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22 Rules for Street Mongering

22 Rules for Street Mongering | 19 Rules for Street Walkers | Streetwalker Rules by Piker

22 Rules for Street Mongering

1. IS SHE WORKING? - It ain't like in the movies -They wear ordinary clothes, and are just walking alone, with no bags, or maybe making a phone call at a pay phone (but if you checked, there's no one on the line). Believe it or not, a girl walking alone and without shopping bags on a hobbyist street is almost always a SW.

2. If you aren't sure, come back in a few minutes. Non-pros who happen to be walking are going somewhere, which isn't up and down the same stretch of road. And on hobbyist streets, the local women tend to avoid looking like they might be in business, unless they are!

3. If she is watching traffic, she's probably a SW.

4. If she makes eye contact with you, she's probably a SW.

5. If she then smiles at you, she is a SW. After all, you're just some dude driving by.

6. If she's with a "boyfriend", who disappears when you come around again, he's pimping her. Be careful! Don't unlock the door until she's ready to get in, with him nowhere to be seen! If you follow these rules, you're in control of the situation.

7. MAKING THE PICKUP - Pull over at the next parking lot, or around the next corner and park nearby. If you're sure she saw you - smile back at her, dummy! - then feel free to pull further down the block, so it's not so easily observed by LE. She'll casually turn down your block, walk past - and then suddenly walk up to see if you're letting her in. Keep eye contact, keep smiling - invite her in.

8. Lock the other doors! You're in a crime-filled neighborhood!

9. AVOIDING LE STINGS - Do not EVER EVER EVER discuss anything with a girl who isn't seated in your car, except to offer her a ride. THAT'S ALL YOU'RE DOING! IT'S LEGAL! Just being a nice guy... On every board I've seen, LE always tries to make the bust without the F LE risking her ass by getting in. READ THIS RULE AGAIN! IT'S IMPORTANT!

10. This is the perfect time for LE to pull you over for rolling through a stop sign, just to harass your ass. Drive like a preacher! It's an effective way of intimidating we hobbyists, and they'll use any opportunity if they're watching.

11. Make a turn or two before discussing $$, just in case. Watch your rear view - you can bet she will, too! I've never heard of LE getting in the car, with a follower, but better safe than sorry. A known LE trick - she doesn't get in, but directs you to meet her around the corner. Guess who's waiting there, instead of her? If she doesn't get in right away, move on!

12. AVOIDING SCAMS - If you do a car date, and you let her pick the spot (she'll try to direct you), be aware that she may be setting you up for a robbery. Don't settle for her spot - or at least, force her to come up with a second choice. Her boyfriend can't be in two places at once.

13. If you go back to a hotel, and she picked it, be aware that this could be a setup for cash&dash, or her pimp busting in & robbing you.

14. If you go back to her place - are you mad? The "boyfriend busting in mad, waving a gun" scam probably happens a lot - since the victims won't report the robbery, they get by with it, even though the victims know where the robbers are staying!

15. If you go back to your hotel, um, have fun! (OK, that's not a rule. If you go back to your hotel, be discreet so the mgmt doesn't call LE on you.)

16. If you go back to your house - are you really ok with a potentially-addicted SW knowing where you live?

17. YOUR WALLET - Do not leave your wallet within her reach. If you think you know a clever spot to hide it, remember that 100's of others have thought of it, too. While you're distracted, her free hand can be working...

18. YOUR MONEY - Do not have more in your pocket than you want to spend. She (and your dick) will talk it out of you. If she's really worth an extra few dollars, you can go get it (out of the trunk, the ATM, your other pocket, whatever). Current street rates are 20 for BJ, 40-50 for FS, and you can tip later if you think it's worth it. Remember, it isn't worth it just because you came. She'll always demand a tip, if she thinks it's coming. Many will claim they "usually charge more" - the word on this board is: they don't. But, hey, some of these girls are hard-working, quality-driven providers, even though they're SW (really - I mean it!), and they deserve a break.

19. HUNTING HOURS - They're out at all times, in most weather. I've heard of them walking as early as 4:30am, and well past midnight. They work the lunch hours for guys on lunch, afternoons for guys on early shifts, mornings for guys who'll be late for work, and all through the evening and night. If it's lightly raining, there will be less, but there will be some. Most of these girls are drug addicts; their addiction doesn't have a "M-F, excluding legal holidays" schedule.

