gorgeous. I walked in, got naked and started having fun. She whispered to me that she liked my big dick. Junior was already stiff seeing that gangbang dvd she had playing then Mercedez just deepthroated junior balls deep! Then I bent her over the table and pumped her, a nice CFS and then she asked me if I wanted to slip off the coat and I was super surprised! Damn yeah so I tipped then went in nice and bare! Junior pumped that perfect shaved pussy and shot a huge load all over her titts. Their website is: softtouchrubs. thesofttouch.

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    Soft Touch Body Rubs- Dee-Licious. Another awesome visit

    I had a little free time and decided to dial up Soft Touch again. Saw Dee-Licious, and a few minutes she was fully nude and wow what a sight, looking awesome as usual. She played with Junior as he was already really stiff. Then a nice CBJ (offered BBBJ as an option as well). Then I bent her over the table and slid Junior right up inside for a really nice cfs. Awesome. Will repeat.

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    Went to see Dee-Licious, Dazzle, Jizzy, at Soft Touch Body Rubs

    Went by to see a few of the Ladies at Soft Touch once again on my time off. Dee-Licious is so damn fine and freaky as well Daty, nice cfs and BBBJ, and Jizzy cute Latina Implants super freaky BBBJ, BBFS, facial, and Dazzle slim cute very open-minded as well. Saw them over a period of about a week, very nice.

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    Ultimate 3-way Fun with Mercedez and Dee-Licious at Soft Touch

    Well work has taken me back and forth. I spent some time back in EP and had and saw a 2-girl session posted. Wow this was my Fantasy Mercedez and Dee-Licious. To be honest, Junior almost blew it, just seeing these two naked together. Junior was very stiff and wanted to spurt with the slightest touch of either of them LOL. So mentally I tried to think of the most boring sports event I had ever seen on TV to get Junior to relax some LOL. Dee started out with a nice smooth HJ, then before I knew it, Junior was balls deep between those sweet lips of Mercedez (heard a little gag action deep throat). Then Dee shortly after. I took turns poking both their mouths with Junior (and dam I wanted to Cum so Bad, but was able to hold back). Then Junior took a trip inside Dee doggy style, then a nice 69 with Mercedez. Then I took turns on both cowgirl style. Then I could hold back no longer, then lined up side by side and took turns giving me BBBJ then Junior shoot a nice load in those nice lips of Dee while Mercedez licked the balls. I think one or both were even down for backdoor or even bare, but Junior was far too excited and needed to finish before all that LOL.

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    Playin Again. Last week Soft Touch

    Well I got sent out a town for a while on work, so have not been playin too much. But am back for a while. I dialed up Soft Touch last week. I went in to see a couple of the girls. Kumilla with that firm ass was awesome as usual, very freaky, nice FS session, and of course Mercedez with those awesome Implant Titties. Danielle too wow very freaky. Lots of fun, I'm glad to be back!

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    Another awesome repeat with Aria and Dazzle is Dazzling!! Soft Touch

    I'm like totally amazed at this Aria chick, so I went to see her again, really fine as usual, nice tiny outfit.

    A nice rub with a nice BBBJ and cfs after. Then also saw Dazzle she is slim and cute, 19 and.

    Really pretty, got a nice rub plus BBBJ and cfs and both hinted that they may be down for more extras.

    As well, very nice experience with both.

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    Ok well back to Pussy Hunting-My nice time with Fantasia, Soft Touch

    Well they been having some really nice new girls out there lately. Damn Dee-Licious and Aria-damn those two could be super models (and last time I saw them, they are doing more extras now, fetishes, etc). I went by to see Fantasia again really nice looking caucasian cutie. She had on really nice lingerie which came off quick. I got a nice rub to start with, then her lips found Junior and sucked him up nice. Here is the amazing part. I went to lower part, then I lay back and she was getting ready to ride me. She was lowering herself and I thought she was going to just rub my dick on the outside of her pussy for a while to start (because I had no rubber on). She then smiled and asked if I was ready, I said yes, then seconds later Junior got totally surprised and she just sat on him -FUCK! Yep, No rubber on at all. DAMN I was in paradise, she rode me for a while then Junior had to let the juice fly. I moaned I'm getting ready to cum, and she smiled and said nice. DAMN I didn't know what to do or? So Damn I just shot a huge load up inside her, and that was fucking great. I was so amazed, wonderful time, I hope to do this again soon!

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    The other one

    Oh LOL I was hanging out at the adult theater last night and a dude that I always see there told me about all the crap that was posted on the other forum about me, and all the eatmeallover BS. First of all, I had actually seen her before, and I thought she was really attractive. We did have a nice session. But I'm not on here to be comparing chicks. Also, I'm not on the other review forum either. I usually just browse on the free non-VIP part, and not too often. It's amazing how people make stupid assumptions. Pretty soon, the idiot will try to claim that I'm Willie Nelson, etc, LOL. That's actually why I'm not on that review website. This review website is really awesome and has some legitimate good old fashioned PUSSY HUNTERS that actually go out and get really nice pussy and that actually post legitimate reviews on the nice pussy. All I usually see on the other review website is a bunch of arguing back and forth. I had several guys tell me at the adult bookstore that they are afraid to even leave a review on that other site because they feel pressured that they need to agree with that site's senior members on any kind of review. So that is a shame. That is why I never joined that one. Shit I don't blame Soft Touch Sarah for banning all of the pricks over there. I think there is an old saying that goes, If you act like a prick, you will be treated like one (or it goes something like that LOL). It's so funny how a lot of the pricks over there just make up these very tacky reviews just to get premium access too. Very funny LOL. Don't get me wrong I'm sure some of them are ok, it's just unfortunate about all of the pricks though.

