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Do I need to register a User Name to read the Forum?

1. You DO NOT need a User Name or Password to visit the site and read the Forum.

2. You MUST register a User Name and Password to view the photographs.

3. You MUST register a User Name and Password to post reports and to use the Private Messaging system.

How do I register a User Name?

1. Registration is FREE.

2. You will need to provide a valid email address to register.

3. All registrations will be confirmed by email prior to activation.

4. Your email address will remain strictly confidential and will not be released to any third party.

5. Please read our Privacy Policy for further details.

6. To Register a User Name and Password, please select the menu command on the top of this screen labeled Register.

Revised 06-12-05

What are the limitations on selecting a User Name?

Please read the User Name Guidelines below for more information.

General Information

Please realize that 99% of all potential User Names are perfectly acceptable. Just exercise common sense when determining your choice and I'm sure it will be fine.

Most rejected User Names are submitted by spammers, perverts, or by previously banned members attempting to re-register and spam the forum again, which of course is why I have to list all the examples of what is not acceptable.

The most important requirement is that User Names must actually be pronounceable words. In other words, if you can't actually pronounce the User Name (and I don't mean spell out the letters), then it probably won't qualify.

Do not rely on other current user names as a guideline for what's acceptable. Many current user names in the forum were approved BEFORE these guidelines were developed.

Suggestions for User Names

1. The name of an actor or a character from a movie.
2. The name of a famous athlete or entertainer.
3. The name of a city or a geographical area.
4. A word picked out of the dictionary. (How hard can that be?)

Revised 06-12-05

What are the User Name Guidelines


  • Between 5 & 15 characters.
  • This fits the Forum's page layout.
  • Recognizable, prounceable words in English.
  • Joe Smith
  • Smith 2002
  • Running Man
  • Big Swinging Dick
  • Chica Lover
  • Carrot Top
  • Spaced if more than one word.
  • Brian Palmer
  • Vinnie Barbarino
  • Cosmo Kramer
  • Red Buttons
  • In Proper Case.
  • This is intended to improve the Forum's appearance.
  • Don't distress, you don't have to capitalize your user name when you log in.


  • Begin with a Small Letter.

  • Remember, these are Names!
  • johnson
  • crazy pilot
  • bill2002
  • lajones
  • Be in ALL CAPS.

  • Contain puncuation or
    similar characters.

  • A space between words is okay.
  • ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - + = { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /
  • Begin with a Number.

  • A name can't begin with a number.
  • 11Johnson
  • 123CrazyPilot
  • 433445093Bill
  • 305-432John
  • Have numbers in the middle.

  • Don't get cute.
  • Joe423Smith
  • Love4You
  • Live2Love
  • Big44Magnum
  • End with more than 2 Numbers.

  • How can you pronounce this?
  • Joe534395-0934
  • LoveMe409595
  • FlyBoy406049
  • PussyLicker893954
  • Consist of all Numbers.

  • These aren't names.
  • 111111
  • 123456789
  • 434.546.3432
  • 3054-786-7
  • Consist of totally
    nonsensical letters.

  • Again, these aren't names.
  • sssXXXrrr
  • 22222rrrr
  • fksa'l;kdf
  • rtyurtyu
  • 11111111asdf
  • #$%^^%!$%*
  • Consist of more than
    3 Individual Words.

  • It's a name, not a sentence.
  • I Like Big Tits
  • Lets Go Play Today
  • I Tease LE Chumps
  • Big Tall Mean Ugly
  • Lick Her Boots Clean
  • Include Repeated Words

  • Is your imagination this limited?
  • Dou Dou
  • Pussy Pussy
  • Lips Lips 323
  • Big Big 324
  • Condom Condom
  • FlyBoy FlyBoy
  • Imply a Political or
    Religious Agenda.

  • Don't look to start trouble.
  • Marxist Man
  • Viva Castro
  • Death to Muslims
  • Communist Party
  • Praise the Pope
  • Sinners Prayer
  • Zionist Lover
  • God Hates Sinners
  • Masterbater
  • Little Girl Lover
  • Transvite Seeker
  • Homo Man
  • Big Dick Sucker
  • Police Officer Joe
  • Fuck Jackson
  • God Hates Sinners
  • Zelda2003   ("Zelda" is a banned member)
  • 10LtlGirlLover   ("LtlGirlLover" is a banned member)
  • LACallStreet   ("CallStreet" is a banned member)
  • If you have any doubts, please review the Forum's Banned Users List.
  • Incorporate any of the
    following words:
  • Admin
  • Jackson
  • Diablo
  • Jefe
  • Forum User
  • Editor
  • World Sex Guide
  • WSG
Revised 06-12-05

How do I change my User Name?

There are a number of legitimate reasons why you might want to change your User Name, including:

  • You want to have your User Name match your User Name on other Forums.

  • You are concerned that someone may have come to associate your User Name with you personally.

  • The User Name you originally submitted didn't meet the User Name Guidelines and you were given one of those generic "Member #1234" User Names.

  • You've simply identified a more suitable User Name for yourself.

Changing your User Name is easy, and I'll be pleased to accommodate your request, as follows:

  • Review the User Name Guidelines and check that your proposed new User Name conforms with the guidelines.

  • Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page of the Forum to send me a message advising me that you want to change your User Name. All you need to say is "I want to change my User Name".

  • I will use the return address of your email to verify your membership record, and then I will send you the instructions for changing your User Name to your email address in the Forum membership records.

Other Notes:

  • Changing your User Name does not effect your current Membership Status, does not effect your password, and does not effect your current or future Private Messages.

  • Changes in your User Name will be reflected in all your past reports. In other words, all your existing reports and your future reports will display your new User Name.

Revised 11-14-07

Can I use the Forum's Private Message system to request a User Name change?

Please note that it is not possible to use the PM system to administrate User Name changes because once your User Name has been changed, I cannot contact you by PM to advise you of the change because you cannot login under your previous User Name, and you won't know that your User Name was modified because you can't read the PM.

To change your User Name, please send me a message via the Forum's Contact Us form using the address currently listed in your Membership Profile. All you need to say is "Please change my User Name" along with your proposed new User Name.

Revised 06-12-05

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