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Permanent Wood
09-06-10, 11:43
Well my 2010 worst mistake of the year has come to a realization with Princess having the smudged honor.

Princess is no 135 pounder either, more in the range of 150 to 165 pounds. She has a face that reminds me of Melissa Gilbert from the old Little House on the Prairie episodes. She has relatively short dyed blonde hair pulled back tight held by a hair band. More of a creamy blonde color like Mayonnaise with sort of the wet hair look but it wasn't wet. She has a large-boned build with a belly roll when her jeans are buttoned, and a meaty flabby ass that sprawls out with no definition to shape like a jelly fish. She does have some large masses of tit flesh but no nipples, they didn't look inverted either, just had none, a smooth over. She claims she's 19 years old, maybe so maybe not, I'd guess her to be in her early twenties based on her forehead having wrinkles and how she handled herself, she's been around.

I walked in the room and there was no "wow" factor to this chick, but dubiously it didn't stop me, because neither was there with Jenn. Jenn is the 24 year old 150 pounder I saw who I considered walking with but decided to stay and she turned out to be a lot of fun. Based on that, I know looks aren't everything, service can and does go a long ways and can more than make up for an initial lackluster impression. 'Tis was not to be the case with Princess however, I would soon and expensively learn. I did manage a few questions, one of which was if she kissed, she told me she did. I asked a couple more questions all met with an affirmative answer, all of which would turn out to be a fruitless exchange of words.

I saw she had the door to the safe open, another clue I should have bailed, but I didn't, and to make this really turn into a milking, I paid for the whole fuckin' hour upfront. Stupid I know, but again, reflecting back on my experience with Destiny from La Crosse, I didn't want to repeat the intermission of digging out the difference in money for the hour rate and the half hour rate mid-fuck, so anticipating not being able to nutt in 30 minutes, I paid upfront and got it out of the way. Sure as shit, as soon as I handed over the money, she walked over and put the money in the safe and locked the door, that's the moment she became a different person.

We both got naked and she started a covered blow job before I was ready. Less than a minute in and her phone rings, without hesitation she gets up and walks over to answer it. I said to her half-way to getting to her phone, "well is this on my time or what?" She looked back at me in disgust and answered anyway. A short conversation and she was back at sucking my unwilling cock with her cell phone now on the bed. There was just nothing about her that I found a turn-on, ZERO sex appeal. Of course at this point I knew I should have walked, but there was no turning back now.

I asked her to lay on her back which technically she did, but in doing so she propped her head up using three pillows at the head of the bed with her arms along side her using her elbows to help support herself. I tried to kiss her and ended up with a feather-lite nanosecond dry peck. So technically she does kiss, but what a joke on me. I managed a couple more of these pecks before she turned her head to the side and said that was enough. I asked her to turn her head back, and she told me no, and that I could kiss her cheek. Guys, her cheek had three red pimples on it with a raised healed over red gash (or maybe it was just a lengthy pimple) that my mouth wasn't getting anywhere near, so I passed. This kissing situation is one of the reasons we need detals not just yes or no answers on a standard form. Conclusions don't tell much, give the details and the conclusions will be drawn from such.

Her phone rang again and again probably half a dozen times during the session, and I saw her text message at least that many times back at people. I have a feeling her boyfriend or pimp was right outside the room and she was keeping practically constant contact with him.

The condom, oh yes, another facet of the session she botched up too, all planned I'm sure. When it came time to stick it in her, the first condom was trashed, and guess what, she didn't have another. I did though, so I got one out. She had to inspect it first of course, and then she opens it and insists on HER putting it on. With all the finesse of a female drill sergeant. She rolls it on part-way as I reach down to help, she bats my hand away and tells me "I'LL GET IT." Okay, the condom is on but my erection hasn't faired too well through her take charge attitude.

I stick it in her anyway and start to fuck this "Princess," what a fuckin' joke, I know I sure didn't feel like no prince, damn those fairy tales anyway. She was too far up on the bed so I couldn't get my body to fit on her body without putting my head through the wall, so I pull out and ask her to slide more out onto the center of the bed. She shuffles her weight down a smidgen and stops. I ask her to come some more but she refuses claiming she's got a bad back. What's with escorts and bad backs and bad joints? I think they should do a study on selling pussy and joint degradation, I think there's a connection, at least in their heads.

