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    Quote Originally Posted by NiceGuyNate  [View Original Post]
    Please tell me this girl is for real!
    I would say yes she is real / I just don't think she is in Cinccinnati. I could be wrong just my 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorksAlot  [View Original Post]
    I completely agree with you except the falling in love part LOL. I'm glad I started seeing her again. She's doing duos with brenna nicole. But her cousin was in town and I got to enjoy the both of them. I left there completely satisfied.
    Laceyfoxx never tells me about doing duos. Maybe she wants me all to her self! LOL.

    She used to do duos with Lexxxi, I have no idea what happened to Lexxxi, but I was lexxxi's regular for a while then I started seeing Laceyfoxx over her since Laceyfoxx treated me a lot better.

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    The Most Divine Rachel

    I wanted to report my experience with Divine Rachel. She has a screening process so don't try to see her unless you have recent ans decent vouches. I went thru screening and after a failed attempt to see DR once we got an appointment booked. She is in a private residence in Clifton area. I had a bit of trouble finding it on GPS but she talked me in. LOL. Her place is a little sketchy on the outside but its very well keep and appeared very clean inside. I will not go into too much detail other than to say her massage is releasing and comfortable in a very comfortable setting. DR is very personable and easy to talk to. If you can get on the schedule I would recommend highly. I will be going back and I think Nuru will be next. As stated in a post on Escort Review tab the pictures on Erotic Monkey are not the Divine Rachel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WorksAlot  [View Original Post]
    I completely agree with you except the falling in love part LOL. I'm glad I started seeing her again. She's doing duos with brenna nicole. But her cousin was in town and I got to enjoy the both of them. I left there completely satisfied.
    Lacey keeps saying that about the duo thing, but Brenna has told me in no uncertain terms, they ain't doing duos. That said, did you do a duo with her and Brenna? LOL.

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    Please tell me this girl is for real!

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    My bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by WavyZay  [View Original Post]
    Had a headache and she cured me for sure. During the visit went to a safe location after the screening. I passed and then she went in on the procedure. She definitely has a passion and is a very cool person and won't stop till you reward her with a protein shake. I just hate that her schedule doesn't match up so good with mines. But she's definitely worth a visit. And let's be kind to our providers. There's here's out there who make it hard for true mongers like myself.
    Sorry guys, not sure how I made this error. This is from Orlando, FL not Ohio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aries25  [View Original Post]
    Lacey has been my regular since October and I see her three Saturdays a month. She looks hot and responds to my text messages in a efficient manner. Also when I see her she provides me a great GFE experience, YMMV, I have never been with an escort that makes me feel cared about as much as she does. If you all are interested in a beautiful and sweet girl then hit up her phone.

    Just to give you all the heads up she is easy to fall in love with. I already have!
    I completely agree with you except the falling in love part LOL. I'm glad I started seeing her again. She's doing duos with brenna nicole. But her cousin was in town and I got to enjoy the both of them. I left there completely satisfied.

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    In Cincinnati on Friday

    Mongers I will be in Cincinnati on Friday for several hours. Looking for some fun. Any recommendations on a mature GFE? I had Velvet Ryne in my sites a year ago but did not get up there. Any help would be appreciated. Pm are ok bro. SMO.

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    How much

    What the dmg for an hour?

    Quote Originally Posted by IlvblckGrls  [View Original Post]
    Thalia has a new ad that says to ask about her friend Sariya:

    Guys, I have never been with two girls at one time before, so how could I pass up this opportunity?

    Thalia, as has been well documented on these boards, provides top-notch service. She is my all-time-favorite. From how fun and flirty she is via text, to her amazingly on-point instincts, everything about her performance is perfection. Add a smoking hot new girl to the mix, someone Thalia has been friends with for years, and you have a winning combination!

    It had been too long since my last visit, so when Thalia's head popped out the door to greet me, she was a sight for sore eyes. I walked in, we hugged, and kissed. But then there was someone else there! We also hugged, and kissed! I've never been making out with one girl, and then immediately started doing that with another, so from the first moment I knew I was in for something special.

