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    After living in vegas for 2 years I got to say, L. A. just has so many more girls. I miss it.

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    I did a couple of M&G's today. The first was with an NP that was super shy. She didn't look as good as her pics but it was the girl in the pics. A natural beauty that has fallen on hard times. No car, so she told me to meet her in the vons parking lot near her house. Said she had to go shopping. Waited like 45 minutes (kind of annoying) but she did show, along with her mom. The mom stood nearby with her back to us the whole time as we talked in the car. She said we should have a date at my place next week. She is so insecure she is not asking for sugar. Just wants to get out of the house. Wants to civi date. Strange all around but legit. I've been focusing heavily on NP's so I guess I have to expect a bit of awkwardness.

    Soon as we were done I txted another girl. Met her in a strip mall near where she was at at the moment. A UTR girl that didn't look as good as her pics but had a cute little body. Maybe 4"9" at the most. Very flirty right off the bat. Said she was down. Has her own car and happy to drive the 30+ minutes to my place anytime. Told her to come by tonite, but then I canceled. Maybe see her this weekend.

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    Gracie Gates

    She's hard to get a response from but she's a pornstar. Best to jjst go straight to the point. Good luck to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBear818  [View Original Post]
    Do anyone have any info or review on this chick? I really like middle eastern women, but she gives me the vibe of having GPS. I want to shoot my shot, but don't want to pay over $$$$ for it.
    My general advice. Shoot your shot to 10 x as many girls as you could fuck in a lifetime. You will get rejected a lot. Thats a good thing. Toughens you up to where it starts to mean nothing anymore. And sometimes you get amazing girls you never thought you would get at reasonable rates. Do not be selective at first. Let the convos begin and then pare it down. When you say you don't want to pay over $$$$. I have to laugh. That would bag more girls that you could ever hope to see. Of course we all have our favorites. And you know what ... it's not always the money that gets them. Ofc it's important but not everything. Come on strong and direct. I cant tell you how often I get complimented for that. Never pussy foot around or waste time with small talk. Will you get this one on your budget? Maybe not.. but you will get plenty of others and the next hottest girl is just around the corner.

    About 10 years ago I had a bucket list item that I had to fuck an armenian girl. Not easy to do on seeking as there are so few of them. During that year I got one super hot (from turkey, cost me a bundle), one milf (from armenia, we became friends for a while), and one runaway (from russia, stayed at my house for a week but never fucked her). So chase your dreams but don't let it sidetrack you.

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    Do anyone have any info or review on this chick? I really like middle eastern women, but she gives me the vibe of having GPS. I want to shoot my shot, but don't want to pay over $$$$ for it.
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    I need to add a few more screenshots. I find it funny that this girl expects random people to help her out just because address having a hard time. I'm going to include a screenshot of her menu too.

    I actually replied to her post and said if you're going to off yourself be sure to send out some nude content first.
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    Still kinda new to this, figure I might as well add in what I've found in case people care.

    GPS 1 k ppm, very inflexible with schedule, didn't bother pursuing.

    GPS 1 kppm with 500 for M&G, also didn't bother pursuing.

    Super flaky, can never agree to M&G, nearly impossible to reach her.

    Wants you to send her money and "she's good for it later".

    Slowly trying to understand the sugarbowl world.

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    Funny girl

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but since it's kinda tied in with sd / sb I'll post it. I had talked to this girl from secret benefits but she had given me two phone numbers. We haven't talked in months but I was bored and added their Snapchat based on one of their phone numbers. I guess sometimes I ride is using it who sells nude content and also does meetups. Even though it looks like they want you to pay first. Anyway the other day it looks like they were having personal problems and were upset no one wanted to help them. I'm attaching screenshots. It's too funny the entitlement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstClass1  [View Original Post]
    They only offer me 25% off but with your code, it's 33% off. Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstClass1  [View Original Post]
    On my page is was like 16% off a 1 month diamond. still a lot

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    Weird pattern on SA

    I am noticing a certain type of fake profile these days. A gorgeous 30's woman, happy to engage in convo on the site. I have even gotten some of them off the site to text or messaging apps (Telegram). They get into big discussions about cryptocurrency, how they're making millions, etc. However, sometimes they suddenly show up on the site with a totally different location, even in another country. I don't really think they are traveling, I'd wager they are using a VPN into the country they are alleging to be from. Whether that is outside the US or inside it is a question. This can be very deceptive and obviously a bit of a time-waster. IDK what the game is, I haven't had any of them try to get me to Venmo them $ or get me to buy pix.

    Oh, yeah. Weird - they are often asking me if I have eaten a meal. Lunch, dinner. WTF?

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    Black Friday Weekend Discount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkalinedio  [View Original Post]
    I always wondered if the girls put Beverly Hills (there are SO many of those profiles) to get a hit with more rich men in their minds LOL.
    Absolutely. In OC, they all put Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. I once had someone I learned was actually an hour's drive inland who had this on her profile. My first SB also listed San Clemente as her location even though she was in downtown San Diego, b / c she wanted to fish in two ponds. I wonder about girls listing Long Beach doing the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LargeEss  [View Original Post]
    I'm having a hard time finding how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

    Under Settings.

    Select Hidden under.

    Search and Dashboard.

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    Hiding profile

    Quote Originally Posted by FarFarAway  [View Original Post]
    Lots of people complain about SA being filled w / fake profiles. I am guessing you are getting contact from overseas women wanting to sell you video or photos. IDK why you don't do what I do. Make your profile hidden from search. All that goes away. The scammers can't find you. If you go to a girls page, she can see you did that, otherwise, she doesn't know you exist. I have done this b / c I have a SO and didn't want my profile to be recognized. That realistically isn't an issue as I have found. I've been on the site 3+ years, I have never come across a profile of a woman I recognized (well, from anyplace other than SA). So, I haven't found a gal I know IRL.
    I'm having a hard time finding how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.


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