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What is SPAM?

Spam is defined as postings to the Forum that are contrary to the purpose of the site, including:

- Commercial Messages (Except for Classified Advertisements section)
- Links to Adult Websites
- Links to Competing Forums (Including Yahoo Groups)
- Discussions of Sex with Minors (any person under 18)
- Homosexual Messages
- Transvestite Messages
- Masturbation Messages
- Repetitive Postings
- Advertising Yourself to meet Women (Except for Classified Ads)
- Typing in Blue Font (Reserved for Editor)
- Links or references to competing Forums (Including MSN and Yahoo Groups)
- Email Addresses
- Threatening the Webmaster
- Personal Insults & Attacks
- Postings not in English
- Hate Messages
- Racist Messages
- Race Taunting
- Religious Messages
- Warnings from Law Enforcement
- Deliberate Disinformation
- General BS

What is the Forum's SPAM Policy?

Spam is not permitted in the Forum at any time or in any form.

1st time transgressors will have their SPAM message deleted in it's entirety.

Repeated violators will have all their posts deleted and lose their posting privileges.

How do I report SPAM?

Reporting Spam is Very Easy.

1. Login to the Forum (you must be a Forum Member to report Spam).

2. Go to the Report containing the Spam (if you're not already there).

3. Select the red triangle Icon with the title "Report this post to a moderator."

4. Enter your objections in the dialog box.

5. Select "Send Report Now"

That's all there is to it!

How does a Forum Member get banned?

1. By repeatedly violating the Forum's rules.

2. By repeatedly posting SPAM.

3. By sending threatening or obnoxious emails to the Forum Administrator.

How can I tell if I've been banned?

Check the Banned Users List in the Administration section of the Forum.

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