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    Great report

    I think Sadia is one of those pornstar looking providers that we've all thought about giving a try and all the while hoping she will perform like one. I've read many reviews and have contacted her multiple times but never felt comfortable enough to pull the trigger.

    A couple of deal breakers for me are if a girl barely gets the head of your dick in her mouth while performing oral and if she's stinks down below.

    Great report! Perhaps it's a little unfair but this is the kind of report I've come to expect from PW.

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    I saw her 2 years ago. She was rushed, frantic, and paranoid. Slim, but not too boney, so things must have gone downhill. I called for a follow-up and she was slurring her speech severely.

    I put her on my personal 'Do Not Call' list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Permanent Wood  [View Original Post]
    Sadia the Palestinian answered the phone, so I made the appointment with her an hour from. commotion to wake up half the guests. I believe someone called LE which wouldn't be the first time as she told me a while back she was escorted out of a motel by the cops telling her she was not welcome. Now I know why and so do you guys.
    She is obviously suffering form some severe mental illness. I've had my share of women like this. You caught her on a bad day. And most of her days are bad. If she is medicated and its a good day, things might be different. But why risk it?

    I used to cruze the waiting rooms of psychiatric clinics looking for anorexics. Believe me, the eating disorder was the least of their problems. The Walmart scooter part. Its not they can't walk, they just do it for attention or some other odd reason. Been there done that, and got the nightmares to prove it.

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    Sadia / The Full Report

    Sadia the Palestinian answered the phone, so I made the appointment with her an hour from then. She asked if I was LE which a lot of girls do. An hour later I was ready but no response from The Arabian Princess. Sadia calls back 2 hours later. "I am so sorry, I was in the shower. I want to make it up to you. You can stay an extra hour. Sex 2x. We can watch movies together." Hmmmmm, I bit.

    I go back but she isn't ready yet, said she was at the store. Difference though now is that she is communicating with me. I wait but not too long, maybe 15 minutes. She text messages that we can have sex 2x and she doesn't want me to leave and gives me the room number. I call back and she says she is back at the room, now she asks for me to pick her up a soda, WTF, she said she was just at the store. I pick up a Cherry Coke and head over. She had text messaged me the room number so I head to the room with the soda.

    I knocked on the motel room door and nothing, now how long to wait? 10 -15 sec. I knocked again and I hear a voice, "who is it?" Who the fuck does she think it is? Why not look through the peep-hole like a normal person? I wait and wait, then she asks again "who is it?" I've been at her door for over a minute probably 2 or 3 at this point. Does she expect me to holler out my name in the hallway to a room of a prostitute? God damn!! I guess so!! She finally opens the door and I thought I had the wrong room. Older looking than I expected, but I don't walk away. I see she has big odd looking tits (I could see the cleavage) and is wearing a red robe but I could see her boney legs and boney arms which were in odd proportion to her odd looking big tits. I enter and she closes the door but does not secure the dead-bolt. I turn and I do set the dead-bolt. She sees this and says she forgot. 150 was the agreed on price over the phone, she says "You got 170 right?" I reminded her of what we had talked about and it was like it was all new to her. Then she remembered. I told her she said we could spend 2 hours. She then says "Yes, you can stay as long as you like."

    She asked me to show her my dick. I show her my dick which I thought was good enough but she reaches out to grab it and now won't let go. She finally does then says she will show me her titties. She does and I get a feel but they were hard so it was odd, never felt hard tits before. I make a move to kiss and she pulls away. I make another and get a kiss but no tongue, and she isn't too playful about it at all. So many red flags and so many opportunities to walk but I didn't.

    She insisted on the money upfront. I told her part upfront -- rest on completion. Said she needed at least a hundred upfront then. I told her okay, and laid out 100 which she quickly scooped up and put in a safe. This is a huge red flag and something I have avoided for over 2 years with any other hoe until Sadia. The last girl to do this was Princess in Madison which turned out to be a bad experience turning at the point the safe was locked. Well things with Sadia stayed pleasant but odd for a while after the safe had my cash. A lot of talking ensued. She sat on the other bed in her red robe as I sat across listening. She had trouble staying focused as she switched from one unfinished topic to the next. At one point she got up and it took her 5 minutes to hang up a shirt on a hanger. She played with the shirt readjusting it as to get it to hang perfect, then brushing off a piece of lint, then re-straightening it, mouth flapping the whole time. Then Sadia got out a fancy bracelet from her purse and admitted she just stole it from Wal-Mart. I watched her cut the tag and put it on. It had a lot to it, with ribbons that had to be tied and just looked gawdy. I hate shit like this because during the fucking it always gets in the way.