20. CFS!!! Carry a condom. Usually, they don't have one (which I think is so fuc*ing stupid, but then, if they had a clue they wouldn't be SW-ing). You don't want to be tempted to skip the cover because that pussy is so fine.

And the freebie: Every time some SW claims "I'm the best! I'm worth more", it really means, "I'm a lame-ass lying lazy talent less junkie!" The good ones don't have to brag; they'll get your return business.

21. Don't let her use your cellphone. It's a very common request. She'll call her friend, or her own phone, and that will give her access to your # - which might set you up for unexpected & inopportune calls for business or bail money.

22. Be friendly. As has been noted in other threads, these are people with feelings, not just automaton sex dispensers. If you're friendly, chatty, and warm, she'll open up, relax, and probably be more generous with her service, in all the little ways that matter most. Remember, if she's never hooked up with you before, she's worried that you might be either LE, or some psycho SW-stalker.

As always Play Safe

19 Rules for Street Walkers

1. When I am done, GET OUT OF MY CAR!

2. See rule #1, just needs to be said twice.

3. If you think you are going to light the pipe in my ride, think again.

4. If you need a ride at the end and I am feeling gracious enough to bend rule #1, it better be close, and you better know where the hell you are going.

5. I am not as comfortable as you with my status as a 'john', this means yelling to your cracker-jack friends out my window will get you nowhere fast.

6. I am paying you, at the very least act interested.

7. Acting like a Jerry Springer guest on crank is not cool, stop freaking out.

8. I have good eyesight, I don't need you to jump up and down, wave, send up flares, etc. Before I pick you up. If I drive by you and pass you up, its because A) Not interested B) I'm busy C) You have a face/body that could stop a clock D) You look like Steve Buscemi on glue-bender. Make eye contact. That's all I need and that's all I prefer. I may well drive by a few times, it's all about my comfort level.

9. If you give me lack luster service, you will be compensated accordingly. I mean really, is this why you are doing what your doing, did the formula for success as a waitress truly baffle you?

10. Act polite, small talk relaxes everyone involved. Small talk about your court date for felony assault doesn't.

11. Asking me if I am the police is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Reach over and give me a gentle squeeze, thats the proof (or hey, at least it works for me.)

12. You need to supply the condoms, not me. I can't have that shit hanging around my car. I don't bring my own sugar for my coffee at Denny's.

13. State the way you want me to 'release' beforehand.

14. Wash that funky ass.

15. Its my car, don't change the radio stations, adjust the seats or anything that I will have to reset later (or alternately forget to reset and have to answer the questions like 'Who adjusted this seat? ')

16. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I will NEVER pick up a girl whose pimp/boyfriend/WTF ever is following, lose the dude and we can do business.

17. Put out the cigarette. Unless you're like me and smoke in which case feel free (to smoke your own)

18. If you rip me off, I will make it my life’s work to find you and run you over. Lest you forget, you are a street WALKER, I am a street DRIVER, you must see the advantages of my situation.


Streetwalker Rules by Piker


1. Never talk through the window! Period.

2. Never pick up a gal on the main drag (motion them or signal them to go down a side street). If they are too dense, or lazy to walk down the side street ... just move on.

3. Let them open the passenger door and hop in (you will miss a lot of action this way, but you are guaranteed not to get busted: I hope) The best pickups are when they hop in and immediately grab your crotch (which rarely happens). Asking "Do you need a ride" is better than.."I need to get laid" or "Looking to date", etc. If a girl says meet me "over there, around the corner" etc. Just drive away in the opposite direction - say "Sorry there must be a mistake; I thought you were hitching for a ride".

4. Once in your car:

A. Generally from what I understand if they are inside your car it's a good chance they are not affiliated with LE.

B. Do a "cop check". Grab a tit or have her grab your crotch, or anything resembling that. Experienced girls will automatically do this. I still shy away from that unless I have driven a blockor two.

C. Don't tell them what you want nor how much you want to spend (many will ask "how much you got?".. that's irrelevant), I usually ask "what's on the menu"? if they are reluctant to say, I make that I'll drop them back off, and usually they will say what they offer and what they want to charge. I usually negotiate down and then if it's been a good session I tip them. It doesn't pay to be cheap with a few bucks.

