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Thread: Streetwalker Reports

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    Any Winchester Action?

    Was in Winchester this morning on business. Talked to a guy at a store, ask about any "Fun Girls" and he said there are some that work the downtown area, afternoons and evenings, but apparently that was before covid.

    Any of you mongers ever have any luck there? Since I'm over there twice a month would like to sample the natives if there are some available. Went to AMP Tulip a while back probably won't repeat.

    Thanks and be safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpreadEm  [View Original Post]
    New to the Ashland area. Is there anything happening in this town. Thanks.
    Not much in Ashland. You have Lori, the mature massage girl who will post in the STG Huntington every now and then. Kali is currently over in the Ashland area. Other than a few UTR's there isn't much. I talked to quite a few from SA in Ashland area, but they all have major GPS on there! They are mostly wanting rich guys to pay big bucks them for, well, not much! Mia has been out of view pretty much since COVID hit. I do have an UTR girl that I've known for a long time who has been out of the game for a while. She's temporarily getting back in and may want new regulars, but I haven't seen her for a while so wanted to see her at least once before I start referring her.

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    New to the Ashland area. Is there anything happening in this town. Thanks.

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    Greetings Mongers,

    Any of you have any luck in Winchester? I read a post from a while back of a downtown area where you could find some fun.

    I was in town last Saturday, very slender blonde was walking alone on 60 headed east. Had nice tank, see through, and booty shorts and smiled.

    And waved back at me. Turned around and went back, but she vanished. She was very attractive and look young.

    Just curious if it is worth the effort to keep checking. And what are the best locations? Thank you. Be Safe.

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    Very light action in Hazard. Use to be some at the triangle park area, but even that's dead now.

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    Streetwalker Reports

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