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    She said she offers DUO and anyone tried them yet? Let me know.

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    LadyJ again and again. And again

    Sometimes I wonder if you mongers hate reading the same great reviews for Lady J. Tough shit, this is the only place where I can brag.

    But I'm not serving the alphabet soup of the fun I had, but instead will talk about what makes her a notch above so many providers.

    It's always upscale an upscale location which is already a major plus for me. Communication issue? NEVER.

    But it really starts the moment you step into the room. It is more than the awesome body wrapped is a sexy outfit with a beautiful face, it's the way she will come to you with a soft kiss. But if you haven't heard, this girl will keep on coming to you till I had to push her away (three times as I recall).

    I couldn't give a rats ass about her bra size (she could drop the J and just keep the Lady part) I don't see her for those puppies. It's her enthusiasm and desire to please, and OK I admit, she has some of the best pillow talk, just the right mix of talking dirty and really making you feel desired. Damn I'm hard again and have got to get back to saving my lunch money.

    See you soon, Alf.

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    Lacey Foxx. Unforgettable

    So I had a dream about Lacey Foxx over the weekend. I don't do this very often (really!) and this was a first time meeting. Set up was simple and I couldn't be more satisfied. She's smokin' hot, accommodating and very willing to make it an unforgettable experience, which it was. She greeted me at the door in a gauzy, semi-transparent robe that was incredibly sexy. I'm not much to kiss and tell but she said these reviews were a positive thing, so there you go. She was open to all of my ideas and was super-fun to talk to. A wonderful time I would recommend to anyone! You treat her like a queen, she'll treat you like a king. And I liked her little dog too! On the way out I accidently called her Stacy. Sorry, Lacey, I know your name! Just first-time meeting jitters. Even us old guys get them.

    Will definitely see her beautiful face again.

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    Well what can I say that hasn't been said about this wonderful provider. She is what wet dreams are based on. She is a major cause of Masturbation. I Had a dream where we had a blast and felt totally at ease even helped her carry stuff upstairs. Looks sexy with a great personality. We spent some time talking putting each other at ease. Then off to the bed room. Great BJ skills and daty was amazing then cfs cowgirl. Could not hold on it just looked so good. I hope she had as much fun as I did. If you read this buy some magnums cause we are repeating this shit cause I have a new atf.

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    Anyone seen this girl booty trap Queen? Tried to contact numerous times With no luck. Any information about her is be appreciated thanks.

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    Does anyone know Abby Ab?

    Does anyone know anything about this girl named Abby Ab? I am guessing she is fake, but I tried looking for a google image search and didn't find anything except for this advertisement. Any help is appreciated.

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    I'm not here to confirm nor deny anyone else's experience. But I will say I saw her for the first time very recently and had a great time. I think she is better looking in person than her pics (Not that her pics were bad). Her body and much talked about bolt ons are fantastic. She DOES in fact do BBBJ. A few other typical acronyms were had. She definitely has top notch skills. I will repeat soon hopefully. Damage was $ for a hhr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustyNailsYou  [View Original Post]
    Kyla made her username two years ago when she was 22. And her big ole fake titties are a lot of fun!

    I happen to like titties in all shapes and sizes.

    WillieWonka got kelly's and kyla's names mixed up, not their bodies. I think he is newer on this site and does not know the girls as well as some of us who have been around awhile.

    Pretty sure she is a little older then that considering I know here real name, and where she lives etc, but not about to argue, with someone whose clearly smitten with her. LOL to me she is just a regular girl, nothing to phone home about, attractive, sexy yes, but in my opinion she is and comes across as very reserved and doesn't get into the sessions as much as people talk about on here and I think they allow her attractiveness OVER RIDE that. Was an ok FUCK everytime I hit it. Not a GREAT fuck IN MY OPINION. Her kisses are half assed, and in mish position she kinda just lays there. Everyone enjoys titties, but for me they only so much fun, I like other body parts better, and sucks for WILLYWONKA for mixing up the 2, LOL cause body wise its a big difference. LOL both women kyla and Kelly have been around for a while.

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    Cincykyla22 is now 24 years old.

    Quote Originally Posted by KidKuddi  [View Original Post]
    How could he mix up a 56 year old granny with kyla and her big ole fake titties. LOL I swear ya can't make this shit up. LOL P.S. Don't be fooled the 22 in kyla 22 is not her age. Just throwing that out there for people who may not have hit that yet!
    Kyla made her username two years ago when she was 22. And her big ole fake titties are a lot of fun!

    I happen to like titties in all shapes and sizes.

    WillieWonka got kelly's and kyla's names mixed up, not their bodies. I think he is newer on this site and does not know the girls as well as some of us who have been around awhile.


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    Any reputable providers in the hamilton / oxford area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomS1977  [View Original Post]
    Anybody had any luck at Milford Massage, please share or PM me details? I opted for a 30 min, ok massage, interrupted twice (10 minutes wasted).
    I have never had any luck at that place.

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    Kelly not Kyla

    You can pm questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LurkinGround  [View Original Post]
    The PM I sent to you on this subject was spot on D Nut, no bad intel from me.
    Never doubted you. If she doesn't currently do BBBJ, I'm sure it was because she just changed her mind, and not because of bad intel.

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    Was able to reach out to Thalia last week. What can I say that has not already been said. But for me, she is one the best Dreamers I have Dreamt about. The best was conversing after the dream. No push or a rush to have me leave after the dream. She's definitely a keeper. I plan on dreaming again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffhea  [View Original Post]
    Has anybody seen her? Pics look real good. Tried to search her but came up with nothing.
    She has been around for a couple years. Pics are close to two years old.

    Nice, legit girl with a pretty good menu. Always felt real comfortable around her. I have not seen her for a while though.

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