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    Since BP down this one really help Escortbabylon, and SA of course.

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    Will be coming to Atlanta at the end of June, could become a monthly visit and looking for a little fun. Harder to find any talent with all of the boards being down and would appreciate some of the gentlemen of Atlanta to help out a brother.


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    Terrible experience

    Went and saw her last week. She was in some apartments. The location was very sketchy. We got inside and the place was a total wreck. She wanted to do it in the living room cause the other rooms were occupied by roommates. We got down to business. She gave a terrible CBJ and then tried bossing me around. I then pretty much just rushed it so I could leave. She's not as pretty as pics. She's very closeminded and wouldn't let me even touch her ass at all. She's def a drug user. Don't waste your time.

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    Avoid. Has a pimp and a bad attitude

    I had texted this woman the other day, she didn't reply, so I tried again another day. She replies asking me to do a 3 some. I have no idea who these other people would be, and I was honest and told her I couldn't afford it. I just wanted a 1 on 1 with her. She then gets rude and calls me broke, claiming I'm playing games. Even has the nerve to call me a lowlife and attempts to make fun of me cause I'm paying for pussy. LOL (she's the lowlife for selling it, especially when some thug collects it, LOL) She then continues the rude behavior. I retaliate and call her a name right back. 2 hours later her pimp calls me and makes a nasty threat. Guys stay far away from this crazy woman.

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    This works to get into escortbabylon for Atlanta. You can't change the city though. It will let you refresh the page and change date, popular and recen.

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    Glad to see the site back. Stay safe out there fellas.

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    Back runningfull stream

    Glad to see USASEXGUIDE back to helping us find the service we need.

    Wet Dreams, PW.

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    Found this site. Seems a lot like how backpage worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesusPrice  [View Original Post]
    Slowly we're going to make it back.
    Coool, cause I've been wasted / so much money on these first encounters, with no intel togo on.

    Sheeesh, so much bs out here.

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    I tried to contact her about a week ago with no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneeker  [View Original Post]
    Hello out there, any of you regulars make it back?

    Slowly we're going to make it back.

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    Glad site is back up running

    Hello out there, any of you regulars make it back?


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    Not quite there yet

    I did finally see her, the ad is no good and haven't found another (truthfully didn't look real deep).

    Pleasant visit, if a bit disheartening. She's nice to talk to and she was (at the time) very prego which added it's own dynamic / thrill.

    BBBJ was allowed, but no CIM and not able to DT. Very methodical, automatic BJ.

    I eventually stopped and 'cut bait' at 30 min in. She and I talked and she was ok with the 30 min rate (of course I did ask for 30 min to an hour upfront).

    We discussed that I was looking for more of what I mention above and if she didn't want to or couldn't I would keep looking. I sat and discussed that with her because she had a tendency to text me out of the blue when she was in my area. Haven't heard anything since (which is what I expected).

    Nice girl, just not what I'm looking for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Isodt  [View Original Post]
    Set up a visit for later this week. Indicated BBBJ was ok on 2nd visit. We'll see.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMapalo  [View Original Post]
    BTW, I'm glad craigslist and Backpage has closed down. Now these bum ass overpriced broads can finally get a real job, instead of laying on their lazy backs and taking guys hard-earned money. Don't worry, these no chics will not migrate to SA in groves. They're too stupid for that. SA is a waiting game. BP chic's need money now! Good for them. I hope they all starve to death.
    LOL I have gotten a lot if texts lately "I'm still here" and "available now", some from chicks who never called or texted back last month!

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