5. Never pick up a girl on impulse, drive around, check her out, and see what is going on. If you miss her (i.e. another dude picks her up, then you know she's good to go) - later you may get another chance.

6. Recon the area. I usually cruise a few loops around adjacent blocks to get a feel for the area (I have often spotted LE lurking around the next corner and even actually scoping out the same girl!)

7. Don't count on them having condoms. Bring some with you.

8. Don't count on them being freshly showered: I usually bring cleaning supplies with me. Please don't think you're the first guy they have dated that day, because, frankly, you're probably not.

9. If you go for 1/2 and 1/2 get them totally naked, if you can. If they ask for money first, give it to them after they are stripped. DO NOT pay money up front if possible. If not possible, pay half now half later when done. Remember if it was a good date and you want to see them again. Tip generously. If you pay all money up front be prepared to get burned in some way.

10. Hide your wallet and stuff, have the money separate from the wallet.

11. Have a spare key made! Use a dummy key ring in case they rip it off.

12. Insist they turn off their phone. I tell them if the phone rings and interrupts us and I get soft, we start over again. It doesn't always work, but they put the damn thing on vibrate and ignore it.

13. I've started to walk their stroll, this gets me closer to them so I can see what they look like. Usually I can strike up a conversation, they do the cop thing at that point, sometimes I walk away, sometimes I negotiate them to go down a side street, often you get a number.

14. Its best to pass up a dynamite chick than to break any rules and take the chance. Remember "If it's too good to be true it probably is".

15. Run away from the ones that yell "You want a date? You got $80 bucks!?"

16. Recon Recon Recon.

17. Have patience, patience, and patience.

18. Average 1/2 & 1/2 = 60 bucks. Carry 20's. 10's and 5's. If you get a cheaper deal, how you going to break a 20? or tip a smaller amount?

19. Don't go to their place (for a car date). Always have a spot picked out of your own. It took me two weeks to find a spot. If they don't want to go to your spot, drop them back off. Note: If you have dated them before and have a "relationship" then their spot is OK. The point is you don't want to get mugged by a new girls pimp.

20. Bring a camera phone?

21. Wet wipes for cleaning up before or after.

22. If you go to a clinic to get a checkup; destroy all paperwork before you leave the clinic. If you must keep some document, leave it in a secure place at work.

23. If you get a good deal (like a 1/2 1/2 for .4), and you think you want to repeat later, give them a tip. They will remember you and give better service next time. I even tipped one 20 bucks one month later (because I didn't have any more $ on me,) she was like, "you got my #, call me soon, I'll do you even better". Yeah baby.

24. Bring along a banana, you may get hungry later, or...

25. Take a piss right afterwards, so drink some water before the stroll.

26. If you keep your napkins in the glove box (this is the first place these girls look for cleaning up jizz), make sure your registration and checkbook and any other ID material or valuables is not in there.

27. When done with your date and BEFORE you go home. Pull over at a Drug store, clean out your car, look for tissues, crack, empty condom packets, parts (no matter how small) of condom packets, combs, earrings, etc….. look under the seat, in the door, under the mats. Buy a fresh air freshener and stick it in the car. Even look for any condoms that may not have been thrown out like you thought but were tangled up in a towel that inadvertently got washed in the washing machine before the wife finds it!!

28. If you had a good date; share her # with everyone you can vouch for. Get a pic too.

29. Don't rush into anything! They will be out there later. There is always another girl.

30. Be aware of your surroundings. Look for LE , look for LE in unmarked cars, look for guys nearby, other girls? Is their too much action going on? Is the girl glued to one spot and won't move (decoy) or does she walk the streets from spot to spot? Does she talk th ru the window?

31. Watch how other guys pick up, or try to pick up, and avoid their mistakes. But also it gives you a clue about the girls they are trying to pick up.

32. Do not drop them off where you picked them up or on the main drag. I always drop off at least a block or two away.

33. If you want to extend the time of the date. Be prepared to give them DATY. this always adds a good half hour to the date. Most like it, some don't. YOU must like it though.

34. Do not date anyone that goes by the name of Delicious. Trust me ...she is far from it. Nickname: BOOTFACE. do a search!

35. Be respectful to these girls, even if you get robbed.

Revised 06-10-10

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