I manage to stick my cock back in her pussy and she holds her arms criss-crossed, across her chest and keeps her legs spread, but not wide apart, but knees bent and raised like she's trying to do sit-ups. She turns her head and offers up her cheek again with the pimple trio for me to kiss, I pass. I couldn't get any rhythm going with this chick, everything was a chore to achieve with her. About then, her phone rings again, she doesn't answer but starts text messaging. I've experienced this phenomenal before, text messaging while getting fucked, they clearly don't care, and hell, why should they, they got the money in the safe.

I pull back out and start to play with her pussy. She has a rather small pussy for being a large-boned girl. The edges of her outer labia are jagged and pointy, like a paneling saw blade or a king's crown. She has two rather large prominent purple veins leading away from the top of her pussy, about an inch apart from one another. She is shaved with dark stubble growing out. I fingered her some, but every once in a while she would go "ouch," as if something wasn't right down there. She had a subtle nagging cough and the sniffles too, I was just hoping she wasn't going to cough out both ends while I had my face down there. Then, she starts scratching her ass, clawing away at another pimple outbreak on her left ass cheek. She scratches, then stops, then scratches some more, finally she had her ass cheek inflamed only making it worse.

Another thing throughout the session was her, about every five minutes, reminding me of the time left. We had got going 15 minutes after the hour, but 10 minutes in she reminds me I have 35 minutes left. She was counting the time from our last call, not from when we actually started the session. Then, another time, with 20 minutes left from even her distorted start time, she says I have 7 minutes left. I clarified our start time to her and she then did correct herself that I did have 20 minutes left, still screwing me out of 10 minutes though.

Coughing, sniffling, ass scratching aside, well actually right in my face, I played with her pussy and got ready for what would be my final entry into this princess of prostitutional go pound my dick with a hammer regrettatorium. I first asked her if I could cumm on her tits, she said no, then I asked her how about her tummy, again she said no. Then a moment later she said on her tits would be more money, I passed. So then I got out another condom that she inspected and withstood another of her condom applications where she announces "I WILL GET IT" and swatted my hands away. I stick it in her and go limp, laugh as you will, but she had less sex appeal than a muddy cornfield. I pulled back out and threw in the towel.

Princess told me she's from Chicago, Chicago can have her.

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posted: September 5, 2010, 09:07 AM

Hello My Gentlemen Friends,

I am the soft feathery voice that whispers in your ear in the middle of the night….daring you to experience a perfection like no other.

I am Princess`, a sensually erotic connoisseur gifted in the arts of impeccable tastes and sinful desires. My acute attention to detail and penchant for luxury ensure you a Sin City experience like no other. Whether we are spending a quiet evening indoors or living life to the fullest ….make me your reason to fly. Spread your wings, kick off your shoes and relax. Allow me to cater to your needs, spoil and pamper you…treat you like the King you are!!

The answer to the question burning in the back of your head as you gaze upon my photos is yes. Yes I am 100 % real, 100% an independent companion, 210% kinky and 300% dedicated to pleasuring you
***** 773-299-3773****
My Name Is Princess******

long brown hair
blue eyes
36D bra

....no blocked,restricted,private,email's or text's answered....


100 ROSES....15..MIN....

130 ROSES....30..MIN....

200 ROSES....60..MIN...


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Permanent Wood
09-08-10, 15:08
I've attached all the photos I have of Princess (I want to vomit) that I know are of her, although none of them are up to date nor a good representation of what will answer the door.

Photos #7 and #8 may be the most recent.

Instead of seeing prostitute Princess, I should have pounded my peter with a pound-stone for probably pimp-teen minutes.

Princess sure knows how to make a guy feel uncomfortable, the government should hire this chick to talk to the illegal aliens and any other goons that don't belong here, when she got done with them they would be running for the ocean trying to swim back home where they came from.