    She told me how she and her girl-friend had been riding the Wal-Mart scooter. How she had no money but wanted to put some cash on her card. How she had no car but wanted to buy one and was searching craigslist, blah blah blah. I finally made a move and sat next to her to rub her back and she told me to control myself. Excuse me?? I went and sat back across from her. At this point I still have not got a good look at her body, just cleavage, boney legs, boney arms with bruises, and her face which was okay but a ton of foundation. Her hair was pulled back tight and I asked her to let it free but she said no, it gets too tangled if she does. She definitely isn't trying to appease the customer.

    Sadia does smoke Newport 100's in the room right in front of you to, she couldn't give a shit.

    We talked for longer than I can remember ever talking to a hoe on the first meeting, not knowing if anything was even going to happen she seemed so odd. Then she got out a couple of towels, pulled down the bed spread, then laid down the towels. Sadia, The Arabian Princess, then got out the condom and asked me to lay down. I did as she tried to put the condom on. She unrolled it 1/3 way, stuck her finger inside it, then tried to place it on my dick. What a tard. I offered to do it but she said "No, I know what I'm doing, I do this several times a day." She does not know what she is doing as a condom is to be rolled on, duh! Not as how was intended but we did get the condom on. She proceeded with a hand-job with her mouth at the tip. She may consider this a BJ but it is not. I politely told her "No, no more of this." She has in her ad that there will be no ringing phone, but come the date, her phone was turned on and ringing and when I asked her to shut it off she told me "just ignore it." Can anyone really ignore a constantly ringing phone? I asked her if she would lay on her back." She did then lay on her back as I proceeded to go for the pussy which was shaved. I got close and something stunk. I could smell ass, her butt hole stunk. Pussy seemed okay, definitely butt smell. She reached over, grabbed a bottle of perfume I think and sprayed her crotch. I am serious guys. No way was I going near that hole with my face.

    I got my dick aligned with her pussy BUT with her right hand holding my dick and put my dick inside her pussy as she kept hold of my dick while I stroked in/out and never let go. After one minute she got vocal and said she was going to cum. I said to her "One minute and your going to cum? Really?" She said gaspingly, "yes, I might even squirt. " She is an awful actress as things had not heated up nor were they to ever heat up as she was just too strange. The hand holding on my dick is a mood-killer in itself. Any girl that self-conscious of cock in her pussy is in the wrong business. I tried to kiss, lips made contact and she goes "you are very forceful." Excuse me?? I fucked her a few more minutes and she said her right leg hurt -- she was in a car accident. So now her right leg is hindering the fucking, every minute she says she is going to cum and maybe squirt, and anything above a slow-motion, half-depth pace is considered "forceful." You can't pound a nail with a pillow. And when I went in all the way even sloooooowly, she told me I was stretching out her pussy. And when I checked out her breasts and squeezed, they were hard, like the doctor used QUIKRETE® Yes, "Basket-case she is."

    I got about 7 minutes and she told me I should have cummed by now. I tried to keep things going, but next she told me she was going to pee on me, and to get off her. I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't get off her since I had paid for this pussy and exercised more patience with her than the last dozen hoes I'd been with combined. She is nutz! But I didn't think willingly stopping after 7 minutes was the thing to do. Then holy shit, this lunatic bi*tch screamed at the top of her lungs something straight out of a horror flick volume on MAX. Forget the half-nelson that doesn't apply to loony-bin patients. I got up and dressed and unbolted the door. I was had by this lunatic and only recourse I could think of was, okay, she is at least going to get bi*tch slapped. I walked over to her and as she was babbling I reached out and bi*tch slapped her across her face several times good and firm, I made it count. I think she was shocked as hell, but then she reached into a drawer and grabbed a knife and tried to stab me. I got the fuck out of there. There was enough commotion to wake up half the guests. I believe someone called LE which wouldn't be the first time as she told me a while back she was escorted out of a motel by the cops telling her she was not welcome. Now I know why and so do you guys.

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    Sadia The Arabian Princess / Palestinian Concubine / Looney Bin

    Sadia is a fucking dangerous lunatic who belongs in the looney bin!

    I should have listened to Hola Mundo who very first reported on Sadia the Arabian Princess way back a couple of years ago. Wise man. Since his report others have reiterated she is a "basket case."

    More recently however there have been some newer members with more positive results. Could she have improved? Her pics do show a pretty face and I just had to find out, mistake.

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