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    The best scorts

    I have a lot of experience with scorts all over the world and I can assure you that the most ****** are Latin, they have perfect bodies, hips and big tits, practically all of them, that genetics is delicious, I am getting excited now just to remember.

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    Venezuelan Barbie in Las Condes Chile

    Name: Barbie.

    Service: Independent escort.

    Contact: https://cl.mileroticos.com/escorts/b...ante/16134491/.

    Age: 24 Years.

    Location: Las Condes Commune. Santiago de Chile.

    Hair Color: Blonde, long hair.

    Venezuelan nationality.

    Height: 1. 65 according to your ad data, if it appears compared to my height.

    Face: She is a very pretty girl, smiling and with expressions of a young girl and a slightly penetrating look, only with her gestures does she become seductive.

    Breasts: Big and natural breasts, standing and with nipples that will give you great pleasure to suck.

    Hip: slim but not so much, her hips are in perfect contrast with her body.

    Tail: You will love that, he has a very well filled ass, well standing and rigid, you will love to see him moving in doggy position, I think he is among what I liked the most about this date and boy was it all very good.

    Service details.

    Rate: $ 50,000 CLP, which is equivalent to $60 USD, Low cost compared to dating costs here, 50 thousand is between the medium-high levels, in Santiago the cheapest services can consist of 20 thousand pesos, and at the moment, which is a quick powder can cost up to 10 and 15 thousand Chilean pesos.

    Personal Hygiene: She appears impeccable at the appointment, when we were together you could see that she was freshly bathed, with a good smell and fresh. When he saw us, he offered me his hot shower, which I gladly agreed to be level with.

    Does it give kisses?: Yes, it gives rich kisses, like a girlfriend a little bit more spikes than tongue kisses, but they are still my preference.

    Oral / Anal Sex: He does oral sex with a condom, it is good, but you can see less everything he does for the lining, even so, if he does it very well, he swallows almost the entire member. I did not consult anal sex, the same does not offer it in your ad, the same did not consult if I did it in additional because I am not much of consuming anal.

    Appointment place: There is a cozy space in an apartment in Las Condes, it has hot water and a shower, by contacting you it will give you all the information to reach it, it is easy to access near the Plaza Los Canarios in Las Condes.

    Is it how in the photos?: If it is, it has no filters or edits, even in the process of verifying images to confirm if the account was false I found ads on other portals with Selfie-style photos, the only thing you will not see in photos is his face.

    Rating 1 to 10: I would give it a 9, the girl is beautiful, with a rich body and knows how to give erotic massages, our appointment began with that contraption of sex and I was delighted, I do not give her 10 because the oral does it with a condom, even when I have washed the beak well, although it still makes it rich.

    It was a visit in the middle of Summer in Santiago, the heat was present and I wanted to take advantage of the moment, I was in a residence in Las Condes that I hired in the booking service and I spent a moment in some erotic Website to make an appointment with some girl from the Zone and if possible, go out with her.

    Already prepared to flirt, I asked Don Google and I ended up hooked with this girl that I found at https://cl.mileroticos.com/escorts/santiago/las-condes/ but I was also struck by one in Providencia called Renata at https://www.llamame.cl/anuncios/esco...silencio-23733 both blondes were listed as the ideal appointment, but due to proximity I opted first to seek the services of La Venezuelan girl.

    And the truth is that I loved the night with Barbie, although on a next visit I will tell you about my experience with Renata, another lady that you will also love to meet. Having copied the contact details, I wrote to his WhatsApp, the girl is attentive in the afternoon, so I hardly wrote to her, she gave me information about her services.

    When I contacted him, he was available for outings, romantic dinners and bachelor parties, in addition to going home, I was confirming some places in the city to go out, but since it was the first day after traveling I preferred to spend a little more relaxed so that we coordinate the meeting time, I went for food and went straight to his apartment.

    How I had to wait for the food, I did not wait for it to be ready, because on arrival it had already been 10 min after the agreed time, it was fresh and freshly showered, I told him that I had bought pizzas and I was received with a rich kiss and hug, I took her by the waist and she took me with her two arms giving me kisses while putting her hands on my behind. It was a rich welcome, we went to the apartment and he could look clean, we lay down for a moment in the living room to talk and kiss each other, and then she asks me if I want to take a shower, I agreed immediately because I was on the street for a while and in the summer in Santiago it tends to be a little hot even at night.

    When I came out of the bathroom I found her in bed in underwear and with a white flannel where you could see her big and erect breasts, the nipples jumped out at me, it was difficult not to notice them, I put my hand on the nape of her neck and gave her another warm kiss, there if we gave more tongue contacts while with my hand I could touch her ass, it had become a spectacle, my penis became hard at the moment and she rubbed it with her hand that if I continued inside I was going to tear my so much pressure underwear.

    We went to bed and already on her she had those big breasts just for me so I went to give her constant sucking and sole, it was shocking how her nipples were kept erect, I spent a moment on them as she moved her hips in a gesture of excitement so I took my hand to her vagina, it was hot and wet, I ran my fingers through it over her underwear, then with gentle movements I ran hands over her navel down to put it between her underwear, recently shaved and wet I was anxious give him a good fuck.