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    Up inside Kumilla. Raw Anal. Soft Touch

    I got in touch and scheduled an appointment last week with Kumilla. I went in, and she was naked and looking very fine as usual. She rubbed Junior all over and got him very stiff. I ended up getting a very nice BBBJ after that, and a nice deep throat! Then I bent her over the massage table, and slid Junior right up in there. Junior was thirsty and wanted more, so I asked to unlock the back entrance. It was very nice, I slid Junior right up inside that tight asshole, then shot a huge load up in there. Very Nice.

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    Karly Koxx at Soft Touch. Peeled back Junior

    I went to see this Kinky One again. She wasted no time. I entered undressed and before I knew it, Junior was bare and deep down that throat! Super nice BBBJ. I almost busted then, but able to hold Junior back a bit. She then lubed up Junior and I though I was about to go up in her pussy with a rubber on, but she pushed Junior up a bit and left him uncovered, Fuck it was awesome, I slid Junior while still bare, up in that nice tight asshole, damn I could only hold back for a bit and then shot a huge load up her ass. Damn then she bent over for and giggled as she pushed my dripping cum out of her asshole. This one was awesome.

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    Gave Kumilla a nice Facial at Soft Touch

    Had Some time off work and decided to go and see Kumilla again at Soft Touch. Damn I was so horny this time. I entered and just dropped my pants and she put her lipps over Junior and damn I just busted real quick, nice BBBJ and gave her a nice facial. Very nice.

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    Karly Koxx at Soft Touch. Very Nice

    Had just gotten off work and decided to try out Karly. I arrived and as I walked in, she looked at me and licked her lips and gave me an erotic facial look, and she grabbed my nuts and asked me if I wanted a nice rub. LOL, I said yes actually I do. She appears to be Latina and Cute. She is pretty verbal. She is pretty naughty and hardcore. I lay down for the rub and she gets naked. Next thing I know Junior had disappeared! Because he was all the way down her throat! Very nice no gag deep throat. She then slipped off the latex and gave me a super naughty super erotic look and Junior went back in that mouth and balls deep! Nice awesome BBBJ, like one of the best BBBJ that I've had. Damn Junior almost blew it right there! But I was barely able to hold back, and then I had her bend over the massage table and I sent Junior in that nice tight pussy!, It was very tight and damn I only lasted a few minutes after entry, and I let out a mild yelp as I sent a huge load in the cap, and she moaned yeah baby shoot that load up in there!. She is awesome and she almost everything, and even greek too.

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    Rare Latina Jewel Darla. Soft Touch

    I have seen her before, and she is still really really fine! Perfect T&A, yes she really is a Rare Jewel, very good description. So I went to see her again. I arrived and she greeted me in a nice small lingerie outfit. As she started the rub, piece by piece, the lingerie came off, and then she was fully nude. WHAT A SIGHT! Junior went stiff quick as soon as I saw that T&A naked! She then slowly rubbed her hands over Junior making him sweat! She then slipped her lips over Junior for a nice CBJ. I loved her facial expressions as she had Junior in her mouth! Damn she is so fine that I almost busted during the beejay. But I help back just enough. So she then bent over then table for me so I could slide Junior inside of that super nice tight shaved tunnel. Damn I pumped for a while then shot a huge load in the cap. I was amazed once again. Very Nice.

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    Mea Ryder gave me a nice ride. Soft Touch

    I had some spare time and decided to go by and see Mea. I arrived and entered and DAMN, another totally fine chick! She had a tiny 2-piece Lingerie on. She is slim, nice firm titties, and really a fine looking chick. She did a little back rub, then I turned over, and she found Junior, and she giggled and said 'wow, you are really stiff'. I smiled and said 'yeah'. She started with a nice CBJ, then she mentioned that other options were on the menu. So she slid off the cap, and gave me a nice BBBJ. I then sipped on her nice tasty pussy for a while. Then I slid another cap on and bent her over the massage table and sent Junior up inside that nice tight pussy. Very nice and tight. After a few minutes, Junior could hold back no longer and shot a huge load into the cap. Very nice.

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    Wanted a Hand on my Cock, so I went to see Harmony Handcock

    So yes I went by to see Miss Harmony Handcock. I entered and she was wearing nice outfit. She is Latina, on the slim side, and nice looking. She unzipped Junior to let him out of his cage. She then rubbed him up and down and all around, very nice HJ. She then put her nice wet lips on him, very nice BJ. Then I bent her over the massage table and slid junior up inside her nice tight pussy. Then ended with a nice finish. Very nice visit.

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