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Hunter Me
08-03-11, 01:23
At one point I was intent on exploring all the AMPs in this town. I sorta gave up on that plan because I started traveling a little and had more luck out of town and in the meantime 10 million AMPs opened in Bakersfield. For a few days I have a little freedom so I decided to give a couple of places a try. Yesterday I visited a place off Hageman by a state office. I don't think they advertise too much. A couple of younger gals working there. Less than average massage and not the extras I was seeking. Certainly alot of teasing and gropping but that was it. It is one of those places that makes you think something may be available after a few visits. But. In my experience you probably would just be wasting your time. Not sure about that. Just my feeling. Today I went to a mysteriously located place which I think TD mentions some time ago in a post. Off of Stine in an odd location. Was met by May. And. I could tell from the moment I entered that this place was going to be dry run. That said I wasn't feeling that great and would have been satisfied with a really decent massage. The massage had some moments but all in all I don't see how this lady expects to make a living in this place. I can't see why anyone. Man or women. Would ever go back for a second massage. Absolutely no indication that anything additional would be available and I didn't even attempt to wander. I think May is probably a nice person but she needs to go to a someplace that can teach her how to give a decent massage. Or. She has start expanding a menu. I know this post has no exciting or useful information but at least you have some idea of what to expect or avoid at a couple of places in this town. I also feel good about posting something to keep our category alive at this site. Hope everyone is doing well.


Hi Hunter Me,

With all due respect, why did you think this topic justified starting a new thread?

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B Guy
08-09-11, 20:11
Hey Hunter!

Glad you had some time to try some places out. I've just been sticking to the usual spots. I'd love to find a place with some young hotties or latinas that give massages. Seems like in the past year a lot of AMP's have opened up here and I'm starting to see AMP's in the oddest of places. I'm going to go to the place that is next to la mina, quiznos, panda express and del taco right there off of mt vernon and 178. It reminds me of a place that used to give extras up in fresno and the price that the advertise from the window seems very decent. How much did that place near hageman set you back? Anywho hope all is doing well and play safe! Ttyl.

BGuy (pentium1)