    I lowered her panties, but before she could penetrate her she asked me for calm, she threw me on the bed and began to massage me gently, she said, relax, the night is young and the pizza is still hot, and she kept inspiring me with soft massages, my body felt surrendered to its charms, its hands knew how to go through every pore of my skin and my muscles lost tension as my penis became more rigid, after a moment he began to put the condom on me, he gently touched and caressed my balls the moment I did it repeating how big it looks, I want to eat it all.

    From there he began to give me oral sex, sucking hard and playing with his tongue, I could feel his tight lips swallowing my entire penis to the rhythm that he sucked it, it was lovely, I imagined how he would feel rich without the condom, but if It was a dream that would stay like this, I still enjoyed it a lot, I took it from the root with one of his hands and at the same time rubbed my balls, that excited me a lot, from there he gets up with his back to me, from what I could appreciate his huge ass on me was lovely, then he goes to put my full penis in her vagina and with soft movements in the style of twerking he was slowly swallowing my penis.

    Gentle movements showed me his seductive sex, from top to bottom and front to back, he alternated taking quite a bit out of the penetration, I kept him from the waist very excited, he made movements with his hands on his ass, he felt hard for what I gave her soft spankings that emitted an epic sound, after a moment she changed her position, this time she got up and put herself in a doggy position, I still got up and on my knees I started looking for a position to penetrate her.

    She was slowly lowering her chest to bed level, so her vagina was completely exposed, first I put my finger and I passed it pressing on her G-spot, each time she came in it came out more humid, so I put my dick completely in her, we kept a charming rhythm until the first orgasm was present, I mentioned that I was coming, so she told me that if she wanted I could throw all my milk on her, I threw it all on her buttocks and after that, she took out towels to offer to clean my hands.

    The next step was the shower, while I recovered I ate some pizza and after a few minutes we went back to action. This time I started the moment with massages, lying on my side I could appreciate her entire shocking ass, I passed my penis over it to the rhythm that I massaged at the level of her back and rib with one of my hands and with the other she rubbed between her belly and her breasts.

    It was lovely the moment, she moves the leg that was up and her vagina could be better appreciated, at that point the penetration begins, so I put the condom on and started to pass my penis already between her vagina, I could pass my penis through that Tight space, start by passing the tip through your lips, and I was gently penetrating it until it was complete inside her, when she entered she made movements loosening her vagina a little so that she entered into comfort, with all inside her hip movements and Mine gave that special touch to the meeting, I could feel his breathing accelerate, I think this time if he was getting more excited.

    The experience at this point became exciting, I felt the control in the moment, I lift her leg and I pass it to the left placing it on my shoulder, I could see her now open, shocking with her big breasts moving to the rhythm that penetrated her, and lowering her we continued In a missionary position, I was on her giving her the richest of fucks while she sucked and ran my hands over her breasts, I could feel her hips clenching, I think she was enjoying it a lot, and her breathing accelerated to the point that she started to become moans.

    I think my work was done, so now she made more effort to please me for the second orgasm, I get up and both of us sitting now, she on me began to give us rich kisses while my penis felt all its heat, even with the condom the Penetration was exciting, she pounces on me putting me now lying on the bed, brushed my chest with her breasts, sucked my nipples to the rhythm that we enjoyed the fuck, at which point I accelerated the penetration giving it a hard core rhythm, until a little Exhausted I began to feel that the second orgasm would be present, when feeling my breathing she asks me to take it full on her breasts and face, to which I agreed, thus ending the second round of my date.

    We rested a little while talking, he told me about some places in the city, so for the next day he had references to visit the Patio Bella Vista by Providencia, it was time to say goodbye and the next day maybe I would venture with the girl I had to contact on the other ad Website.

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    I was in Madrid Spain of meetings and took the opportunity to hire girls services

    I was working in Madrid and looking for houses I found several.

    I was with a very thin Spanish girl with honey-colored eyes, very nice and funny girl, good conversation.

    I hardly spoke English, but we communicated well, natural French kisses, I highly recommend this girl, the best.

    Of Madrid Miriam of (Amigasdelidia) .

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    Plan Sex vacation in Kolkata

    High Profile Escort services provide high quality escort services in Kolkata. If you are planning for a business trip in Kolkata. Then you may contact for quality services.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Elric  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have expereice with 'resort sex vacations' similiar to the Oxygen retreat in the DR?
    I am new here and I have real experienced in resort sex vacation.

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    I went to DR to a really awesome resort

    Quote Originally Posted by Elric  [View Original Post]
    Anyone have expereice with 'resort sex vacations' similiar to the Oxygen retreat in the DR?
    Let me know what you want to know. I met a lot of really great women there and got to hang out at the resort with great company. It was an amazing time. I would recommend it to anyone.

    The name of the resort is Field of Dreams and they are the best kept secret in DR. No rediculous fees, No upselling, no aggressive haggling. It is like you are being invited to someone's house where all the women worship you and encourage you to be yourself, relax, be pampered and then when you feel horny, you can pick anyone you want and bang one out. Then relax some more and do it all over again as much as you want. It was better than being the lead singer in a boy band.

    Let me know what questions you have. PM me if you like.

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    Sex vacations

    Anyone have expereice with 'resort sex vacations' similiar to the Oxygen retreat in the DR?

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