    Sariya has a sexy face, and some nice, big boobs. We started out with an amazing, 4-hand back rub, but after only a couple minutes the suspense was too much and I flipped over. Everything about the experience was, for me, amazing and special. I loved making out with Sariya while Thalia had my dick in her mouth. I loved making out with Thalia while Sariya had my dick in her mouth. I loved when they both had my dick in their mouths at the same time. Since I knew I had an hour, I didn't even try to hold back, and blew load number one pretty early on.

    Once they got me ready for round two, I was fucking Thalia while kissing Sariya. Then I was fucking Sariya while kissing Thalia. I had my fingers in each of them somewhere along the line. At one point Thalia was sucking my dick while putting a vibrator in Sariya, and I was sucking Sariya's boobs and playing with her clit. When I realized the little man wasn't going to give me pop #2 through sex, Thalia went back there with her mouth, I put my fingers in Sariya, and she licked and moaned into my ears until #2 roared through my body.

    I laid there, spread eagle in the middle of the bed, drenched in sweat, and Sariya laughingly said I looked like I could lay there all day. It was true! I wish I made more money because if I did, I think I might have stayed over there all day until the little man was just spitting air.

    The only thing stopping me from being there every day is, like I said, the fact I don't have that much extra money! But whatever extra money I have, I want it to go to the two of them! I will be remembering fondly that hour of my life for years to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinlmp  [View Original Post]
    Decided to TOFTT and contacted sweet Lauren. Even better looking in person; gorgeous buxom blonde with huge natural firm tits and beautiful booty. Definite porn star looks. Quick back massage then asked to turn over and watched her undress and reveal the most amazing knockers I've ever seen. Lubed me up and teased with titty fuck. Her ass and pussy were very inviting but Touch only though. Hand job breast release were incredible. Not sure if complete menu.

    Session lasted only 20 minutes even though paid for hr. Was not cheap but oh my goodness the tits. The tits.

    Frankly I was pretty freaked out because no active reviews and paid up front breaking my golden rule. Will not do that again and may have to walk out if not able to get what I desired.

    The location in Kenwood area in a strip center location is very comfortable and low key.

    Hands down the most beautiful woman ever seen and will repeat.

    Limp Vinny.
    When My best friend showed up the woman who met was pushing 40 so-so face, overweight (by his standards) and yeah he said looked to have a big rack but at that amount you got to be kidding me! He hates bait and switch and totally was and walked out and complete waste of time! Plus the place is screaming to be raided, hate for anyone to be there when that happens but neighbors will catch on. Maybe they have more than one working there? Was Laura the girl in the photos? He does not recommend!

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    Karma Sexilexi

    Had a nice visit with Lexi yesterday. Quick to respond for a short notice date. She looked really cute when I arrived, looks like her pics. Many acronyms covered, but her BBBJ was friggin out of this world. PM for details. She had an O during DATY, always a plus. For the main event we did RCG for a good while. (Great view and moves) Finished with CG with her leaning forward for DFK as I exploded. Overall nice time. Will repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNut  [View Original Post]
    Sasha Black did that to me as she was riding cowgirl. She was going, "F--ck me baby. F-- ck me. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you. ". 15 seconds later I signaled that I was about to explode. She hops off, takes of the cover, and pumps me to completion with the small head in her mouth. She didn't let off until I was done and drained. As she pulled away, she runs her tongue around the head and licks the tip for good measure.

    That was just round 1.
    Those were the days my friend Sasha and Cupcake. Wish they were still around.

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    Your lucky

    Quote Originally Posted by MaximV  [View Original Post]
    What a time waster! Made and appt. Then she ask me to call, then tells me she is not at the hotel she first told me to come to! That should have been a flag there, but she told me the hotel where to go, and then some fucked up stuff about where to park etc. Anyway call and crickets. A total waste of time.

    Are there any providers in nky. That won't waste your time please let me know?
    As of most reviews I have read of her. You lucky you saved your money.

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    Naughty Nikki

    Any intel on Nikki? Images sure are titilating!

    Nice view from the back side as well.


    Limp Vinny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TickleJay  [View Original Post]
    Looks like she has some pics on EB from earlier this year. Same girl? / photos /5132858140/20593404.
    Link didn't connect to any photos that appeared like Lauren.

    That would be the cover of Vogue.

    Think Anna Nicole Smith in the day.


    Limp Vinny.

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